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Monday Night Flashback: Curfew

Happy Monday, Perspehoneers! I hope you had a fabulous spring weekend, whether you indulged in NCAA basketball, leprechaun fun, or just a regular weekend.Here in P-Mag’s hometown, the perfect weekend was marred by the drive-by shooting of five teens around 10 p.m. on Saturday night. As I’m writing this, three of the victims have been released from the hospital, while two remain in serious condition. It’s opened the discussion here about teens congregating in public places, teen curfew, and who’s responsible for said teens.

It got me thinking: in 10 years will I let my 16-year-old “hang out” downtown? It also, of course, got me thinking back to my time as a loitering teen. My hometown has one of the biggest public beaches on the shores of Lake Michigan. When the weather was nice, that’s where everyone was. We drove around the parking lot, just like teens today drive around Monument Circle. While I’m sure kids got in trouble, my group never did. We hung out, and then headed home around midnight.

What was your curfew as teen? Where did you “hang” with your friends?

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