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This OT Has a Badass Choreographed Dance Sequence

Seems like a bunch of us have been having a tough week. As you may well know, the only way to make things better is with a sudden breakout of a suspiciously well-choreographed dance number.

For inspiration, I’ll leave you with the badass dance sequence that defined much of my youth:

How’s your week, Persephoneers? In need of a few kick-ball-changes and some rhythmic snapping?

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Happy Labour Day long weekend to any other Victorian Australians!  I’m still in bed but brought my computer and iced tea with me.  New job teaching high school is going well just quite tiring.  Luckily not as tiring as last time I tried this whole teaching racket!

So, I shall do very little today as there is marking, prepping, a garden full of waist high weeds and laundry to be done once I leave my bed.

We have a house guest who has just moved to Melbourne from interstate who I am loving having around!  My partner is quite messy and tends to only grudgingly clean when constantly reminded.  House Guest has shown up this week, and as we’ve been cooking and buying groceries, has been doing all the dishes and sweeping floors.  LOVE!


I don’t know how many of you all are Al Franken fans, but I just can’t get enough of him.  This was in my inbox this morning and it made me smile.  I wish he represented me.

I have an idea for how to stop the right-wing war on women: Elect more women and fewer right-wingers. – portion of an email from Al Franken

Ha! The smell of paint is a massive migraine trigger for me, probably my biggest (I get smell sensitivity that causes nausea, but it’s not very logical). Paint smells like fish to me, and fish is also a trigger, as are most perfumes and frying meat.

So I says I says, I totally empathise.

Oh lord, I wasn’t aiming for sympathy olympics, haha, just expressing solidarity. Weird smell triggers mostly make me laugh, actually. Sometimes I discover new ones and I go “hm, weird.” Last year I found out that Britney Spears fragrances smell like rotting plastic when I’m mid migraine but smell nice when I’m not.

Oh, and honeysuckle. That shit is all over the shop.

Anyone else think the recent episode of Big Bang Theory “The Weekend Vortex” was incredibly sexist? It seemed so sexist in fact that Mayim seemed uncomfortable delivering her lines. Spoilers ahead so don’t read if you want to watch first.

So the Amy character wanted Sheldon to do something and made plans for it, but then at the spur of the moment he wanted to play video games all weekend with his friends. So he ditched her, but not after everyone in their groups of nerds (who are constantly whining about never having girlfriends) makes fun of him for being whipped. Oh my god, this whole episode was “haha, you’re in a relationship and can’t treat your women like shit therefore you’re whipped!”

I know this show is sexist sometimes. I roll my eyes anytime Penny the-failed-actress-who-is-beautiful-and-ashamed-of-her-sex-life-and-loves-shoes says anything anti-women. Usually this show is pretty good about leveling things, and I LOVE how the Amy character is portrayed as the friendless girl nerd. She was *me* when I was younger, and I love her so much. I kept waiting for this episode to level out and for the girls to get theirs, but it never did. All I wound up getting was some rant from Raj about, yet again, how he doesn’t have a girlfriend and then Penny essentially calling him a hysterical woman. I wanted to punch my screen at that so bad.

I’ve had so many boyfriends who act like playing video games with their bros is sacred and how dare a female interrupt! I seriously can not stand that mentality. Especially because the men who think like that are always the ones you see whining that they can never *get* girlfriends. Gee, wonder why…

I want to start a petition asking that the Amy character get her own spin-off show. One with more lady friends and less whiny male nerds.

Yeah, the episode where Penny was wrong for calling out Howard’s sexual harassment was really the nail in the coffin for me. It’s a shame too, because I totally identify as a nerd, but I refuse to be that kind of nerd. Sexism in nerd culture is fucking repugnant, and there are plenty of nerds who reject it; they get a bad name from these clowns.

Ughhh. I don’t watch Big Bang Theory specifically because of shit like this (as well as my disgust with their portrayal of nerds and/or smart folks in general…)

The “whipped” thing is one of the things that, even as a “joke,” I CANNOT FUCKING STAND. Some of Mr. Silverwane’s friends would joke to him about how he was clearly “whipped” by me…because he wanted to go home earlier rather than stay out till 2am…because he didn’t feel like going to a party…because he didn’t want to eat freaking MCDONALDS.

It made me so fucking mad.

I watch Big Bang sometimes just because I kinda like Bernadette, but I’ve been kinda put out with it lately.

And I, like you, cannot stand the whipped jokes. I have a more decisive personality than my boy. Some days it feels like any time I come to a decision about something faster than he does and then he agrees with me, suddenly his friends are making whipped jokes. What the hell?!? All you all couldn’t decide where to go eat, I pick something to end the endless “well we could go here…” and the boy said sounds good. THIS IS NOT SOME CRAZY FEM DOM SITUATION. I made a decision. I didn’t break out my riding crop and start waving it around.

It’s probably too late for anyone to read this, but I have a question about groups.  I was looking for a cooking / recipe group, but don’t see one. Is there one?  I’m starting to cook and bake more and would love to have a hive about new recipes, answering my silly questions – castor sugar vs icing sugar vs granulated sugar, ethical food sources, new types of foods to try, tips, etc.  Now that I think about it, I didn’t see a group for food and booze lovers either.  Surely, I can’t be the only one?  I love to try new wine and beer.


Jeepers. That song’s older than me.

On the whole, my week has been delightful and spectacular. But I’m trying to balance out early mornings (which should mean early nights) with time to myself. It’s not particularly working and my head, my poor head, is in desperate need of more sleep. However. Am looking at positives, and there’s a lot to be grateful for. But music? Lots of I Am Kloot and Michael Kiwanuka, among others.

Those are ace positives! Especially #3, so much wonderfulness in that. My positives include having three gorgeous new nail polishes (thanks to your post, I thought I’d have a look in the chemists this morning!), having scored The Sense Of An Ending for £2.99 with The Times, Juniper Puss taking his medicine so beautifully, Juniper Junior just being lovely and co-operative, and tomorrow my brother’s coming over for the day. So yes, HOORAY FOR POSITIVES! Gosh, I feel better :)

May I have a small pity-party in the following space? :(

I feel like shit. I’m in the process of tapering off of one migraine medicine because it wasn’t working anymore AND was making my hair fall out in clumps. This is causing massive headaches as well as, apparently, an inability to sleep, shakiness, and extreme hunger. Only so that I can try the next migraine medicine, which has its own cadre of side effects. On the plus side, I don’t have to go anywhere in the morning, because I stopped being able to work when I was beaten into unconsciousness last year by a couple of complete sociopaths (thus causing the 24/7 headaches which make me need the migraine medicines.)

Ragescream and weeping.

I get migraines usually 3-4 times a year and I can’t imagine having that pain all the time. I have chronic headaches from a jaw issue (yay TMJ!) and while it’s extremely painful, it’s nothing compared to a full blown migraine.

I hope you find a medication soon that works for you! Not to sound New Age-y but is there any homeopathic remedy that you could try/have tried? I think a lot of those techniques are worthless but I’ve known a handful of people who used things like acupuncture for chronic pain with some success.

As a fellow chronic migraine sufferer, I can only offer empathy. I know how fucking frustrating it is. I’m currently approaching my third migraine medication with, so far, no discernable results whatsoever. They suck eggs, bitter eggs.

Feel even. It’s better than feeling better xD

Pity party away, darling! You definitely are more than justified, and I am so sorry for the shittiness that you are currently going through (and the horrible events that caused it, W.T.F.)

Sending HUGE ****Internet Hugs**** and ****Head Rubs**** (unless those make it worse) and all kinds of positive vibe-y thoughts your way.

so I have this beautiful wheel of triple-cream brie that I need to try not to consume all by myself. I’m looking  for a good baked brie recipe to make for company this weekend but nothing too fancy. I’m looking for one with just an onion compote maybe? or maybe just phyllo since I have some in my freezer.
but everything I’m finding has nuts and it has to be nut-free… does anyone know where I might find something? or have a recipe they would share?

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