100-Day Burpee Challenge: Week 9

It appears that my ankle is finally healing, and with the help of physical therapy, I’m at the point that I can control pain and swelling with a few ibuprofen a day. You know what that means? (Aside from returning to work after being out for two months.)  I’m back in the burpee game!I’ve begun incorporating a few into my sets of pushups. Someone mentioned in one of the previous week’s comments that she was doing one burpee and then five pushups, which I think is a great idea. I started adding them in on days that I didn’t have PT because I’ve found that I’m just way too sore after all that pushing, pulling, prodding, and attempts at balancing one-legged on what is essentially a yoga ball cut in half (seriously, who created this device?).

This contraption is way more evil than a burpee.

Today, I’m on day 73, and so far, I’ve done 30 burpees and plan on doing the rest in pushups. My plan is that as I get stronger, I will up the ratio of burpees to pushups each day until I’m only doing burpees. Since we’re in the home stretch of this challenge – only four more weeks to go – I think I’ll add somewhere between two and five burpees each day, depending on how I feel.

I am really excited to be feeling better and getting stronger (I was even able to take my dog for a walk today!), and I think this challenge, even though I’ve completely changed, re-arranged, and made-up my own rules, has helped me avoid completely losing my marbles when I felt like all I could do was lay around and watch Law & Order re-runs for the last few weeks.

I hope this week finds you well and getting stronger. Please discuss in the comments how awful they are to do, but how great it feels to be finished with a set!

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Glad to hear you are healing up!

I’m on day 25 (1/4 of the way through already!), and have had a minor setback.  After the first two weeks, I had gotten strong enough to start doing real, non-modified push-ups, which was really exciting.  I’ve been working them into my burpees, trying to do as many as I can, and doing modified when I have to.  But, two days ago, I did something to a muscle in my stomach that isn’t good.  I’ve had to go back to doing all modified push-ups, as my ab muscles hurt when I try to do regular ones.  It’s definitely more than just soreness.  But, I’m still working out, and there’s less pain today than the last two days.  Hopefully, in a few more days, I’ll be back to working in the real push-ups.

Also, got to go for a jog again today.  The weather has been glorious, and I’m definitely taking advantage.

The weather here is killing me b/c I can’t go out and run! It was almost 70 and not a cloud in the sky. We don’t usually have weather like this for a couple more months.

I’m sorry that you are on injured reserve, but good on you for listening to your body and modifying as you needed to to avoid further injury. Hopefully, it was nothing more than a little strain and you are back to 100% very soon!

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