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Ladyghosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica, 3.01, Part Two: Precipice

This week’s Battlestar Galactica recap is a direct continuation from last week’s, so we get no “previously on Battlestar Galactica,” and there is no opportunity for me to mock the placement of the credits. We shall just dive right in!

If I were to write my own “previously,” I think I’d mention “¦ jeez, there’s a ton. Okay. The Cylons have taken over New Caprica, imprisoned Tigh, but let him out because Ellen is schtupping Cavil, Kara is imprisoned in a creepy forced-domestic life with Leoben, Adamas Jr. and Sr. are commanding their Battlestars, worried about everyone on the ground, Tyrol, Anders and Tigh have organized a resistance movement, with anonymous help from Gaeta, who’s working for Baltar, and as we ended last week, pulled off a suicide mission. Principals on Battlestars: Adamas Jr and Sr, Dee, Helo, Sharon, Kat, Racetrack. Everyone else is on the planet. And, oh, Callie and Tyrol are married with a bebeh. And Tigh’s lost an eye.

After the suicide mission, the next scene is Laura Roslin, in a prison cell very similar to the one Tigh was in.  It’s painfully bright in there. Baltar comes in, gives her back her glasses, and offers to help, provided they issue a joint statement condemning the suicide attempts. Laura defends the bomber, but refuses to state that suicide bombings of civilians is acceptable. Baltar says that nobody has been tortured, and walks out, ordering Roslin’s dismissal.

Did everyone else recognize this dude when they first saw him?

In what I would call New Caprica’s marketplace, metal Cylons are on patrol and no one’s around – except for one dude. Being bad with faces is really a handicap when it comes to recognizing people. Dude, do I know you? WHO WERE YOU!? Or are you a new dude? Dude joins up with a bunch of other dudes, they’re the new police force.

Somewhere else, Tyrol, Sam, and Tigh are planning resistance stuff. Tigh wants to bomb the marketplace, and does a semi-biblical rant that they are on the evil side. The raptor makes contact, Tyrol sends a message – 1150 armed members of the resistance (really?) and the Cylons are cracking down.

Back with Dude, Cavil is talking to him – ah! His name is Jammer! He was one of the deck crew, right? He is in charge of a group of policemen tasked with rounding up insurgents. He knows some of the people on the lists. All of the men put on ski masks and rush into people’s tents – and they take Callie, leaving the baby alone. Tyrol gets back, and baby’s still screaming.

Up on Galactica, Adama and friends are reviewing the message from the insurgents, and they’re surprised their numbers are so low. Other problem: launch keys for the grounded ships have been removed and hidden. Lee is shooting down solutions left and right.

Gaeta and Tyrol have a chat – Gaeta doesn’t know why they took Callie, but said he’ll try to help. Tyrol doesn’t know that it was Gaeta who was feeding him messages. Jammer comes by, commiserates with Tyrol, and tries to say that maybe some in the police are in over their heads, but Tyrol says to hell with all that. When this is all over, Tyrol says, collaborators are going to be killed.

Who are you, adorable child?

Oh no. Kara. And Leoben. He brings up the breeding farm on Caprica, and says that when it exploded, the Cylons were able to save a few things, “like her ovary.” And then he ducks out for a second and comes back with an adorable blonde toddler. Named Casey. Leoben says that Kara is Casey’s mother. You can pretty much see Kara’s mind explode.

Lee finds out that Adama plans to send Sharon to New Caprica to act as a liason. He flips and goes off on his father. Adama defends his decision. Lee wants them to focus on the civilians they still have. If they lose on New Caprica, humanity is over. Adama can’t face leaving people behind this time. He’s going back.

Another Kara scene. Leoben is explaining how he fertilized an egg from her ovary and a surrogate carried it to term. I am really bad at figuring out how old babies are, but (and I didn’t pick up on this the first time around, but) if this is what had happened, wouldn’t Casey be about as old as Hera? And Hera’s still about a yearish old? Still a baby, at least, and this one is definitely a toddler. Leoben then goes on and on about what Casey’s future will be like. And then he leaves Kara alone with Casey.

Roslin, about to slap an XO.

Roslin goes to Tigh and says that there will be no more suicide bombings. Tigh asks if she’s working for the Cylons, and she slaps him! Tigh explains that nothing matters anymore, except frakking up the Cylon’s plans. So Roslin should take her morals and shove them.

Boomer and Caprica Six still seem to think this is all for the humans’ own good? Jammer goes to talk to Boomer, and asks if there’s anything she can do about Callie getting locked up.

Kara is alone with Casey, and can’t take it, so she goes and hides in the bathroom. While hiding in said bathroom, something happens to Casey, and Kara finds her on the stairs, unconscious, bleeding from the head. I’m not sure whether they take her somewhere or bring in medical equipment to Kara’s house/prison cell, but Leoben’s back and there are machines monitoring Casey. (Like, hospital equipment. Not Cylons.)

Boomer goes to see Callie, and let us remember that CALLIE SHOT BOOMER! Callie wishes she had a gun. Boomer tells Callie that she’s happy for her and Tyrol, and Callie yells at her – if she can’t help her get out of there, then she should go the hell away.

And there’s another suicide bombing, a woman, this time. The Cylons meet to discuss what to do, and they decide on harsher measures. They give Baltar a list of names to be executed, and insist that Baltar sign off on the list. Baltar announces he won’t do it, and they literally hold a gun to his head, shoot Caprica Six, and put the gun back to Baltar’s head, scream in his face – hey, HeadSix is back! She tells him to sign it. He keeps saying he can’t and won’t, but HeadSix talks him into it, via appealing to his sense of self-preservation.

The least-horrible scene in the entire episode!

Awww, Sharon’s getting sworn in as a member of the fleet! BEST SCENE OF THE EPISODE. Sharon’s now a lieutenant, not a prisoner. This means a lot to her. Adama wishes her good hunting, and sends her off.

Ellen is still having sex with Cavill, and there’s some move she’s developed called “the swirl” and half of me wants to know what that is and half of me doesn’t. Cavil asks Ellen for information about Tigh and the insurgency. He wants a specific place and time for an insurgent meeting, and if Ellen doesn’t comply, something horrible will happen to Tigh.

Speaking of Tigh, he, Tyrol, and Anders are discussing their impending meetup with Galactica. They’ll be meeting with Sharon, which Tigh thinks is ridiculous. Anders starts planning the meetup location, and Ellen shows up. Tigh goes to throw away the map of where they’ll be meeting, but Ellen takes it “to throw it away from him” and instead pockets it.

Gaeta runs in to Colonial One, yelling at Baltar for signing the death warrant. Baltar says there was nothing he could do, which, to be fair, is more true than it usually is, considering it’s Baltar speaking. The police round up people, including Roslin. Boomer argues against Callie’s execution, unsuccessfully. Guess who gets loaded into a truck next to Roslin – Tom Zarek! How the hell are ya, buddy? Ah, been in detention.

Sam and Friends head out to meet up with Sharon, and there are ominous drums playing.

Kara’s still by Casey’s bedside, praying for the little girl’s life. Casey opens her eyes, so that’s good. Kara takes Leoben’s hand.

Drums again, and truckloads full of people stop in the middle of nowhere, and are told to disembark, for a “rest stop.”

Someone starts shooting at Sharon and Anders.

Someone, I’m assuming Jammer, pulls Callie out of the group, cuts her bonds, tells her to run, and she does.

Metal Cylons come out and start shooting at the truckloads of people. Zarek pulls Roslin “¦ away? Who knows.

Occupation by machine makes strange bedfellows.

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