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LadyGhosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica: 3.02: Exodus, Part 1

This week’s episode is titled Exodus, so I’m hoping for things to be slightly less horrible for some of my favorite characters. (Mostly, Starbuck/Kara, whose plotline in the last episode was damn near unwatchable for me.) Who are your favorites?

Previously, on Battlestar Galactica, Tigh can’t figure out why he got let out of detention; Cavil wants an insurgency meeting place and time, which Ellen steals for him (to protect Tigh); ooh, Hera’s being raised by Maya, and Helo and Sharon think she’s dead; the insurgency has made contact with Galactica; Sharon’s been sworn in as an officer and she’ll be meeting with the insurgency; Lee is continuing the search for Earth; and people are being rounded up for execution. Good times!

We begin with the last bit, and this looks the same as last week – the people who have been rounded up (including Callie, Roslin and Zarek) are told by a Cavil to get out and stretch their legs. One of the human police force members pulls Callie away, cuts her bonds, and tells her to run. Metal Cylons come over a ridge, take aim at the humans, and begin firing.

Tyrol's freaking out. And, sadly for all of us beard-fans, has shaved.

Apparently, one hour earlier, Ellen and Tigh share a moment, and Ellen says she would do anything for him. Tyrol rushes in, and says that Callie’s on the list of people to be executed. Tigh directs Tyrol to pull it together, go get some guys and intercept the convoy of people-to-be-shot, and says that he and Ellen would make lousy parents, so don’t get killed, which is perhaps the nicest thing Tigh’s ever said? Tyrol’s frantic, rushing around, (and, also, um, lost his sexy beard?) and meets up with Selix to plan the ambush.

Speaking of ambushes, Sharon and her Marines are uneasy with their meeting place. (Can we talk about how “Breeders Canyon” is a weird name for a place, especially when a major plot line here is the Cylon inability to reproduce? Anyway.) We see, for the second time, Sam and Sharon reunite.

Back to Tyrol and friends for a second – they found the execution site, and see that Roslin and Zarek are there, but now we’re back with Sam and Sharon, and Sharon explains that they need to get the launch keys for the grounded ships, and coordinate the resistance with the rescue mission. Tyrol again, Callie’s making her run for it, but she’s in the line of fire between the resistance and the bullethead Cylons. Bulletheads start shooting at Sharon and Sam. Tyrol reaches Callie just in time, and pulls her down before the resistance starts shooting. With Sharon and Sam, the Marines take out the Cylons, both humanoid and metal, and someone finds a copy of the map that Ellen smuggled out on the body of a Cavil. Selix, Tyrol, and the other resistance free the people who were about to be executed. Tyrol announces that Adama’s on his way.

D’Anna has a dream/nightmare about a baby, presumably Hera, and a tree with string tied all over it.

All is not well in the Colonial One bed.

Caprica Six and Baltar are in bed, but not getting along? Caprica is apparently fed up with watching Baltar hate himself, which seems a bit rich.

Ahhhh Starbuck! Kacey’s doing better after hitting her head. Starbuck apologizes to her for not paying more attention, and Kacey is, you know, a sweet little blonde angel.

D’Anna goes for a walk and sees the stringy tree again, and it’s outside a soothsayer/prophetess/priestess tent. She goes in, and the priestess(?) tells her that “the fruit born of two peoples is alive. A child named after the wife/sister of the all-knowing Zeus. Hera lives. You will hold her in your arms and know for the first time what it is to feel true love, but you will lose everything you’ve done here.”

I'm sure this is an important ceremony with major historical tradition, but it seems like a waste of salt?

Hey, we’re back on Galactica! Dee looks worried, Helo seems confident. Racetrack says some words, and the members of both Galactica and Pegasus say goodbye, or really, “see you soon.” Adamas Jr and Sr have a moment – they have a rendevous point 18 hours from now, presumably by which point they will have all of New Caprica with them. Lee chokes up, the special Adama Emotional Music plays, Lee leaves. It’s touching and pretty and I really wish they hadn’t made “Lee gets fat” a mini-plotline.

D’Anna’s out walking again and runs into Doc Cottle, out for a smoke break. D’Anna asks about Hera. He says what happened wasn’t his call.

On Colonial One, Cavil is bitching about being shot by the resistance and left for dead – being downloaded is apparently painful. Baltar asks to just be shot, to get this all over with, and Doral says that they could just nuke the city.


Sharon is going into the detention center to try and find the launch keys. Meanwhile, resistance members have rounded up Ellen and put her in their secret meeting place. Sharon heads out, and Sam asks her to keep an eye out for Kara. Roslin tries to explain that Maya and the child are the most important people to keep safe. Sam asks why this kid is so important, and Roslin says she is “the shape of things to come.” Is Sam unaware of the whole Hera thing? Did he somehow miss that?

Meanwhile, D’Anna’s giving the side-eye to every baby she sees.

Roslin and Tigh and the rest of the resistance leaders meet with the Marines to coordinate. Roslin again pushes for how important it is that Maya and the baby get off the planet.

Ellen rushes into the meeting – they need to talk. Sam confronts Tigh about the map that Ellen gave to Cavil, and Ellen comes clean ““ yes, she turned over information, but it was to keep Tigh alive.

Sharon, our Sharon – Sharon Agathon – heads into the detention center, looking for the launch keys. As soon as she gets them, D’Anna shows up and tells her that Hera is alive. She repeats what the oracle tells her, and Sharon’s tempted to believe her, but instead shoots her in the legs and says that Adama wouldn’t lie to her. Sharon hands the launch keys over to Tyrol and congratulates him on his son.

Helo reports to Adama that Sharon’s got the launch keys, which makes him punch a table? Adama heads to the bridge and makes a really kick-ass speech about how everyone ought to be proud to serve together.

When in doubt, end the episode with a rousing Adama speech. Guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

So Say We All!

And thanks, Monchichi, for the oh-so-lovely screencaps!

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