A Dip That is Sort of Like Salsa’s Cousin

This is not a recipe for salsa exactly, but it is a recipe for something that you can eat with corn chips and enjoy. It is tomato-based, like salsa, but it includes almost everything ever, up to and including the kitchen sink. So I’m going to call it a “salad” or a “dip,” but whatever name it has, it would smell as sweet and taste as good as a healthy snack.

This is a particularly snacky week. In addition to the general hectic pace of life (y’all know what I am talking about), this weekend is the first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournaments. The men and the women are facing off (not against each other) in game after game after game. It’s a beautiful time to be a fan. It’s a beautiful time to be alive. It’s a beautiful time to tempt fate by shoving corn chips and their all-too-jagged edges into your mouth as fast as possible.

So what do you need?

Corn. Either scrape the kernels off four ears or so, or get yourself a can of corn.

Beans. I like black beans. I like to use canned beans that I then rinse. One of these days, I will soak them and make my own beans. But not today.

Two avocados. I like to cut them in half, and then cut them into squares while still attached to the skin. Then I can easily scoop them out.

Six roma tomatoes or whichever tomatoes you have handy. I like to dice them. I think this is way better than keeping them whole.

Four cloves of garlic. I like to mince these to hell and back. Get it sticky, get it sticky.

One half of a red onion. I like to cut these up pretty fine, even though I usually make everything chunky.

A bunch of fresh cilantro if you got it, cut up tiny.

A dash of lime.

Salt, pepper, cumin, and paprika to taste.

So what do you do?

Just mix it all up and dunk a corn chip in it. Yes, dunk it. It’s March Madness! I will accept nothing less!

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