Knit Like a Boss: Crafts for Whovians

Fortunately, crafty Whovians are a creative bunch, because there are lots of patterns out there for Doctor Who-inspired projects.

Scarves Galore

The most obvious and iconic knit thing to come from Who is the Fourth Doctor’s scarf. There’s even a whole website dedicated to recreating the different variations on this scarf that Tom Baker wore during his reign as everyone’s favorite Time Lord.

Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor. Image via Wikipedia.

Now, I’m not as well-versed in Original Who as I am in New Who, so I didn’t know until recently that Baker actually had several different versions of the scarf. Granted, a casual viewer probably wouldn’t notice the subtle changes in length and pattern until they got to season 18, where the color scheme was completely altered.

Of course, if you aren’t in the market for a 20-foot scarf, there are some ways to incorporate the idea into other items. There’s a necktie that emulates the scarf’s pattern, plus fingerless gloves and a cowl. I’m sure if you wanted, you could take any plain pattern and work out some stripes to replicate the color scheme.

TARDIS, of course

Obviously, we can’t talk about the Doctor without talking about his mode of transportation. Talented nerds have made pretty much everything look like a TARDIS — including an actual stuffed TARDIS.

Now your feet can travel in time and space. Image via Ravelry.

The socks above are a favorite. I’m planning to make those once I have a little more practice with sock knitting (and by that, I mean any practice). You can also try your hand at fingerless gloves, a hat, a scarf, a tea cozy (that reverses to look like a Dalek), or a Kindle case.

If you’re feeling more subtle, the Tilting TARDIS Cowl is inspired by the vehicle, but is a little less in-your-face about it. I made that one, but I didn’t have blue yarn, so it doesn’t look TARDIS-y at all. It’s still pretty, though.

Other Doctors and Companions

Every Doctor has something about him that’s memorable (as do the companions), and the knitting community doesn’t fail to provide patterns to match.

You can just make yourself an entire stuffed Eleventh Doctor, but if you would rather, you can make some Eleven-inspired mittens or his sonic screwdriver (I made that and if you aren’t careful it can look a little, um, phallic).

You can emulate the Fifth Doctor with a hat inspired by his costume. David Tennant’s Ten is best known for his pinstripe suit, and you can make a scarf inspired by that, or just go for his version of the sonic screwdriver.

If you’d rather be like Amy Pond or Rose Tyler, that’s possible. There are a number of red scarf patterns that are inspired by Amy’s look in “The Pandorica Opens,” and you can mimic Rose’s gloves.


Where would the Doctor be without bad guys? Pretty bored, I would guess. Luckily there are plenty of evil creatures lurking throughout the universe.

Clearly we have to start with the Doctor’s arch-nemesis, the Daleks. You can make a stuffed “Extermiknit” Dalek, use one to make yourself coffee, or you can wear them as fingerless gloves (note: not a free pattern) or a hat. There’s also a dog sweater, which I may have to make for Zelda, even though she’s a nudist.

Photo via Ravelry

The Cybermen have inspired a couple of washcloth patterns, and been made over for the book “Knits for Nerds.” You can also make a “Don’t blink” washcloth, or, if you’re good with color knitting, a couple of Weeping Angel intarsia charts (note: not free patterns).

Naturally, we like the good guys, too, so there are two different ways to make stuffed K-9 toys.

The BBC was unhappy with one user’s patterns, and asked them to be taken down. However, you should pop over and look at the Ood, Cassandra, Adipose Baby and Face of Boe anyway, because they’re really cool.

Also, if any of you are crocheters, you should really consider making this Ood mask, because it’s awesome.

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A picture of Tom Baker on Persephone! My day is made.

Mr. Brum has that Extermiknit Dalek in his room. It always falls down and bounces comically around on the floor. We didn’t make it  – I can’t knit and neither can he, but we might have to learn, now. Great post!

One of these days I will make a Tom Baker scarf. The trouble with my half started attempt is that the pattern is terminally boring. 20 feet of garter stitch. I ended up frogging it and using the yarn for something else. Still, one day I will do it. I will make the epic scarf.

ETA: I recommend trying sock knitting asap. The first time I turned a heel it was magic. I was thinking to myself  “Dear God, I’m knitting IN THE THIRD DIMENSION!” They aren’t really as hard as everyone makes them out to be. And two circulars are far more friendly to sock knitting than a set of double pointed needles in my experience.

Socks are not as hard as they get built up to being. If you can knit in the round, pick up stitches, and make decreases, you have all the skills needed for socks. The heel patterns just look really odd because they involve turning your row before you have knit all the stitches in it. This isn’t actually hard, but sock knitting is about the only time you do it so it seems very strange. But once you get going on it you can see how it works and it’s really fun to get this 3-D shape going in your knitting.

I started a pair, but I’m caught up trying to finish my sweater of doom. My problem is that stockinette stitch with fingering yarn on tiny needles is tedious and kind of hurts my fingers.

I will prevail, though. Socks are kind of my final frontier. Well, socks and entrelac.

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