Middlemarch Madness

Middlemarch Madness II: Voting Day 13

Today’s the day we narrow the Elite Eight to the Final Four. As with last year, the winners of these polls will be ineligible for future Middlemarch Madness competitions, so pick wisely. 

This poll will be open until 3:00 PM tomorrow, and I’ll announce the final four 24 hours from now. Happy voting! We’re almost there!

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Offred can’t beat Arya. Especially after Dany. I love The Handmaid’s Tale as a whole, and I think it should be required reading (especially given our current political climate) but Offred isn’t really that much of a badass. She’s a survivor but she doesn’t kick ass. Sorry, but she doesn’t. Arya is a survivor and a fighter and a badass. 

Sidebar, because I’m bitter: no matter what you think about Dany, she has dragons so she will always be a badass by association. Personally, I think she’s pretty badass on her own, but HELLO, DRAGONS!

Oh my goodness, thank you!  Last year I felt like I was the only person here who did not think Offred was a badass at all.  I realize that’s not exactly what either of you were saying, but it’s close enough that I don’t feel so alone anymore!

Had Darcy pulled that “not handsome enough to tempt me” shit with Beatrice, she would have smile wickedly and torn him to shreds with a few shrapnel-pointed phrases. Darcy, of course, would have proposed on the spot (since he likes a good set-down), and then Beatrice would have conquered Lady Catherine and taught Anne she didn’t have to be such a drip.

Hey, maybe Lady Catherine should get in on this contest. :)

Because I’m bitter, I’m just going to sort through who everyone else is cheering for and pick the OTHER ONE.

Take away my characters and no one can have nice things. [grumph]

Also, loving the double Ramona. You’re just making the decision for us. :)

I figured most would like Beatrice – from reading the comments – so that would mean voting for Bennett but I decided long ago to never vote for her. I have never liked her character. So I voted for neither.

I have read P&P and made a second attempt with Northanger Abbey. OMG. The most vanilla of vanilla books. I know others love it. A friend of mine reads it every year and another watches all the movie variations. She even got me to watch the one where a girl goes into the book and fucks things up. I just can’t do it. I don’t even find it romantic. :(

I don’t think Jane Austen novels are really supposed to be about romance.  Sure, there’s some in there, but mostly she was writing comedy and parody.  And Northanger Abbey is probably one of the hardest of her books to get in to (because it’s straight-up parody and not much else.)  If you want to give another novel a try, I recommend Persuasion or Sense and Sensibility, or even Emma (my favorite, but sometimes harder to get in to for some people, and it didn’t become my favorite until my fourth or fifth time through), over Northanger Abbey.


I know the end goal of the book isn’t romance, I just added that last sentence because some of my friends just LOVE Mr Darcy and they read it like a romance. I just have never understood that part.

They just aren’t my kind of funny. I am not her audience.

That’s fair.  It’s just a pet peeve of mine when people are all “OMG Jane Austen romance and weddingz so great (or so terrible)!”  Because she was really all about character and character development and funny, funny writing.  And yes, there’s a lot of marriage talk, but that’s cause in Jane Austen’s time, marriage was literally the only option middle and upper class women had for any sort of independence.  It was essentially like writing about a woman’s choice of careers today.  So of COURSE there’s some obsession with marriage.

But it’s totally legit for it to just not appeal to you.  I just feel the need to defend Jane Austen because people so easily misinterpret her (and a lot of time’s its people who haven’t even read her books, just seen the movies.)

I would add that I did not find Mr. Darcy particularly sexy or romantic until he was played by Colin Firth.  That, admittedly, changed things a little.

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