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Lunchtime Poll: Very Important Days

It’s sort of amazing to think that today, the Ides of March, is still, even centuries later, the day that everyone remembers as the day that Julius Caesar was stabbed to death 23 times.

And of course there are other days we always remember, both historic and personal. The day of your anniversary, the day someone close to you died, or the day something really good happened.

So, Persephoneers, what is a day that is particularly important to you every year and why?

By [E] Sally Lawton

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13 replies on “Lunchtime Poll: Very Important Days”

Actually, I am a bit superstitious about this day, becaus I’m a huge superstitious freak in general. Other days I’m aware of are May 5th, for no particular reason, and November 11th, for no particular reason again. Also March 13th, for my recently passed grandmother’s birthday.

The summer solstice (20/21st June). Not only is it the beginning of the second half of the year (my favourite, because Autumn rocks) but it also marks a massive gathering and booze-up at Stonehenge which I and my friends have attended for the last couple of years.

Falling asleep on the longest day of the year = sunburn, though.

When we read Julius Caesar during English class, I ended up being Caesar and laughed through my assassination. Oh yes.

A day that’s particularly important to me? Apart from birthdays, holidays and the ‘usual’ anniversaries … uh … there’s an ‘important’ day that I do my utmost to forget. It’s the delightful paradox of Day Which Is Best Forgotten being the Day That Is Unforgettable. Otherwise, I’ll go for the lovely, and say the day Juniper Junior came into the world.

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