Diablo III Finally Has a Release Date, and Other News

Well, well, well – the game we’ve all been waiting years to see finally has a release date. Meanwhile, rumors circulate about an MMO for one of the best-loved franchises of all time. Could the rumors be true?


Image from Blizzard's Diablo 3
Gotta love the art!


Diablo III ““ Across the world, gamers united their voices in one orgasmic shout of joy when Blizzard announced that Diablo III is set for release on May 15th, 2012. Girls and boys, we have been waiting for this day for a long time. Preorders for the game are already available. This gamer is already stocking up on Diet Mountain Dew and all other manner of unhealthy treats that will allow me to dine at my desk. Husband and I will be smashing skulls and clearing dungeons cooperatively, which is – in my humble opinion – the best way to strengthen a marriage.




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Elder Scrolls ““ Meanwhile, rumors have been percolating about another big May event: the announcement of an MMO version of Elder Scrolls. According to sources like PSX Extreme and PC Gamer, both of which cite Tom’s Guide as their industry source, ZeniMax has started development of Elder Scrolls Online, which – much like Star Wars: The Old Republic – will be a prequel to all existing Elder Scrolls games. Taking place some 1,000 years before the current franchise titles, in the Second Era, this game will feature three factions. A lion, bird of prey, and dragon will apparently be their symbols. The community knows little more than these scant details. Nonetheless, the mere suggestion that this sandbox dynamo may be moving toward its natural conclusion, an MMO, is enough to send the fanboys and fangirls into ecstasies of speculation.


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5 replies on “Diablo III Finally Has a Release Date, and Other News”

About Diablo III… My husband is a huge Diablo fan. He was very excited when he got selected for the closed beta of Diablo III. I believe there was even gleeful giggling. The gleefulness was short lived. He thought the graphics and gameplay were very dated and was overall quite disappointed. At this point, he has no interest in buying it when it’s released. I can’t give my perspective on it because I don’t do PC games (they make me motion sick), but I thought I’d share his opinion.

He said the spell graphics were fine, nothing revolutionary. Mostly he thought the game play seemed dumbed down in a lot of ways. I found it odd that he didn’t like the game, because that’s really unusual for him. He’s generally an easy audience kind of gamer. He wants games to be good and enjoyable, but he doesn’t get emotionally invested in them.

The more I hear about its development, the more I’m trying not to get too excited over the new WoW expansion. They’re really doing so much cool stuff; the beta just came out, and there’s an impressive amount of content that they announced earlier that made it into the beta. A lot of cool, awesome stuff like world bosses and challenge runs and new talents…it sounds awesome.

But I don’t want to get too excited because there’s no real guarantee that 1) it will be any good and 2) that even if it is, I’ll have fun playing it. I’ve played WoW for about three years if you take into account the several month break I had shortly after Cataclysm came out, and also right now, since I didn’t renew my subscription in January.

The fact that one MMO kept my interest for three years, and still can make me excited when I hear about new developments, is amazing. And I really really want this expansion to be as good as it’s sounding to me. But I don’t know if the WoW formula itself is getting old to me or not.

One of my issues has been finding a good group that does the things I want to do. I was really enjoying roleplaying…it made the game fresh and fun again. But I also wanted to do the dungeons and raids and crap. I couldn’t seem to balance the two! And I never seem to be able to find a guild I mesh with that really lasts.

Oh WoW. It was the first MMO to really catch me by the throat. High-end raiding 5 nights a week, for heaven’s sake!

I kinda feel like they’re grasping at straws with this expansion in an attempt to keep subscribers. They have taken quite a hit from games like Rift and SWTOR, and they expect to take big hits from TERA and Guild Wars 2. I’m curious to see how it goes. On the one hand, I’m not opposed to them really updating things and bringing in some exciting new concepts, because it really needs new life at this point. But I do worry that they will be trying to do so much to keep up with new innovations in MMOs that they won’t do any of it well.

I haven’t made up my mind about actually buying the WoW expansion or not, but I think that I will definitely wait until it’s been sitting on the shelves or a week or two before I considering going to Gamestop for my copy.

It’s a great year or two for gaming!

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