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Lunchtime Poll: Quick Getaways

I love to travel. I don’t mind being on an airplane or going through security at an airport because it means I am going someplace. I like to plan one big trip every 1 ““ 2 years. That said, this year is one that I am taking off. I’ve had a lot of upheaval in my life and I feel like staying close to home, so I have a series of smaller road trips planned, places that can be reached on a long weekend after work with my mom or close friend in the passenger seat.

So, dear readers, what are your quick getaways? Do you go to nearby town and a favorite restaurant? Or do you go farther afield? How do you get away without going too far from home?

By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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My boyfriend and I can’t afford a big trip together this summer so we’re thinking of renting a cabin in a state park, which can be really cheap–like $30-60/night–and hanging out somewhere close to home but scenic for a weekend. A change of pace and an adventure minus the major money or planning! Should be a good compromise I think.

It’s easy and cheap to rent a place or hotel room for the weekend at the coast. Just pack a bag, hit the grocery store and you’re off.  It’s only about two hours away, depending on your favorite location.

It’s fun to have a group of people, make a family style dinner with either BBQ or seafood – or both. Watch bad movies, play board games, fight for the longest couch.

Then you pack up your bags and head back home.

If I need a personal break from life – I stay at home and only answer the phone if my parents call. My to-do list for the weekend includes no chores, no cleaning and the only things on the menu are my favorite foods. :) It’s basically my low-rent version of Treat Yo Self.

I travel a lot for work so most of my vacations resemble the above. Planes = Work.

I have a good friend in lives in Jackson which is about a half an hour to forty-five minutes away depending on traffic and we watch movies, I don’t have my computer and it always relaxes me. If I have the time, I also sometimes drive down to Lexington, Kentucky where I’ve got other good friends but that takes more prep as does visiting the rest of my family in Delaware.

When I don’t have time to leave, I find what helps me the most is not doing some things. So if I’m not online as much or I’m not on campus, it feels like a break to me or going to a museum or someplace in Ann Arbor that I haven’t been to before or in a while. I cut myself off when I’m doing job stuff but it also can be relaxing as so much of my social life is onilne that to say, I am going to a cafe and I’m going to read this book until I finish it can be amazing.

I like to make a day trip down to Cedar Point (big amusement park) at least once a summer. And for mini trips I like to go to Toledo or Grand Rapids and putter about their art museums with sketch pad in hand. Or I go to the museums in Detroit that I don’t go to as often as the DIA, like the Science Museum (they had a traveling exhibit of Star Trek stuff last time I was there. I was such a happy geek). Or the zoo. The zoo is always a happy place for me.

Other than that, my only real trip I have planned this year is to go to Madison for a weekend to attend Teslacon. The boy lived there for a bit as a small boy, so we plan on taking some extra time to see a few sights.

I haven’t gone on a travel vacation in years because it’s too goddamn expensive for poor students like Mr. Silverwane and me!

The last time we went off on one, though, we went to two different cities, one in our state and one in a neighboring one, to see the musicals Wicked and Rent in the same weekend. He’d seen both of them at least once, but I hadn’t seen either. It was awesome and amazing!

I hope that, since we will probably never have kids (unless I HAPPEN to change my mind, which is doubtful), there is more travel in our future. What I would give to just be able to take a vacation today!

The places I usually like to go to are scenic places with a lot of history behind them.

I live near NYC, and sometimes I like to explore parts of the city that I’ve never been to before. It’s always really exciting to explore new neighborhoods. I also work in NYC, though, so it doesnt feel as muh like a getaway as it once did.

I did take a day off from work yesterday. I didn’t have to do anything special. I just felt like I needed it. One thing I did do, though, was I went to this Japanese supermarket/food court in NJ and just pigged out on good food and spent money on Hello Kitty cutlery and figurines. It was very relaxing, and when I went back to work today I felt so refreshed.

I live ~ 2 hrs from Chicago so I like to take a weekend getaway there every once in awhile…. They have good food and shopping, and that’s all I really need!  My friends and I are pretty adventurous so we like to go to new places and try new things as often as we can so that helps out on any road trips!

Law school has made me an absent friend pretty often.  So when I get the chance, I like to take weekends and go see people I love but never get to spend time with.  And I spend every other weekend (or every third weekend) with my boyfriend doing a limited amount of homework, staying up late, and generally pretending NOT to be a student.

I usually hop on down to New Orleans.  Mr. Nonsense’s parents live down there and we usually find something fun to do.

Back home during the fall, I would take the scenic route to some small town in the Midwest.  It was peaceful and relaxing and I loved taking in the trees.  *Sigh.  I miss fall weather.

One of my favorite things about living in New England is that a 3 hour car ride can get you to a the mountains or a beach for a mini-vacation.  I’m a big fan of off-season travel to Cape Cod or Vermont.  Before I moved here I would occasionally book a fancy hotel and stay overnight with a day of museums on one side of the “trip”.    These days I have a dog so going away requires a kennel or finding someone to watch him – not ideal.  I’ve been know to turn off my phone for the weekend and just stay in my apartment and do me things.  I plan my meals ahead of time so I don’t have to do any shopping (or order in) and relax, take a bath, read a book and generally ignore the outside world.

Berlin! I can get a train to Berlin within a solid half-day of travelling for maybe £30 (it’s cheaper by plane but only if I book 800 months in advance), and I have relatives there so I stay with them for free. Actually, this is the only kind of proper holiday I usually have so I guess it’s not a ‘quick getaway’, but it is nice to be able to do (and a great way of practicing my German =D ).

I travel by train in Canada a couple times a month (intermediate distance relationship) and ye gods, it costs me more than that to go one way to a city two hours away, let alone across water and through a couple countries.  Train travel is not a priority (and thus not reasonably priced/available) in North America :(

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