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Flashback OT: “For What It’s Worth”

I’m guessing everyone has associations with music, some good, some bad, some memories “just are.” There are songs I hear that make me think of meeting my husband, songs that make me remember being with Selena and Demeter in college, songs from high school, you get the idea.

There are also songs that make me think of childhood moments- I remember my mom singing Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” in our green Buick Skylark, I remember hearing “Horse with No Name” in the same car and really wondering what the hell that was all about.

Yesterday I heard Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth” and was immediately transported back to my family’s living room circa the late 1970s. This video plays through my head every single time I hear this song. I kid you not.

So, how was your day? Feel free to discuss it, musical flashbacks or the Muppets as you see fit!


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Literally the first result when you google ‘black and tan’ is the wikipedia entry on the Black and Tans. Not the drink, and not the shoes. How lazy are their marketing department?? The St. Patrick’s Day thing is just an extra layer of slap in the face – Irish people drink! Irish people drink more on St. Patrick’s Day! Shoes for all!!! RARRRGHH.

I feel a little embarrassed that I hadn’t heard of this group before you mentioned it. I wonder if this is another piece of the US media’s failure to not only educate US citizens on things important in the rest of the world, but also to place any real non-sensationalized significance on the happenings in other countries (outside of, what does this mean for Amurrica??).

The fact that these are US companies doing this only further strengthens this idea in my mind. (Of course, the US isn’t the only country that is bad about it…but it is certainly pretty far down on the “global consideration scale”)

But, now I’m reading the Wikipedia entry, so thank you for bringing it up.

I also file the US’s glorification of St. Patrick’s Day under the Do Not Like folder.

No need to be embarrassed, I’m know there’s loads of other countries’ histories I don’t know. But not knowing and not even realising you might not know are two different things. And now they’ve apologised but haven’t said if they’re going to change the name or not.

After two lovely sunny days, it’s all gray again over here. Meh. And I also have to refrain myself from Eating All The Things.
But I’m healthy and working at a steady pace and tonight we’re going to a restaurant so I’m going to grab positivity and wrestle it done for my own sake.

You say “I do want” or “I don’t want” (or “sure” or “thanks” or whatever:) )

Q: Ar mhaith leat briosca? A: Ba mhaith liom/cinnte/go raibh maith agat .

I don’t think Irish is the only language that does this, either, I have Thai in my head as another example…

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