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This Weekend Open Thread is Marching in Like a Lion

Here we are at another Friday night open thread, I hope you’re all feeling chatty!

We’re not doing a super points party this weekend, because last weekend got weird. Two gentle reminders:

1. The points are supposed to be silly and fun. The number of points anyone has is no indication of how important or valuable they are; we’re all in this together. Everyone, from the copy editors who toil through the night to make sure we don’t make subject-verb agreement errors or use a hyphen (-) where we need an em-dash (–), to the lurker who’s never even made an account, to writer who only has one article under her or his belt, is a part of the Persephone machine we can’t do without. To encourage moar fun and less fight, I took down the points leaderboard, so now we’re all only competing with ourselves.

2. Having fun with the points is absolutely the point (heh), but don’t exploit the system. Folks caught gaming the points the first time will get a friendly warning by PM. Getting caught twice means removal from the points system and placed in the rank “We can’t have nice things” until such a time as the Evil Unicorn Overlord (me) decides it’s been long enough.

Please continue to have fun with the points, donate to each other for being awesome and keep up all the awesome community things you’ve been doing with these two tidbits in mind.

On to something completely different, and awesome.

A Persephehusband and his wife, @SaraB, are celebrating their 10-year anniversary this month. Mr. B (we know him as Teddy Bear Glittercannon) bought an ad that’s going to run in each of our open threads for a month.

Happy anniversary, you crazy kids.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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That sounds really cool. One of my grandmother’s sisters had  afamily tree drawn up that claimed Eleanor of Aquitaine as an ancestor. I don’t believe it, but it’s fun make-believe. Have you seen A Lion in the Winter, the one with Katherine Hepburn? It’s really GoT actually, dialogue is razor sharp.


ZOMG Lion in Winter  is one of my favourite-ever films. Anthony Hopkins! Timothy Dalton! and Katherine Hepburn is so awesome in it. That GoT scene between Cersei and Robert where they talk about how shit their marriage is really reminded me of it.

I just got my first Etsy sale!!! Yeah! So exciting! I am irrationally convinced this means I will be able to quit my day job shortly. Maybe I should wait until I’ve made more than $18, but fuck it. I’m going to give myself the day to fantasize about it.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

I’ve decided to run (well, likely run/walk combo, to be specific) a half-marathon in early May (before I turn 40). My trainer gave me a training schedule, and today is my third run of the week. I can run 5km without stopping, and today I’m bumping up to six. It’s early days yet but I’m already impressed at how this extrinsic motivation is making me stronger and faster (or making me believe in myself enough to prove to my skeptical self that I CAN run).

Also, obvious observation: exercising more makes me crave healthier food. hunh.

Ladysite, I present you twenty-six men. (What?)

  • Aatman: Impersonator of Queen Aat, Khenemetneferhedjet, of ancient Egypt’s twelfth dynasty.
  • Batman: Catchphrase: “Who the hell do you think I am? I’m the Goddamn Batman.”
  • Catman: Will be bisexual when he returns.
  • DATman: Secret identity of immunologist Robin Coombs.
  • Eatman: Secret identity of Takeru Kobayashi.
  • Fatman: His superpower is receiving subpar customer service.
  • Gatman: Carries a gun on a kibbutz.
  • Hatman: Super-Scientist and Milliner, Ph.D.
  • IATman: Sensational social psychologist!
  • Jatman: Mascot of AJATA.
  • Katman: Not so much a man as a chocolate-covered wafer who wishes to be a man.
  • Latman: He and his partner (or “synergist”), Deltman, fight poor lifting form rather than crime.
  • Matman: Utters obscenities.
  • Natman: Information theorist.
  • Oatman: See photo:
  • Patman: Also known as Patwoman.
  • Qatman: Habitual user of Catha edulis; Scrabble champion.
  • Ratman: Fights and commits crime using a magical pipe.
  • SATman: Fights limited vocabularies with flashcards; dislikes poor kids.
  • Tatman: Not-so-secret identity of Rick Genest.
  • UATman: Liked the old version better.
  • VATman: Has been criticized for being regressive.
  • Watman: Makes a fine stew.
  • Xatman: Tatarstanian part-time club promoter.
  • Ñ¢man: Deprecated.
  • Zatman: Protector of Goa’uld weaponry.

This is definitely the funniest thing I’ve read all weekend! I keep scrolling back to Oatman and giggling. This could be because I grew up in a tiny town in Ohio and our high school football team was the Tornadoes. The only thing dumber than this was that our main rival’s team was… the fighting Quakers. Yes, the fighting pacifist religious group. And they had the Quaker Oats guy on the side of their stadium (never knew how they didn’t get busted for intellectual property violations!).

So…this thing with the hot boy from OKCupid..I do not think it’s going to work out. He said if the weather was nice today, we could play tennis. So this morning I get of FB and he’s online so I ask him about the tennis and he says he can’t because he’s going to take his friend’s 7 year old daughter to the movies. Not cool. We’re supposed to go to Coopersmith’s for pizza and pool tonight so I think I’m going to do that and then tell him afterwards that I can’t date someone that’s a pretend parent and that I think I’m looking for more than he is. Which really, really sucks because I really, really like him.

I’m good with some advice. But first I’ll tell you, I make it very, very, very clear on my profile that kids are a deal breaker and apparently he spends a lot of time with his friend’s kid because her actual dad isn’t in the picture.



Ah, ok. Because I didn’t really understand why the lack of tennis would have made you call it off. To me, if you’d already made plans later in the evening, seeing him in the afternoon would’ve just been a bonus, no biggie if it didn’t happen. But I can see how, if kids are your dealbreaker and he’s been fudgy about how involved he is with his friend’s kid, you’d be annoyed.

I’ve been playing tennis with my unemployed roommate on my days off (tues, wed, thurs) however, roommate got a job that starts this week so no more mid-week tennis with him. I told okcupid boy how I was sad about losing my tennis partner so he knows I don’t have anyone to play with anymore. Playing tennis today was HIS idea and he knew I was really, really excited about it. As in, I told him “you would be my favorite person ever, seriously” if we played tennis.

He says he has a bad memory so odds are that he forgot he told me we would do that if the weather was nice. But that’s sort of another deal breaker because it just makes him flaky.

Life is overwhelming right now. I stayed home and didn’t do anything yesterday, but my house still isn’t clean. I did three loads of laundry, but because it was piled up for so long, I still have two or three more to do. I need more quarters though. I ran the dishwasher but haven’t emptied it yet. I’ve been working for the past two weeks and it is nice to have a paycheck again (really, really nice), but the work isn’t super interesting, and I am just so tired when I come home. I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow. And I still need to vacuum, sweep the floor, clean the kitty litter, clean the bathroom, clean the kitchen, take out the garbage and recycling, get work done on a couple of side projects that I have no motivation to work on whatsoever, despite me promising people I’d do them. And I’m dealing with food issues again. I think I might be allergic to wheat, which makes me really, really sad, plus it is hard enough to feed myself on a regular basis, much less with added restrictions. I don’t know why feeding myself is so difficult and anxiety-ridden. I’ve eaten ice cream instead of a meal at least three times this week. Which of course, makes me feel worse.


Thanks for letting me rant. Now I’m going to get dressed and go to church.

So I was at a philosophy conference all day yesterday put on by my department. No joke; I had to show up at 9am to chair for one of the presentations, and I stayed until around 7:30pm, upon which there was a big social gathering at a local bar/pizzeria. And I stayed there until like 11pm.

So, not only have I not gotten any work done, but there’s more conference today I should go to. And I don’t want to do work this morning since I was so ridiculously tired yesterday.

Oh well. At least the conference itself was awesome! And my goal of doing a really good job chairing so they are likely to give me a position commenting next year seemed to be achieved.

Dear bank: I am trying to unfuck my finances. I even started using Quicken again, and put all my information in, and am feeling like a Responsible Adult.

But now there’s a discrepancy between you and Quicken (to the tune of $83, which is… a lot), and you don’t show me pending charges. I kind of need to know what those are, kthx, since I looked through the rest of everything and it looks square.

I did a yoga workshop this morning and I’m feeling extremely well-exercised and virtuous. And I think between the teacher and props, I’ve finally found a way to work on downward dog without my hands and wrists killing me. Yay for exercise!

It’s 9:50 am on Sunday morning and I’m on my second glass of wine. Why? Well, I have my first Skype date at 10 this morning and I’m so nervous! I’m also super excited to see my boy, but mostly nervous about possibly getting naked and trying to be sexy. It is 10 pm where he is tonight, so I figure I’m just drinking on Jakarta time.

Thanks all! It went well, we couldn’t get the sound to work, so we just IM’ed with the video on. It was so nice just to be able to see his face and interact in real time. Didn’t get dirty, because he was paranoid “they” might be monitoring his internet usage. Now, I just have to try not to let the weepies start. I can’t help it, I miss him!

Awww! Glad it went ok. And the weepies are allowed!

(Pro tip for the future if you get to: a headset with a flexible mic. Close enough for whispers to be audible to the other person, not close enough that all you can hear is breathing:) )

we’ve sprung forward.

i’m watching you’ve got mail.  i forgot how old this movie is! tom hanks is so thin, and meg ryan’s face isn’t all plastic surgeried.  the main characters are IMing on something that looks like AOL. lulz.  it’s so awkward watching the characters type their thoughts because they’re making all these exaggerated gestures while typing.

in other news, my cat seems to still be a little constipated. >_> i know you wanted to know.

They have this stuff called Cat Lax that you can get from the vet, maybe even at the pet store. I rushed my little jerk to the vet on christmas eve one year because he was acting all weird, turned out he just needed to poop. One enema and $250 later, they sent me home with the Cat Lax to prevent future wallet draining. Works like a charm.

You Got Mail!!!!  That is my sick movie….or rather, it was my sick movie when I had VHS at my parents house.

As for AIM… it has been so long, but I still get a big ole grin on my face anytime I hear that little noise that indicates someone has instant messaged you.

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