Middlemarch Madness

Middlemarch Madness II: It’s the Final Four!

We’re so close to bringing it all home for one lady badass. Find out the four ladies moving on to the next round, right after the cut. 

Winners are in bold.

Katniss vs. Minerva McGonagall

Scout Finch vs. Ramona Quimby

Beatrice vs. Elizabeth Bennett

Arya vs. June/Offred

Meet me right here on Monday for the next-to-last poll, when we’ll determine the two finalists; we’ll have the final vote on Tuesday.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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43 replies on “Middlemarch Madness II: It’s the Final Four!”

What the flipping floob. What the MOTHER-FLIPPING FLOOB!

How in tarnation did Elizabeth Bennet (who I like, but come on she doesn’t hold a candle to Beatrice – face the facts) beat Beatrice?


Arya Stark:

Nine years old at the beginning of A Song of Ice and Fire.

A tomboy at heart, defies the gender roles handed to her at every turn, arguing vociferously for what she wants her life to be. Sees through lots of BS from random people, even at that age, and doesn’t take shit from anyone. Lots of spoilery things happen, but she kicks ass, takes names, and will not give in to all the terrible people around her, no matter how big and strong and awful they are.

She is fucking bamf.

I wanted Daenerys to win, but I’ll also take Arya any day.


I am so excited for her adventures this season. It’s my favorite book in terms of the Arya plotline. Do you have anything special planned for Sunday? Some friends are having a Mad Men & Game of Thrones party but I won’t be able to make it, sadly….I will have to wait until Monday to see them both and I might die from the waiting!

I don’t really have anything special planned, but I’ve been periodically falling over myself in excitement for Season 2! I just bought the first season on DVD a couple weeks ago or so, and the BF and I watched them all over the last week. He hasn’t read the books, so now that he knows what’s going on, I’m going to make him watch them with me.

I have never been happier to have HBO access, which was not something I had before!

My only beef with Katniss is that she beat out my beloved Meg Effing Murray (and admittedly I’m tired of hearing about the movie, but I’m an old curmudgeon who gets grouchy about most much-hyped movies, so it’s hardly a strike against her specifically).  I’m sure she’s awesome and badass and whatnot, but I have Very Strong Feelings about Meg Effing Murray :)

To clarify my earlier comment, this is how I feel (that I’m an Old, and Kids Today and their music and movies make me shake my cane). The media beats us over our collective head with things that are “trendy” until I’m ready to stab out my eyes and eardrums. The thing is, I purposely avoid things like “E! News”, US Magazine, etc. I don’t go to the related websites. I don’t listen to the radio; I fast-forward commercials; I have ad-blocking software on my computer, yet pop culture still permeates my existence. I really don’t understand how this happens! The same thing happened with Twilight. ::shudder:: And there’s yet another one of those movies to go.

Aw, poor Katniss. Well, at least she just got a pretty good movie. I’d give it a B, maybe even a B+. I didn’t miss most of the things they took out, and thought all the casting was great. My only critique is that maybe it was a little too faithful to the book, so that it ended up dragging a little bit in parts on screen.

NOOOOOO, Katniss what happened?  You’re too amazing to be gone already.  I’ll take my slight comfort in the fact that at least you (and my beloved Ramona) will be eligible next year.  And while I mourn Katniss and Ramona in a “I take this thing way too seriously kind of way”, I at least like McGonagall and Scout (especially McGonagall) so this could be a lot worse.

But on the joyous end – no more Offred!  And I still have my Lizzy and at least one Martin girl!  I’d be so happy with either of them as winners (though if it comes down to it, I’m voting Lizzy all the way.)

ME TOO! I liked the first book. It was interesting, but after that she showed no development or insight. And I hate it. The series as a a whole was bad. Technically written well, so way above Twilight, but still I didn’t find it satisfying or worth my time, so I want it to Die! Or at least stop being in the forefront already.  I’m glad I’m not alone. All the Katniss love has been making me feel out of place..

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