Middlemarch Madness

Middlemarch Madness II: Voting Day 12

Are you ready to pick the last two members of the Elite Eight? Doesn’t matter, because the poll is right after the cut, no matter what. 

Today’s poll will be open for around 22 hours, and all the results from the Sweet Sixteen battles will be posted tomorrow in this time slot.

The final match-ups of this round are between Minerva McGonagal and Luna Lovegood for the YA side, and between Arya Stark and Elphaba Thropp on the adult side.

Go get ’em, tigers.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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19 replies on “Middlemarch Madness II: Voting Day 12”

I love Arya. She’s my absolute favorite in ASOIAF, but you know what?

TEAM ELPHABA RIGHT HERE. Book Elphie? She’s so sad and real and determined and idealistic and conflicted and I love her, love her, love her.

/ducks and runs away.

//I also think if these two teamed up they’d be unstoppable.

Arya was easy.  Arya is awesome.  Choosing between Luna and McGonagall HURT.  My first instinct was McGonagall, but I’m still heartbroken and hurt that she beat Lyra.  LYRA.  But ultimately, I decided I have to go with the battle that’s in front of me, and as awesome as Luna is, McGonagall just has the badass edge.

I went with Minerva because I think she’s earned her stripes over many years of fighting inequality, patiently waiting for times when fighting inequality will be productive, and prepping for a time when she knows she will have to fight inequality again. She realizes what’s at stake more than I think Luna can at her age. Plus she’s a good teacher, and probably the best role model Hermione has, although that relationship is never explicitly explored (I think of Minerva as her Dumbledore).

She and Luna come out equal though in the sense that they both give a glorious middle finger to the haters around them. They refuse to compromise themselves.

Wait, what? Am I actually stumped? Usually I know exactly who to pick but I’m staring at Minerva and Luna, frozen. One is full bamf and one is reaching her bamf potential. How can I choose when at the ends of their lives they could both reach Level Awesome.

So, I will submit my vote for both by voting for neither. Either way, I’m happy to see they are both still in the race. A win for one is a win for the other.  (just like every time Kate Winslet wins an Oscar, I automatically give one to Leo in my mind)


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