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This Open Thread Is Movin’ Out

Friends, I am in the middle of moving chaos and it is not all that fun. But you know what is? Listening to songs about moving! And who doesn’t love a little Billy Joel?  I just realized as I was typing this that Billy Joel also did the song I chose last week for my Dance Party OT. Huh. Apparently, I am at a Billy Joel place in my life. Just roll with it.


Chat with us and sing along to a little Billy Joel tonight! I’ll be over here, trying to sort my way through boxes and bags.

By Luci Furious

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I have given in and dug out my Tevas. It’s too gosh darn warm for sneakers.

Also: thought I’d keep my sunglasses safe while I was in the shops by hooking them on the neck of my dress. Wasn’t until I looked down to enter the PIN for my card that I saw my sunglasses were a little heavier than I realised. At least my bra was pretty.

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