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LadyGhosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica: 3.03: Exodus, Part 2

As I’ve mentioned before, this isn’t my first time watching BSG. However, my memory’s far from perfect, so I sometimes forget how they get out of certain scrapes. This was one of those episodes! Well, part of it was, at least. Also, I take a break from recapping to criticize the Adamas for just a moment. Intrigued? Read on! 

Previously, on Battlestar Galactica, we get the oracle’s prophecy about D’Anna and Hera; Roslin’s warning to Sam that protecting Hera is the most important thing EVER; Ellen confesses to committing treason; Leoben brings Kacey the toddler to Kara, and tells Kara she’s her daughter; Lee is taking Pegasus to continue the search for Earth; and Adama is useful if you need a good speech.

Presently, Dee and Lee are on Pegasus, and Lee’s freaking out about leaving his father behind with an impossible challenge. Dee points out that they have to keep moving forward, and is incredibly supportive and bucks him up.

Oh Ellen. You were annoying, and I never liked you much, but I think killing you here made very little sense.

In the resistance HQ, Anders is unloading on Tigh for Ellen’s treason. Anders tells him he knows what has to be done. Tigh and Ellen talk – Ellen explains that she got him out of detention. And that she slept with a Cavil to get him out, and she’d do it again – do anything – to keep Tigh safe. Tigh gives her something to drink, he silently starts crying, and Ellen falls asleep/DIES. Tigh says he loves her, then starts openly weeping. I think this was a mistake, but that’s just me.

Oh, Baltar. He’s ranting at the Cylons for last week’s execution failing. He tells the Cylons that they ought to just go. D’Anna says no, because the humans will then train their progeny to hate the Cylons.

And then the uprising starts! Shit starts blowing up everywhere. Beneath the pyramid court is a giant weapons cache. Sam’s in charge of the group going to get everyone out of the detention center.

Up in the sky (or, I suppose, in low outer-space) Galactica’s Vipers fire drones that make it look like there are 2 Battlestars in orbit.

Baltar’s freaking out. Obvi.

Kara tries to kill Leoben, he knocks her unconscious and leaves.

Zarek and Roslin, new BFFs, part ways, as Roslin announces she’s leaving on Colonial One. Zarek grabs Jammer (of all people!) and entrusts him with keeping Roslin safe. (Jammer, if we remember, was a member of the police.)

On Galactica, Adama tells everyone to brace for turbulence.


Tigh, Tyrol, and several others are taking heavy fire from metal Cylons when all of a sudden, GALACTICA JUMPS INTO THE ATMOSPHERE. (The first time I saw this, I thought it was genius and so cool. I pretty much still do!) Galactica launches Vipers AND THEN JUMPS AWAY. The Vipers take out the Cylons.

In Sam’s detention liberation mission, he finally finds Kara. Who is still knocked out/maybe dead? He carries her out.

Galactica sustained damage from jumping into the atmosphere like that, and there are suddenly 4 baseships in range. Speaking of damage, Adama’s literally running wires all over the brig. And they’ve lost the jump drives. He says that’s it, it’s been an honor, and the ship just keeps getting hit. And there’s sad music. EXCEPT FUCK THAT, PEGASUS IS HERE! (I forgot how they got out of this scrape.)

Hey, Kara’s conscious, and the fact they’ve left Kacey behind is now obvious – she runs back to get her.

The Cylons decide they’ve lost control of the situation, and they’re going to nuke the planet. Baltar should come with them, he’s apparently about to be rewarded. Baltar would rather sit there and die, so Gaeta conveniently comes in with a gun.

Galactica calls back its Vipers and jumps away.

Gaeta's got a gun!

Gaeta chooses this moment to snap and explains why he wants to kill Baltar. Baltar points out that unless he stops D’Anna, the entire human race is done for, so Gaeta kind of relents, and gives Baltar one last chance, to stop D’Anna from setting off a nuke.

Lee calls for an abandon ship of Pegasus.

I’m going to need to stop for a second here. Wasn’t this all incredibly poorly thought out? Maybe I’m super-materialistic, but you live on a spaceship, dear. There is only so much stuff (like, oh, clothes and mechanical parts and plates and paper and whatever else – stuff) left. And while they’re making some new stuff, I can’t believe they’ve got, say, a Viper pilot uniform factory up and running somewhere. If you’re going to scuttle Pegasus, STRIP THE DAMN SHIP DOWN FIRST. YOU ARE WASTING WHAT LITTLE STUFF YOU HAVE LEFT. This also goes for everyone evacuating New Caprica – take your stuff with you! At least some of it! The important stuff!)

Ahem. Okay.

So the Pegasus flies directly into one Cylon baseship, and the resulting explosion takes out another one (or two?) We don’t know where the hell Lee is.

Creepy horrible Leoben, at his most creepy and horrible.

Kara’s running through her creepy prison-home, yelling for Kacey. And Leoben shows up, holding Kacey. Leoben tells Kara she has to “say the words, and the rest of it.” She says fine, and then says that she loves him. And kisses him. And it’s forced and horrible and complicated and Kacey’s watching the whole thing and Kara manages to stab Leoben as he’s kissing her. And NOW Sam shows up. Kara grabs Kacey and they head out.

Baltar and Caprica Six go looking for D’Anna, and they wind up outside the oracle’s tent, and hear a baby crying. Baltar follows the crying, and sees a dead Maia, and a live Hera! Head Six shows up to confirm the fact. And so does D’Anna, who holds her. Caprica Six says that D’Anna won’t set off the nuke anymore.

And Roslin is ushered back onto Colonial One! She, at least, brought notepads with her.

Kacey's real mother. This scene breaks my heart on about 5 different levels.

Tyrol’s back in charge of the flight deck, and Kara disembarks with Kacey. Tyrol’s thrilled to see Kara again, and just as she’s about to introduce Kacey to them, Kacey’s actual mother shows up! She’s thrilled that her child is okay, but Kara, who has clearly been through HELL, and looks sad. She’s clearly grown to care about the little girl. There’s Tigh, and there’s Lee and Dee. Adama and Tigh share a moment. Adama congratulates Tigh on bringing everyone home, and responds with, “not all of them.” Their moment is interrupted by cheers for Adama, and something of a parade, with him sitting on people’s shoulders, but it’s rough and sad for both Kara and Tigh.  Hey, Gaeta made it!

Roslin’s aide reports that Maya and her baby didn’t make it off of New Caprica. Tory, the aide, feels guilty, but Roslin says this is bigger than them.

And now, for the moment we’ve all been waiting for – ADAMA SHAVES HIS MUSTACHE. Weeping violins for the death of the mustache.

A moment of silence for the mustache. Nevermind, I hated that thing.

All in all, a pretty happy ending to a very dark period of the show.

Thanks, monchichi, for the always-perfect screencaps! Also, per usual, if we could keep the comments spoiler-free, or at least with ginormous spoiler warnings if you’re going to talk about something further along than this episode, that would be greatly appreciated!

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Galactica jumping, releasing the Vipers and jumping away right before they hit the ground. Flailing everywhere. I remember stumbling across a screenshot of Kara and Kacey while watching the first season for the first time, and I had a bolt of “do not want” because I felt like they would manipulate Kara from a badass and complex character into just a mother character. The rationale behind the fear is flawed, I understand. But I found myself loving how Kara acted with Kacey (after the fall) and Kacey’s return to her real momma broke my heart. It was even worse that no one got the full explanation Kara did and she tried to pass off with smiles that she had just meant to save Kacey for her real mom the entire time. Feels. Lots of them.

The way Tigh’s voice breaks when he says “not all of them” just kills me.  I love me some Colonel Tigh, especially at this point in the show.

And yes! WHEN GALACTICA JUMPS INTO THE ATMOSPHERE THAT IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THINGS. When I first saw it, I think I fell off the couch with a shipgasm.  This isn’t spoliery, much, but you can tell later in the season that they blew the whole effects budget for the year for that one scene. IMHO, totally worth it.

Oh, man. So many feels. I’m a little over halfway through this season, and a little sick of the “Will they or won’t they” with two certain characters (but I think I’m passed the worst of it – just finished watching “The Woman King” the other day).

Also, found the hidden Firefly quote: “EXCEPT FUCK THAT, PEGASUS IS HERE!”

… no? I’m wrong? (Okay, I think it’s that “Killing you here made very little sense,” but I have no idea who would have said it or why.)

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