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Fun Time Open Thread: Swoon

I just saw an ad for the new movie Dark Shadows, based on the Gothic soap opera from the 1960s; the movie features Johnny Depp as a vampire who sleeps for a few hundred years and wakes up in the 1970s. It looks fantastically bizarre (it’s a Tim Burton film) and I expect it will be tubs o’ fun.

I have a serious Johnny Depp fangirl crush. My celebrity crushes come and go, but Depp has made me all fluttery since the first time I saw him on 21 Jump Street, and the flutters haven’t ceased in the many years since.

Tonight’s trivia is all about the man with the soulful eyes and divine cheekbones. How much do you know about Depp?

He's just so damn pretty.
  1. What is his full name?
  2. What year was he born?
  3. Name both movies where he played a barber.
  4. What was his first major film role?
  5. What year did 21 Jump Street premier?
  6. How many Tim Burton movies has he done at this point?
  7. Who did he model his performance of Captain Jack Sparrow after?
  8. What does his most famous tattoo say?
  9. What instrument does he play?
  10. What movie sees him as a rare book dealer who ultimately summons the devil?

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I have to admit that my favorite incarnation of Johnny Depp is Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing.  He was so phenomenal and I loved hearing the stories later about what good friends Hunter and Johnny had become.  Do you like how I refer to them both by their first names like we know (knew) each other and hang out and pick up each others’ mail when we’re out of town?

Yes! They spent an enormous amount of time together to get Raoul Duke (aka H.S.T) right in the movie. I also heard that Benicio del Toro method acted the shit out of Dr. Gonzo, to the point of actually burning his arm with cigarettes because he thought it was something the character would do. I love that movie.

I’m watching the Louis Theroux documentary on the Westboro Baptist Church, and I had such a British reaction (very much Louis’ reaction too) – numb incomprehension and bemusement for a while, and then when Louis finds a placard of Princess Diana with “fag enabler” or whatever, I suddenly felt VERY INDIGNANT.

Because apparently I have a numb reaction to people wishing death on all gay people, but WHEN YOU INSULT THE PEOPLE’S PRINCESS THAT’S NOT ON.


I’m not really much of a Depp fan, but I do know some of these; he modeled Cap’n Jack after Keith Richards, his first big role was in Nightmare on Elm Street, he’s done 5 kajillion Tim Burton movies (more or less), his ‘Winona Forever’ tattoo was changed to ‘Wino Forever,’ he did that Ninth Gate movie about the books, 21 Jump Street came out at some point while I was in high school (late 80s), and… he was a barber in Edward Scissorhands (I think) and Sweeney Todd.

But! I am currently heartbroken/miffed/upset about the new Doctor Who companion. Grrrrrrrr. I won’t spoil it for anyone who doesn’t want to know, but just…. grrrrrr.

(Slightly spoilery)

I don’t dislike her (I’m sure she’s a lovely woman and all…), but I am tired of watching the adventures of a 900-year-old man and a young girl. I mean, even though she’s 25, she’s referred to in the press release as a ‘girl’ and she has a very young look. I’d rather see Wilf, or someone that isn’t human, or Rory, or Gwen Cooper, or Captain Jack, or someone that creates a different dynamic than Rose/Martha/Amy (and a bunch of the guest stars) did. Donna was fun in that regard (no romantic ‘tension’), and I enjoy the show more when it isn’t some sort of space romance (there are plenty of those already). Even my teen boys get tired of it (and didn’t want to watch it when they saw pictures of Amy) – and you’d think they’d be the audience they’re trying to pander, er, cater to.

Ah, I’ve been watching the show since I was little (read here: Classic Who fan), and while I don’t mind some romantic tension, they have been laying it on a bit thick lately. Amy improved by a factor of about eight billion when Rory joined the crew. I was actually hoping for a boy companion this time out, as my favorite companion was a boy (see my avatar). Still I was expecting a young attractive girl, because most of the Doctor’s companions have been young attractive girls. It’s just that those young attractive girls were not constantly being flung at the Doctor in the past.

Oh christ agreed. Though I loved Martha’s storyline because she demands respect from the Doctor and when she can see it’s not going to happen, she’s strong enough to walk away. Not only that but she THEN goes off and is a total bamf all by herself, unlike certain companions who just go home and drink tea for a while. *cough*

I actually wish there would be some older-blood. Doctor Who is unique enough that they can pull anything off, and I really have a thing for Arabella Weir and want her in everything.

I had a whole long rant in the weekend open thread about why I think this film is a travesty. Suffice to say, I think Dark Shadows should be a bit more, well, dark, and that Barnabas flirting with Angelique is beyond the realm of poetic licence and into “did you even watch the source material?”

There seem to be a million cool things to do this weekend and I have to somehow pick just a few of them. Would that I should always be so troubled.

I have a cat behavior question.

Almost five months ago, I adopted a kitten from a friend of mine whose cat apparently had a torrid love affair with a local tomcat. My kitten (I still think of him as a kitten) is wonderful, and I love him. He doesn’t scratch the furniture, doesn’t torture the other cat or the dog, and has never had an accident outside his litter box. Up until a few weeks ago, he was very affectionate; while he wasn’t quite a lap cat yet, he was getting there.

About three weeks ago, we had a rogue thunderstorm. It didn’t last very long, but the thunder was pretty loud. My kitten flipped out and hid under the bed all day, and only emerged sporadically for the next couple of days. Since then, he’s been very skittish (for him). He still comes out whenever there is food (and eats like a horse), and he’s starting to decide that sitting in open windows is pretty cool. But he’s not really much interested in affection or even spending much time hanging out anywhere that isn’t under the couch or bed. Yesterday, I took my dog on a long walk and when we got back, my dog began to pant, and my kitten arched his back and his tail got poofy as though he were truly frightened – I guess he’d never really seen the dog’s teeth before…?

What could be the problem? I haven’t changed my routine. There hasn’t been any new furniture or new animals brought to the house. The only thing that has changed is that it has been warm enough to have the windows open, so I’m sure the kitten is smelling things and hearing things that are new to him, but the windows have been open for a couple of weeks now and he hasn’t gotten any better. What could be the problem? I want my sweet little love-bug of a kitten back!

Yes, he was fixed about a month ago (he’s about six and a half months old at this point; I didn’t adopt him until he was weaned, of course). That’s good to know about feline teenagers though – I’ve had a lot of cats, and while they are definitely pretty wild when they are very young, I’ve never had one who is skittish. But of course, every cat is different.

He’s still a kitten and kittens are all over the place. He will mellow as time goes by. When my furry dude was a kitten, he rejected my cuddles in favor of stampeding through the house like a sweeping herd of wildebeest and running off the walls. There was also an incident with a stuffed monkey that sent him into such terror that we thought his spirit was permanently broken. This lasted for a couple weeks, so I guess it’s possible that the thunderstorm really freaked your kitty out. If that’s the case, he should get over it soon. If he starts doing his business outside the box or acting very strangely, it might be worth seeing a vet but what you’re describing now sounds like fairly normal kitten behavior :)

Give it some time. Kittens are all over the place in terms of behavior and personality until they hit the year mark, sometimes later. Like Kiisu said, keep an eye on the litterbox habits because that could be a warning sign of something more serious, but otherwise he’s probably just a kitten freaking out and being an asshole, as kittens do.

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