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Fun Time Open Thread: Would You Rather?

As you may have guessed from the title, tonight we are playing “Would You Rather?” That’s where you are presented with two undesirable choices and you have to choose which one you would take, and explain why.

I’m going to start you off with one and, once you have answered, you can add your own for future commenters.

So, would you rather live for one year with no electricity or no indoor plumbing?


This? (Photo By 4028mdk09, via Wikimedia Commons)
Or this? (Photo by By Leonard J. DeFrancisci, via Wikimedia Commons)

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Having gone without both, I’d probably choose no indoor plumbing, but it would depend on where I was living. In the Pacific Northwest, I’d probably forego the electricity, keep my showers and potty times inside, and use a woods stove for heat as needed. If I were in the tropics, outdoor plunging options aren’t that bad and electricity would be nice for fans.

Thought this article from The Guardian might be of interest to Persephoneers:

‘Why wasn’t The Hunger Games cast as I imagined in my racist reading?!’People upset by the casting of Rue, Thresh and Cinna in the Hunger Games film may want to take a look at themselves

I was certainly one of those who believed this (taken from the article): ” … I don’t think he will be able to re-enact Cinna’s calm temper and quiet personality … ” With regard to Lenny Kravitz’s casting as Cinna. Though not knowing the rest of the comment that the writer quoted, I’m trying to figure out how that’s racist. Anyway. A very interesting article.

It depends on the context of course but to me that’s a slam-dunk ‘Angry Black Man’ trope. The rest of the quotes are, unfortunately, not at all ambiguous.

And also implies that he can’t act, though I’m pretty sure the first implication is the more insulting one…

I’m chiming in a little late but I can’t help myself. I would go with plumbing. I once vomited all over the place because the stench of an out house was so bad and I’m in no rush to get back into one. I’d also freak out over the thought of our little poop catcher polluting the ground water we’d be drinking from. I can live without electricity but I can’t live without clean, accessible water.

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