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This Weekend Open Thread is Filled with Sass

It’s Friday night, you know what to do. We’ll drop in the disco ball and stock the snack bar.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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Liz Clairborn boot cut, lightly stretch plus size jeans. The fabric is really soft, they’re not gaping around my waist, and the boot cut isn’t so wide it looks like flare. They’re a bit long (and I’m tall), but that’s my only complain. I got them at JC Penny’s which is another first — I almost never find anything I like there. Two thumbs up from me.

Sometimes you just gotta- The jeans I am wearing now, I got for $20 at Eddie bauer and they’re falling apart while I am wearing them and they aren’t that old.

I’m pretty hard on clothes, so sometimes I have to pay more for thicker denims and stronger stitching- a long time ago that use to be Gap.

Hi there, I was just wondering if there are any French speakers out there? Or any multi-linguists? I’m the final year of my French degree, still pottering around dictionaries and grammar books – does it get better? D:

I’ve lived in France for seven months as part of my degree, and I was getting pretty good – I was already able to hold conversations (if not perfectly correct) on a variety of subjects, watch movies without subtitles and read pretty much any text I came across.

Of course, I had to come back home and finish my course. I’m terrified that everyone else is better than me -_- It’s my own damn stupid self-confidence, I know, but it gets in the way.

Allô. Je suis en convalescence. Ne pas me faire une rechute.

Mais je dirai une chose. Rien ne s’améliore quand on parle français. Regardez, s’il vous plaît:

De truc et d’autres choses très intéressantes—ceci et cela—il y a bavardage effréné en français. Parfois tout le monde parle toute la nuit, non? Puis la lumière du matin apparaît. Et puis quoi?

Où est ma voiture volante? Où sont mes bottes-fusées? Rien n’a changé.

Alors, quel est le but de parler cette langue?

Yo. I am in recovery [from speaking French]. Don’t make me relapse [please].

But [to answer your question] I will say one thing: nothing gets better when you’re speaking French. To wit:

About stuff, interesting things—whatever—there’s banter aplenty in French. People talk all night sometimes, y’know? And in the morning, then what?

Where’s my flying car? Where are my rocket boots? Nothing has changed.

So what’s the point of speaking the language?

Klingon, on the other hand—that’s a mighty fine tongue.

Ne soyez pas confus. N’ayez pas peur. L’avenir amènera des magies à nous, vertigineuses et éblouissantes, comme les voitures volantes, les bottes-fusées, les licornes-électriques, la perte de poids en mangeant du fromage trop, les autres joyeusetés. Nous nous attendons à ces choses—nous devons les avoir—nous avons été sans ces nécessités pendant trop longtemps.

Peut-être l’avenir est celui que pardonne, et il aura la gentillesse. Le bon avenir faudrait encore remettre à nous des magies, même si nous devions continuer à parler français. Mais vaut-il le risque? Je ne peux pas dire si c’est le cas, hélas. Donc que pouvons-nous faire? Moi, j’attendrai, et je verrai. Nous nous verrons, chacun d’entre nous.

De toute façon, si et lorsque l’avenir se produit et nous avons de belles choses, si vous ne voudrez pas de vos objets magiques, souhaitez-vous s’il vous plaît les donnez à moi? Je pourrais utiliser des deux licornes-électriques, pour la conduite d’un plus grand dirigeable avec plus de vitesse. Merci.

Vous dites n’importe quoi, mais tout cela a un certain sens poétique – je vous donc pardonne et je voudrais vous offrir mes trois licornes-électriques et mon arbre-parlant préferé.

Vous êtes très gentil! Cet arbre, quelles langues parle-t-il? Comment est-il, en français, en utilisant l’argot? Bien que, sans doute, je pourrais bien utiliser un arbre qui est un grammairien rigoureux.

La santé de mes capacités linguistiques a connu des jours meilleurs. C’est une sorte de honte. J’avais l’habitude de parler cette langue quotidienne; j’y ai habité. Quel est le nom du pays?

Cet arbre parle couramment français, hongrois, japonais et peut se débrouiller en vulcain et klingon. On dirait d’un vrai érudit. Je crois qu’il avait l’honneur d’étudier avec tous les grands arbes de l’arbredie française. Mais ne laissez pas ce fait vous faire peur: il pense que l’argot, la langue familière, est la plus belle expression d’une langue vivant! Sinon, on ne pourrait pas “baiser” quelqu’un, mais seulement “leur faire amour”, comme si on est un personnage dans les oeuvres de Stephanie Meyer. (Excusez-moi la vulgarité mais Stephanie Meyer me mettre tellement en colère.)


J’éspere que votre vie comme lecteur ne sera pas souillé – voire detruit – par ces livres. J’ai lu le premier, et j’avoue que je l’ai trouvé plus agréable que mes devoirs d’école. Puis j’ai revenu à la raison.


No-Knead Bread update ( REALLY TASTY. Had a piece straight out of the oven with vegan butter and it was delish. Going to eat it cold with olive oil and balsamic. It may not last the day.

Next project for this evening!

Yup. Brownie in a microwave. Should be illegal, right? But it isn’t.

Chocolate. In my mouth. So excited.

Noooo! Not for sandwiches! This kind of bread is made for dipping in wonderfully rich olive oil and an aged balsamic vinegar. The air holes are there to add texture, so you don’t end up with sandwich bread. Next time I’m going to sprinkle coarse sea salt on top of the dough before baking. It will be marvelous.

I just had to read some dumb articles for class that I KNEW were going to start gender essentializing in their conclusion/general discussion.


It’s okay, in my response paper I cited another scientific article to try to argue how stupid it was to chalk up the difference to “innate biology” considering the original article only used American undergraduate students as participants.

If you only study people from a patriarchal society, of course you’re going to see gender differences!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

@QoB, my friend, I hope you’re out enjoying Paddy’s Day and getting over the COMPLETE TERRIBLENESS that was this evening’s so-called rugby. I can’t remember the last time we played so poorly. DECCIE MUST GO.

Erm, they didn’t really feel like family? Uncomfortable silences and the snotty I’m-elite-but-can-like-pulp-in-an-ironic-way teen cousin didn’t help either. Several subjects passed which I liked or knew the truth about were pulled apart. It wasn’t all bad but the other side (BF’s mother’s family) is much much warmer.

Persephoneers, I need a little crowdsourced wisdom. A friend of my boyfriend posted an article on Facebook by a guy who basically supports what Rush Limbaugh said to and about Sandra Fluke. I don’t even want to link to it because it is one ad hominem and deliberate lie after another and I was literally shaking with fury when I finished it. I do know the guy who posted it, but we aren’t really friends and I’m worried that calling him out on it, however politely, is going to feel like a personal attack and shut down any attempts at dialogue. I also don’t want to put my boyfriend in an uncomfortable position. The second half of the problem is that boyfriend liked the article–and believe me, we are going to have a LONG talk about that! But I’m not sure how to bring it up. How do you handle talking to people who disagree with you politically? I’m far too well-trained in being a “nice girl” to know where to start.

Ingrained niceness is hard to fight. Maybe you could start the conversation with the boyfriend with something like, “I don’t want to come across combative about this, but you have done something that upset me and I feel we need to talk about it.” This can lend to ending up with an “I’m sorry you got upset” fauxpology, but at least it puts forward the idea that you aren’t looking to fight, just discussion.

As for the friend of the boyfriend, maybe just a link bomb in the comments to a take-down of Rush on this topic. I mean, even the stupid Forbes article I read written by someone who didn’t see the need to include BC in health insurance said Rush needed to apologize because what he said was so awful. Of course I have an easier time being not nice on the internet so your mileage may vary.

That’s a tough situation. I get super inflamed and pissed off so when I interact with my boyfriends’ conservative friends, it’s bad news. At this point, I’m just known as the crazy, rabid liberal girlfriend. Whatever. I embrace that label. Now, they expect an argument and it’s all in (semi) good fun. I’m not sure what your relationship is with your boyfriends friend, but don’t swallow your beliefs. Be yourself and you can do no wrong.

Honestly? I would dump that boyfriend. Political differences don’t have to be major, but Rush Limbaugh’s recent statements are beyond mere differences into outright misogyny. Any support for those statements would send me running for the hills. However, I don’t know the whole situation, so you are of course free to completely disregard my advice, wtih even a casual “Fuck off” if you like. Free speech!

As for speaking up, I find it often helps to use humor in these arguments, even if it’s sometimes false, appalled humor. “Rush Limbaugh doesn’t know a thing about birth control. He obviously thinks you take the Pill every time you have sex, just like Viagra. ‘If your inability to conceive lasts more than four hours, you should consult a physician.'”

I rocked my interview so hard yesterday! It felt like one of those first dates where afterwards you tell everyone you know that you are going to get married and have babies with that person. Well, P-Mag’ers, I want to get married and have babies with this firm. I interviewed with three of the partners and instantly clicked with all of them. One of them went to the same tiny high school and lives in the same tiny town where I grew up! How awesome is that. Another partner quoted Office Space to me. And the third partner was flipping through my resume and letters of recommendation and knows my mock trial coach, who gave me A’s in legal writing, litigation, and torts. I feel like I’m destined to work here. Better pay! No more family law! Towards the end of the interview, it felt like they were trying to suck up to me to get me to work there as much as I was sucking up to them to get them to hire me. I want this job so badly!

In other super important news, BOY IS BACK!!! And he brought me back lots of presents!! I get to see him tomorrow and I’m so excited I could explode! Happy weekend, everyone!

Alrighty, in the fine North American tradition of having horrible fake Irish crap on St. Patrick’s Day I give you this.

I went to go see The Quiet Man at the local historic restoration movie theater last night* and this is the cartoon they ran before the feature. The animation is so awful at points I was watching between my fingers (note: I am an animation major, not sure if this would bug anyone else). It is one of the most bizarre cartoons I have ever watched.

*As close as I come to actually celebrating St. Pat’s.

I have been eyeing these up forever on the smittenkitchen site.  I have even gone so far as to turn it into a word doc and print it.  I have gone so far as to buy the Guinness.  However, I’ve never made cupcakes before and am too chicken to actually do it.  I dream about these damn things.

Yes. I heard a story of an Irish bartender offering a “911” when insensitive assoholes ordered Irish Car Bombs. I think a lot of younger people in the U.S. really have no idea about The Troubles, but still–no excuse. It’s a gross name for a drink.

I want to do more unfucking.

Yesterday and today, my arthritis has been like “O hai! Let’s hang out!”

Do not want.

Before I knew it was arthritis and a permanent thing, I would have been like “Oh, my back’s sore? Well, the best thing to do is to stay active and work those muscles so that they know who’s boss!” and then I’m like “Well, am I just using this thing as a crutch to not get anything done?” And then I’m all “Ummmmm permanent spinal damage. STFU, self.”

… yeah, I’m whiny today. Going to go organize my jewelry, since that doesn’t require moving/lifting/anything strenuous.

Ugh I’m trying to get myself moving to do some 20/10s and unfuck my apartment, but I can’t seem to get myself off the couch. I’m also not sure how far I want to go in the unfucking of my kitchen – just get everything clean and normal? Reorganize the pantry, scrub the oven, reorganize the cabinets? Getting off the couch at this point would be an accomplishment at the moment ….

Boo, my spring break is almost over. I don’t want to leave my cozy nest of pleasure reading and Netflix! Starting today I have to pick back up on my work, since I have something due every day of next week:/

Also, happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you’re wearing green…

So I had a skin peel done at a medical clinic, as I have these uber-annoying acne scars and I don’t wear make-up (yeah, I caved to my vanity). TMI land: my skin is now peeling/itching like mad. I would bake to kill time, but I’m scared that I would have my acid-laden skin cells flake off into the food.

On the plus side, I got another member for my MS committee yesterday. And he’s not going to make me load up on extra classes! Score!

I’m weirded out by it because I’ve focused for so long on not worrying about my appearance, and now I’m interning for a group where it kind of matters. I’m looking to order chest waders for my field work while researching fashion/hospitality events to network at. It’s blowing my mind.

And I have moisturizer, so I’m not doomed. I got the lightest peel you can get, so it just looks like I’m recovering from a sunburn. Though on day one it looked like I had a white goatee.

(And we finished our last Farscape marathon in December! Whee!)

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