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Lunchtime Poll: Nutella

Good noon, Persephoneers! It’s been a super stressful week here at the Persephone Treehouse, our former server ate itself and we had some issues finding a new home. We’re back now, and the memory of the stress is starting to fade, but it was a really challenging week for all of us. 

For today’s LTP, I want to know how you handle stress. I handled the stress of last week with swearing and Nutella, which I probably shouldn’t recommend to other people.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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I have a Stress Stig. I bash him on my desk. If it’s really bad I take my toy monkey with long arms and wrap him around my arms, he’s nice and soft and calms me down.

To try and deal to it on a day-to-day basis I try and keep up with exercise. Then I’m so tired I can’t worry about it.

I hide from whatever is stressing me out, often by doing crafty stuff that occupies the thinking part of my brain and makes me feel productive. Sometimes I simply hide in a corner with chocolate. It depends on the level of stress. When the stress is too much for crafts and chocolate to handle, I burst into tears.

Jar of Nutella plus spoon. An excellent method of dealing with stress.

To the immense (hah, understatement much?) annoyance of my family, if I’m mildly stressed with something, I start singing “Jingle bells, Batman smells” to myself. It’s my equivelant of sticking my tongue out while I think.

Otherwise I deal with stress by trying to deal with what’s stressing me out. If I can’t do that, I just try and occupy myself. It isn’t until I’m disstressed that I do things like raid the fridge. Also: baking. There’s a lot of soul soothing to be had by either making bread dough or a sponge cake. All the kneeding and whisking is delightfully helpful. If we’re into big time stress, I tend to clean. I find it satisfying and there’s an end result.

well, stress and anxiety make me break out into hives.  depending on what i’m stressed over, i’ll either eat like crazy (hello, bread) or i’ll just sleep a lot and not have much of an appetite.  i get really cranky, because with stress comes a feeling of no control, which THEN leads to insane anxiety.  i try to exercise to clear my head, but sometimes i’m just too overwhelmed to add another thing to my to do list.

I stress-clean. …Which I did yesterday to my bedroom.

Through all the shit I’ve put on myself, at least now I can go into my bedroom, see light pouring in (unfucked the curtains!) and know that all the dirt, dust and bits of nonsense are off the floor. My closet is also all pretty and very blog photo worthy now. So I don’t hate my clothes anymore.

Still a lot of shit going on but not in that room! It’s like a sanctuary now.

I’m pretty sure by the end of April I’ll have a carload of stuff for St VdeP due to this habit. I’ll also have floors you can eat off of.

God, I need April to start and end as quickly as possible – with good results…

I several different ways to handle stress.

1. If payday was recent I shop.  Love clearance finds.  Scored an adorable red pump last week…

2. I paint.  This one works if it is summer and I can set up my easel outside.

3. ICE CREAM.  Fits every stress level.


For me it really depends on the amount of stress. I function pretty well at moderate to high levels of stress on a fairly constant basis; however, lately my stress level has reached extremes that have me hiding in books, sleeping ridiculous amounts, and hiding from the world.

I’m not a particularly good handler of stress. To cope, I usually do one of two things:

1) Hole away from everything and ignore responsibilities for as long as I can until I feel better.

2) Talk it out with the BF and try to do something nice for myself, whether it’s go out for food, see a movie, buy a new game I’ve been wanting, etc.

Most of the time, what I end up doing is a combination of the two.

Stress is hard and as my job search keeps going up and down, I feel like I’m living in it. I have a couple of ways of dealing with it and depending on how bad it is some work better than others.

1-Writing, if I focus on getting a story or a blog post just right then I feel accomplished and I can go, I did something. For me this also means online roleplaying where I have a community of friends who will listen to me vent before we pretend to be other people for a bit. It’s a great intellectual exercise and helps me feel ready to handle other things.

2-Taking a walk, I live in Ann Arbor which is a fantastic town for walking and I stop to take pictures and focus on small joys around me. At times this means I come back with used books as bookstores are my favorite places to spend time.

3-Walkng usually leads to sitting in a cafe and getting lost in a good book, which always makes me feel better.

4-Talking out what’s bothering me. I’m one of those people who a talking cure idea works incredibly well. My father’s a psychiatrist so I grew up feeling comfortable thinking about what about this situation is hard and how can I change it? Sometimes the talking is just ranting about something silly that’s bothering me or the venting, getting my feelings out to look at them because then I can know what to do with them.

5-Cooking, when I have to worry about not cutting myself and making sure everything tastes right and isn’t burned, other worries get pushed to the back.

I think I deal with stress the same way I deal with bad news and other assorted issues: inappropriate laughter. I tend to laugh when I am nervous and/or upset about Big Things (like relatives dying, tax notices, etc.). I am in perpetual fear because of it too, because people will think I am lying/insensitive/etc. because I lack the ‘proper’ response to things. Then I can’t turn to anyone, and start going into Overwhelm Mode, where I can’t deal with anything and it festers and grows and I shut down and then people take advantage of me.

Like, this morning, they told me that my contract (job) is ending and that I only have a few weeks left. This wasn’t a surprise really, but I just smiled and laughed and brushed it off even though it is sad to go and I’ll miss the people I work with. It’s possible if I’d have reacted more…normally…then maybe they would have said they’d help with placing me somewhere else or something (it’s likely I won’t want to work, but the money timeline is cutting it tight). So now I have to try and balance being too sad (which might make them want to get rid of me sooner) and too happy (which might also make them feel I must not be needed) so I can last until the beginning of May.

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