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Kittens and caboodles, welcome back to another round of the mid-week news, where we relish in the current events, cringe at headlines and the state of humanity, and jump all over what’s happening in our dear world like kittens jumping all over a kitten truck that’s just spilled over on Highway One, leaving out a trail of kitten nip as long the eye can see. Let’s get started.

Oh hey y’all, Mitt Romney is popular in the South! So popular, he might win prom king! And NPR thinks theyr’e cute by using y’all! (NPR)

Do not pander to me, my southern roots, or my grits, Romney.

But it doesn’t stop there: it’s a Deep South Showdown! Yankees takin’ on Dixie! Whip out your hot sauce and hush puppies, because we are going to town tonight! Apparently the fractional vote that is supposed to represent these elections as a newsworthy thing that we should be paying attention to, other than, oh I don’t know, the whack shit these candidates keep saying, is something of value. But like my southern mother says, don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. (BBC News)

The U.S. is just now all of a sudden realizing that being in Afghanistan is probably not the best idea ever and looking for a quick way out. While I’m happy we are having this conversation, it’s a little unfortunate that it comes off the back of  the most recent news of the American military member who stalked and killed sixteen Afghanis, including three women and nine children, as well as last month’s news that American troops were burning Korans for disposal. Out. We need to GET OUT. (NY Times)

This just in: white people. We are kinda off our rocker. Thank the stars someone is writing about it. Arthur Goldwag, author of the new book The New Hate: A History of Fear and Loathing on the Populist Right, explores the rise of paranoia in the Populist Right, post-Obama. A refreshing look into the deep freak-outs of those who have always had and what happens when they feel like they might have to share. Consider it a must for the upcoming election year fuckery. (In These Times)

Who doesn’t love a good sugar daddy? Those creamy little candies that melt in your mo… wait, what? Thats a sugar baby? We are talking about Super PACs? And the shady cash flow into campaign contributions for devious causes? This is the worst party ever. (Huffington Post)

Hey y'all! Look over here! I'm the news! Pay attention to the caucuses, not the bigger problem! These things mean things! Caucuses!

Remember when that really awful thing happened in Japan (which one, newsmeister)?  The one that was really bad from last year. Well, it looks like it might be washing up on our shores. (NY Times)

Be glad you aren’t in Syria. (CNN)

As if the rape culture in the U.S. wasn’t rage-worthy enough, apparently it’s something we are eager to push on exchange students. How wonderful to come to a new country to study and be met with “”˜this is American culture,’ and I should get used to it.” (MSNBC)

As if the incredibly tragic, racially-based murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin wasn’t disgusting enough, it’s now being reported that questionable police conduct in the investigation occurred, including a police captain’s alleged “correction” of one eyewitness’ account. But we’re post-racial! Yes, but you would have to be high to believe that. (ABC)

Um, excuse me? Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer vowed to seek a thorough dismissal of child sex abuse charges against Sandusky after a judge refused to force prosecutors to provide more details on the allegations. Seriously, I have no words for that sort of fuckery. (Reuters)

Oh, apparently people are down with the NYPD violating a ton of people’s rights, because those people happen to be Muslim and this is America and we speak American, not devil Izlaaam like some of the supporters of this nonsense think. Also, not shocking: it’s legal. (Reuters)

So any good news, you Debbie Downer? Well yes. Marilyn Hagerty is officially the coolest person ever and you other food bloggers can take a lesson from her little Olive Garden book. (NPR)

Doth not the bell toll for thee? Does the sun also always rise? These are the questions that churn through our brain juice as we stare blank-eyed and slack-jawed at the news headlines and think, “How did I get here?” So until next time, kiddies, may the bridges you burn light the way, and may the news of the day be the stuff that doesn’t keep you up at night.

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Ok, so legit question regarding what “feminism” can/should mean here.

In the bit about the soldier that went on the rampage in Afghanistan (which is beyond awful), it says

American military member who stalked and killed sixteen Afghanis, including three women and nine children

I think pointing out that children were killed is obvious, because that’s totally heinous. But singling out the women? I’m not sure about that. It seems to me that this is valuing certain lives over others (namely the men). Aren’t we trying to be “equal” in all things, and thus shouldn’t the killing of 7 adults be horrible regardless of their sex/gender.

This isn’t a criticism of the author, it’s really an honest thing that came to my mind.

What does everyone else think?

The assumption is that women and children have nothing to do with the idea of “war”, other than often being victims, specifically in this case (of course, this is totally not true in all cases). I think people do expect a certain type of person to be fighting a war, i.e. men. Of course, male civilians were killed here too, which is heinous, but I dont think singling out gender in a context like this (or singling out age, disability, sexual orientation, etc.)  is valuing one life over an other. The only lives that are valued here are the rich white guys who fund this war from the safety of their own  offices.

Moreover, I think pointing out that its often women and children that bear the brunt of violence is something that is useful in the conversations held about war and who is often the victim of wide ranging violence. To me, it has nothing to do with feminism, because whats the concept of feminism in this situation with their context? Is it even applicable?

I’m still pissed that Trayvon Martin’s killer has been allowed to walk free this entire time.  A confessed murderer says it was self-defense, when there was no weapon on the victim, and the police just take his word for it?  We all know that the outcome would have been completely different if it had been Trayvon who shot George.  I cannot suitably communicate my outrage over this.  *seethes*

There is no adequate amount of words that could accurately describe the deep injustice of his death and the fact that Zimmerman is allowed to walk free. The thing that is potentially even more angering, is the fact that something like this happens every day and that there are plenty of folks who walk around and think that its an anomaly, that white people are the victims of reverse racism, or sympathize with Zimmerman.

I could not even begin to imagine the pain of Martin’s mother. I really can’t. I only hope that she is able to see justice, even though it won’t ever bring back her son.

I just heard about this today.  I can’t even believe how awful this is…. I really hope that the defense doesn’t get away w/ the whole “he ran away from me so he must have been up to no good” argument.  If some huge guy started chasing me on my walk home, you’d better believe that I will be running away as well (as would most people!).  It’s not self-defense when you chase a kid down the street and attack him. WTF Florida, why is he still walking the street? Taking justice into your own hands is never the answer, and shouldn’t be condoned by the state.

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