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Why Lost is the Best TV Show Ever

Recently I have been re-watching Lost from the beginning. This is unusual for me. I see something once, I like it or I don’t and that’s it. It is extremely unusual for me to re-watch a movie or reread a book. For me, Lost is an exception to every rule, which is probably why I’m currently obsessed with re-watching it from the beginning and I must say: it’s even better the second time around. This has lead me to the conclusion: Lost is the BEST TV show EVER. I mean it. If you don’t believe me, keep reading for my top five reasons on why this is for sure true. Promise I’ll try to keep it spoiler free in case you haven’t seen it (poor you).

Reason #1: I have never and will never figure this show out.
Now, I know this might sound like a negative, but the reality is that this is the biggest compliment to a show/movie/book that I could ever give. I love things I can’t figure out and this show is the ultimate puzzle for my brain to work on. It has infinite twists and turns and things to ponder about. Throughout the show, the themes of faith vs. science and good vs. evil keep the show philosophical and keep my brain working. Then there are just mysteries inherent in the island – some that get explained, some that are left open to interpretation. I love that when this show ended, almost two years ago, fans were very split about the ending. To me, that is the mark of an amazing show: people were talking about it for weeks! I hate cookie cutter plot lines and characters and if you do too, this is definitely the show for you. Don’t expect everything to be explained but that is the beauty of this show; it is up to you and your imagination to fill in the blanks.


Reason #2: The characters – Oooooh the characters!
Lost has amazing casting and unbelievable (but not unrealistic) characters. The way the characters in Lost were created allowed for the show to be all types of TV shows in one: a medical drama, adventure, love story, mystery, police drama, revenge vendetta, coming-of-age story, addiction struggle, fight of the underdog, sci-fi, fountain of youth, science and discovery. The show’s characters are what make this show really deep and amazing. Their individual stories weave together to make intricate connections and subplots. The viewer knows that the information being shared about each character connects them to other characters and the overall plot of the show. They are all but pieces in a larger epic Lost puzzle. Beautiful.

Lost: So many amazing characters!

Reason #3: Emphasis on patterns.
This is just a piece of the show that makes it intelligent and captivating. Patterns recur both openly and subliminally throughout the show. It keeps the viewer, or at least me, fixated on picking out patterns in the show. For example: the numbers. They recur intentionally over and over again and leave you screaming: What do they mean!?! I remember trying to add, subtract, divide, sequence them to find some secret meaning in the first couple seasons. I love having this type of investment in a show but it is rare and Lost does it well.  There are many patterns and themes that recur in the show and watching it a second time, from the start, has me gasping because I’m seeing more and more the second time around. Now that’s just cool.

The Numbers

Reason #4: The Island.
The Island is beautiful and mysterious. They really could not have chosen a more interesting place to film this show (Hawaii). There are episodes that make me want to go there and never come back and episodes that give me nightmares. I love that the Island is not just a place but it somehow has a personality and a presence. This is most frequently and deliberately emphasized by John Locke who refers to “The Island” as a person with wants and needs. This is definitely one piece I think is very open to interpretation: what the Island means or intends. Watching the show, the whys and hows of the Island is something I actively find myself thinking about. Weird, right? But it’s the nature of the show, and one of the big pieces that makes it great. It also conjures a sense of reverence and respect for the natural world that I find more tangible and interesting than this idea from say”¦ Avatar. What other show has an Island with a personality? None that I can think of.

The Island

Reason #5: The cast is attractive.
This does need to be separate from #2 because although it affects their characters, it’s not at the core of their characters. So many cast members are just delicious eye candy. Sawyer walking around shirtless. Kate’s rockin’ abs. Eko’s muscles. Fierce and fabulous Ana Lucia. Richard Alpert’s smouldering eyes. Sayid’s arms. Daniel Faraday’s scruffy beard. Claire’s eyes. Sun and Jin just being gorgeous together and apart. And who could forget the smoking hot Jack Shephard with his hot and intriguing tattoos. I’m definitely leaving people out – but that’s the thing”¦ there are too many hot cast members to name. It’s great to see both attractive men and women on a show. Way to appeal to everyone, Lost!

Yes, I really did spend time creating this customized mix of Lost hotties

Amazing plot + Great characters + Stunning Scenery + Eye Candy for All = Lost = Best Show Ever

Couldn't write a Lost article without John Fucking Locke

If you haven’t watched Lost, you need to. It truly has something for everyone. The perk is that now you don’t have to wait a week between episodes, you can watch it in all of its twisting, turning, shocking, mysterious glory one episode after the next. For now, I’ll just keep relishing in the re-watching and falling in love with this show all over again.

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I don’t count LOST as the best show ever, but I’d add a 6th reason that it’s very good:

#6 They quit while they were ahead. I really congratulate everyone who was involved in the decision to wrap the show up while it was still strong, rather than allow it to jump the shark and stagger along for years as so many shows do.

My family and I got into Lost a little tardy to the party so we were able to rent the first couple seasons and watch ’em in marathons which was most excellent. We had started renting TV shows b/c money was tight and we couldn’t afford cable anymore so we gave Lost a try and loved it. Any-who once we got caught up we just HAD to see the new season when it premiered but cable was still too much so instead we would gather around our computer desk and watch it online every week, that’s how good this show was.

Waaah, you just reminded me how much I miss this show! I love that it challenged viewers; rarely has a show made me think quite so much. But it wasn’t just a cerebral puzzler. This damn show made me cry, and not just when I had to admit it was really over. (“Through the Looking Glass,” anyone?”) Best. Show. Ever.

I always loved Lost. It might be my favorite show of all time. As frustrating as it often was, I could never stay mad. And even when the story didn’t make much sense, the characters were great; I especially love Juliet, Sayid, and John Fucking Locke. I think the season 3 finale (Through the Looking Glass) is my favorite episode. I’ve been meaning to re-watch it from the beginning, but there are so many episodes. Maybe I’ll finally do it this summer.

So true. It has been just enough time for me- where I still remember enough to get the awesome foreshadowing but am still shocked frequently. Do it! Do it!

And Through the Looking Glass is another really awesome episode choice.

My other favorite is The Numbers

I watched Lost with my Mom from the beginning – which means that I watched Lost for something like ages 13-20. Formative, yo! The first few weeks after it ended when there were no new episodes we honestly missed the characters! Like they were friends that missed their weekly visit.

I just started watching Lost on Netflix a few weeks ago.  I’m midway through season 3, and pretty much addicted.  I’m okay with the fact that not every question gets answered and some things are left up to interpretation.  I find that a lot more interesting.  Was gonna watch the show with my gentleman friend, but he was upset by this fact and said that he didn’t want to get invested in a show when he wouldn’t get to have everything figured out.  His loss, far as I’m concerned.

You are in for such a treat. One of the reasons I’m watching it is because my gentleman friend hasn’t seen it and was interested- he is hooked as well. Enjoy!!!

And it really is so much better watching it straight through. The suspense from commercials and weeks or months between episodes was almost too much for my heart to bear.

I loved Lost too. I was really disappointed by the ending but have been meaning to re-watch the show, for all the reasons you listed above and more. one of my favourite things was all the literary/philosophy references in the character’s names. I was always trying to figure out what shared trait or similar outlook they had with their “namesake”.

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