Sunday Writing Challenge 3/11/12

Last week we had two options: write 400 words a day and to complete Ursula K. LeGuin’s exercise “Purity.” So how did you do?

Personal confession time – I find that my writing has settled into (mostly) comfortable rhythm. Five days a week I have no problems finding time to write – the other two days are usually ones where I’m bogged down with work and personal commitments. I found the LeGuin challenge just as difficult as she claimed it would be.

Leave your updates in the comments below.

At the moment, there are two standing challenges to participate in:

Linotte is doing a NaNoWriMo over the course of Lent, with an end goal of 50,000 words written in 40 days. New projects or old – anything is on the table.

Bryn was inspired by Linotte’s challenge and issued one of her own on a slightly smaller scale – write 100 words a day, every day, for forty days.

This week:

We’ve now had two months of challenges. This week, you’re on your own. I’m not assigning any goals, though you are free to join or complete our standing projects. Instead, next Sunday, I want to know if you were able to keep up the momentum we’ve built over the last several weeks.

That’s it! You have until 10 p.m. next Sunday to check in and tell us how you did. Did you write every day? Did you write at all? Did you use the week to revise? I want to know!

New friends and old friends, don’t forget that our writers’ group is open 24/7 for commiseration and support, as well as helpful links, contest submission information, and tips.

By [E] Slay Belle

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6 replies on “Sunday Writing Challenge 3/11/12”

Like you, I’m getting into quite the rhythm as well. I only missed two days of getting my daily deadline of 500 words for Male lipstick, passed it off as ‘It happens’ and easily picked it up the next day.

Didn’t do any of the exercises though and I have a sneaky feeling I’m writing fanfic again. But this time next to my own original work, which means over 2000 words a day!

I did pretty badly this week but for reason’s I’m OK with. This week I want to finish and edit a short story in its’ entirety; from nothing into polished in seven days. I think it’s doable, I’m going to dedicate time to it each day. I’m not too concerned with it being amazing, as long as it’s finished. As an exercise.

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