News Appetizers: I Got The Mid Week Blues

Hello, kittens, and welcome back! Here we are at another round of news recap, where I, your dark current events overlord, Kitten McTavish, will be highlighting this week’s highs, lows, and all that fluffy stuff in between. Where will we go from here? Is this where we want to be? Doesn’t matter because the world keeps on spinnin’ and like my dear mother says, “You wake up and there are still gonna be assholes. Don’t worry, there are good folks, too.” Positively crucial!  So lets get this gravy train a workin’ and huddle down into the mid-week news.

Wait, this is definitely not Toddlers and Tiaras.

So there’s this thing called Super Tuesday that’s like the Superbowl-World Series-World Cup of the two party American political system. Just kidding. Sort of. It’s actually when a bunch of states hold primary elections to “select delegates to national conventions at which each party’s presidential candidates are officially nominated.” (wikipedia) So maybe it’s more like the annual swingers party where the best swinging couple is nominated? Either way, the media is talking about it like it’s a fierce battle and one to rule them all.  Seriously, this is the worst beauty pageant ever. (Reuters, Wikipedia)

But we have results! And this means things! Exclamation points! (CNN)

America’s favorite fear mongering racist / sexist / all around awful persona and GOP cheerleader, Rush Limbaugh, has been reported to have lost his twenty-sixth advertiser after calling Georgetown student Sandra Fluke a “slut” (among other lovely things) and potentially showing that he has no real idea how birth control works. While we are happy that everyone has finally caught on that Rush has been peddling this two-dollar white supremacy show for years, it’s also refreshing to see that Rush is just being so damn graceful about it. No one puts Baby in a corner! (Politico, NewsOne, Bloomberg News)

Are you a slut? Yes you big ole’ skany skanker skankerton! I bet you do things like have the sex and take the birth control. Satan’s candy! When in doubt, aspirin between the knees. Better yet, take off them shoes, too. And get back in the kitchen, ya slut. (Mother Jones)

Everyone gets this award this week.

The U.S. has feelings about Iran. No, but seriously, who thinks this is even remotely a good idea? Can someone please check Netanyahu and offer him a seat? (Al Jazeera English, The Wall Street Journal, NY Times)

Obama needs the GOP candidates to shut the fuck up about Iran. Seriously guys, stop talking shit. Stopp it. Staaaaaap. (The Washington Post)

Rick Perry – remember that guy? You know, the one who tried to run for president, couldn’t remember three things, and thought it was a good idea to name a ranch after a racial slur?  Yeaa, that guy. The good news is he won’t be the next president. The bad news is he is still governor of Texas. See, Perry seems hellbent on taking out the Medicaid Women’s Health Program, which if you can imagine, pissed some folks off.  Dear fellas in charge, have we not learned this lesson yet? Don’t fuck with our shit.  (Public Points Policy, Planned Parenthood: Don’t Mess With Texas Women)

Girl Scouts. They are gangsters. But you already knew that. Seriously though , who steals from Girls Scouts? (LA Times)

That wraps us up for this mid-week-stravaganza’s worst and best news. Tune in next time for a delicious hapdashery of news that matters, news they want you to think matters, and matters that you think should be news.  But for now, it’s all over but the tears.




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Coming from a country with a really proud history of radio programming, it saddens me that Rush Limbaugh’s shows and shows of that ilk dominate the proceedings (certainly by audience share) when it comes to US radio. Radio’s relatively low production costs and unique medium (sound with no visual representation) can spawn an amazing outpouring of great creative and factual content, and it’s a shame that the potential of such an awesome media isn’t being taken advantage of. The worst part is that the US used to have that kind of amazing content on radio, but it seems to me that the profit motive (and no state support of radio-related arts) has undercut radio’s artistic potential in favour of braindead political flamewars.

I think the US gets to make the rules simply because they were the first with the technology.  Not saying that’s the right way to do it, but that’s how it turned out.  It does seem a little redic when Iran wants 1 nuclear weapon, and the US says no you can’t do that because we think you’ll use it against Israel, meanwhile the US has more than enough to blow up the entire world.

Well… Iran totally WOULD use it against Israel. I mean, Iran really has a hate-on for that country.

To be fair though, while Ahmadinejad is tremendously douchebaggy in the way that many people in power so often are, I don’t think he’s nearly as crazy (and thus likely to launch a nuclear attack) as, for example, Kim Jong Il who I firmly believe, had he lived much longer, would have decided that Wednesdays should be nuclear attack days. Also, that he invented TIME AND SPACE.

Now, I don’t think that running into Iran, guns blazing would be necessarily the smartest move in terms of international relations. It certainly won’t do much in terms of finding actual long-lasting peace in the Middle East. But I totally understand not wanting countries that not exactly on the up and up of human decency to have their own nuclear programs.

Of course they would use it on Israel… Just like North Korea would use it on South Korea.  Either North Korea or Iran w/ a nuclear weapon is a very very bad idea!  I just find it hard to listen to the US preach about the world’s nuclear responsibilities when they’ve clearly disregarded their own.

That’s great and all, but can you honestly say that having North Korea or Iran with nuclear weapons is a good idea? Because frankly, I cannot. I do not trust countries that do not treat their own citizens with at least a modicum of humanity. It’s not like having nuclear arms is a human right or anything either, so I have no complaints about trying to keep nuclear arms out of the hands of nutjobs.

“Either North Korea or Iran w/ a nuclear weapon is a very very bad idea!”–previous comment

I also have no complaints about trying to keep nuclear arms out of the hands of nutjobs, rather I’m concerned that the US is ONE of those nutjobs (we have over 5,000 of them, and what sane country would have that many???) What I’m trying to say is that I wish a country with a little more commonsense than the US were the ones leading any enforcement of any sort of nuclear policy, because at this point it seems more like “do as I say, not as I do” which is not effective.

Sorry. I definitely misread your last comment. I think it was the first time in the history of the internet that someone read sarcasm where there was none!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the ridiculous amount of nuclear weapons held by the US are a by-product of the Cold War. And it looks like they are working towards reducing the amount now they aren’t in a head to head with the former USSR any more.

I guess Canada should lead the way. We have basically decided not to have any nuclear weapons at all. But then… How could we reinforce our suggestion that countries should reduce and eliminate their nuclear arsenal? I know how the US does it… By having the biggest, meanest army around and by having a friggin’ huge say in the international economy. Canada doesn’t have that kind of influence, as much as I’d love for it to happen.

Lol, I was a bit confused!  Our arsenal is definitely the result of the arms race with the USSR, and they are working on reducing it. However, it’s still terrifying because there are politicians in the US that think we shouldn’t be reducing and instead we should be making more.  I’m all for our level headed neighbors to the north stepping in! Interesting question on how to enforce, I guess I haven’t thought about it that much. I’m just not a fan of the big bully approach the US is using.

Bhahaha, alright, I’ve been called out: I totally lie and say I’m Canadian when I’m traveling…

It wasn’t always that way.  When I was in Ireland in 2005 I made the mistake of saying I was an American & was accosted by this drunk dude saying how Americans were all assholes because of the wars and idiots for voting for GWB.  I calmly stated that I didn’t support the wars and that I voted against GWB, but that didn’t stop him from cornering me & berating me for another 30 min (I was waiting for someone and couldn’t escape).  Since then I’ve always introduced myself as a Canadian when I travel around the world.

Yay Canada party!

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