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Lunchtime Poll: Sprummer

Because Mother Nature has gone feral, it’s been 80 degrees in Indianapolis for a couple of weeks. I’ve already done most of the spring work in the flower bed and my True And Sworn Enemies, the giant wasps, are starting to build a house right outside the window of the Persephone treehouse.  It’s the brunch of seasons, it’s Sprummer, when it should still be Winter. 

Anyway, to distract ourselves from worrying about what this might mean about the future of our environment, I thought we’d focus on one of the best things about hot weather. Ice cream.

For today’s LTP, we’re revisiting a favorite get-to-know-you question of mine. If you could create a custom ice cream flavor (with at least three ingredients or flavors), what would it be made of and what would you call it?

A bowl of ice cream on a plain background, text reads "Ice cream, fuck yeah."

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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yah! Not only am I back home from Delaware! But Pmag is back too! Right? We’re back and running? This morning I got an error message so, fingers crossed!

Also, let me tell you about my love for all icecream. It’s MAJOR. At this point, it’s the only dairy I really eat – some sneaks in here and there. Because, I would die without it. I distinctly remember THE DAY Dairy Queen introduced their Cookie Dough blizzard. The next day, my dad went out and got some for us – that type of thing never happens. It was magic. We always had icecream in the house, we had rules about it and even the dogs get to have it. (dad flips it to them from a spoon while he eats out of the carton – no actual slobber transfer – the dogs have learned to catch the flipped bites, it’s delightful to watch)

And, I live within two hours of Tillamook Creamery where you can get ANY FLAVOR they make – some are only made for the creamery store. I always get a scoop while I’m there. (there’s also a cheese tour for those so inclined – free samples at the end).

So, these are the things I like in my icecream. Caramel sauce, cookie dough – any type of cookie, strawberry/strawberry flavor/strawberry jam. Those are the top tier. After that, I like marshmallows/marshmallow cream, toffee, fudge swirls. I really prefer my chocolate to stay separate from the icecream. The creamier the base the more happy I am. So, chocolate icecream just doesn’t have any zing. Chocolate fudge or syrup mixed in? Gold.

Now, if Tillamook were to call and say, “Make us a new flavor.” First, I would die. Then, I would make this: A base that was heavy in egg and vanilla bean so it had a very creme-brule flavor. A swirl of caramel would run through it in a spiral. B&J had done this caramel core bullshit and it’s stupid. It’s also hard to eat. And for a fun bit of texture – because that’s really where it’s at with Top-Prize icecream, bits of strawberry jam would be swirled around. Or – as an alternative (like a magazine that releases two covers) espresso fudge would be swirled around along with the caramel.

It would be served best with Spanish coffee or a porter. :) Because that’s how I roll.

Okay, I’m jealous of your access to Tillamook Creamery.  As for your custom ice cream flavor…well, let’s just say I’d buy a pint of it in a heart beat.    But I’d have a hard time choosing between the espresso fudge!!!! and strawberry jam – so different and both so so good.  My grandma makes really yummy strawberry freezer jam that is awesome on ice cream (and toast).  I really need to learn how to make it…

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