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This Weekend OT Could Use a Drink

I don’t know what kind of week you all have been having, but this week has been a seemingly endless series of challenges here at Persephone (virtual) headquarters. I, for one, could use a strong drink and some strong beats, so here’s one of my favorite go-to songs when I need a boost of energy. I hope you all have a rockin’ weekend! Let’s party it up in the comments!

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Ugh. I have a self-described “moderate” friend (I think I’m growing to resent moderates more than conservatives – compromise is not AUTOMATICALLY better) whose basic argument is “do you have to bring up racism every time something racist happens?”

Er yes, yes I do. Because unlike myself, there are plenty of people who don’t have the luxury of ignoring racism when it suits them. Some people actually, you know, have real world consequences to this shit. You insufferable faux-superior turd. And while we’re at it, just because somebody YOU CALL YOUR FRIEND isn’t totally one hundred percent put together when she rants about white privilege, because she, as a native Trinidadian, sees British racism ALL THE FUCKING TIME, doesn’t mean that her points are any less valid, you condescending arsewipe.

You have the privilege of politeness. It doesn’t grate your nerves or get to you, because you don’t have to deal with it. Whoopee.


My sports teams are winning all the games recently. Jayhawks in the championship game, and Sporting KC has won their first four games of the season.  I will probably be crushed when the winning comes to a screeching halt, but it’s pretty awesome right now.  When you live in Kansas, it is hard to find a local team to support that actually wins every now and again, so I’m gonna enjoy it while it lasts.  (Probably about 24 hours from now……)

Whew! Back after a week’s absence – down at the new house in Florida doing some renovation and had an interview for an internship down there. I tried SO HARD not to over-think my prep work for the interview and to stay in a calm, positive state of mind leading up to the interview, but man, I can’t even tell how well it went. It was a phone interview so I couldn’t even read visual cues from the interviewers like you normally can at interviews. I really want this internship, but I just don’t know.

Also does anyone else have a Roku box hooked up to your TV? I put all these international channels and right now I’m watching a channel from Jamaica featuring a talk show with a Rastafarian having a heated (though mostly polite) debate with a Christian minister. Ah, Sunday nights at SharpestShark’s house.

Ewwwww, a phone interview just sounds awful.  Hope all goes well for you.

I have a Roku.  I use it to watch soccer, Netflix, and Hulu pretty regularly.  Might have to poke around in the internation channels if I get bored some evening, though.  Sounds like a good night to me.  :)

Does anyone have any suggestions for spermicide recommendations? Nonoxynl-9 based ones irritate me. I looked into Contragel (which is “natural” and avail only in UK and Europe, but willing to buy online). Not sure if its effective as the non/octo-9 since I cant find any trials.

Can someone come over and pick out my clothes to wear tomorrow? I had been planning on wearing a black shift dress with black and white cardigan for the last week and a half, but I don’t feel like explaining to people why my knees and shins are all bruised up (hint: they are sex bruises). I have that “first day of school” anxiety times 10 right now.

Colored tights are a great idea. Or, if it is too warm, maybe some concealer? I know it might feel silly to put it on your knees, but what the hell.

Or, failing bare knees entirely, do you have black pants? You could pair them with the cardigan and manage to wholly adapt the outfit without conceptually changing it too much.

Today I am writing the major methodology section of my master’s thesis. I’ve read the methodology books, I’ve done the work, I have it all outlined before me, ready to go, and yet-

I’m scared. Scared to write it. I don’t know what I think is going to happen, but I keep sitting here in front of the screen, filled with aimless trepidation. AUGH

Can I just say I’m super-jealous of all you North Americans who get to see Game of Thrones tonight. EEEEE. I have to wait til tomorrow, but first recap should be up on this fair site on Wednesday, so save your best fangirling for then!

/shameless plug

I’m a postasaurus today, but…

For serious, world. Why do I always have to fall so hard for straight chicks? (To be fair, the last two were like “Yeah, I’m heteroflexible. Bisexual but mostly into dudes,” and then were like “Yeah, I realized I’m not as into ladies as I thought I was.”)

And why does my town SUCK for dating?

Yet another reason to pray for the transfer to NYC… at least there’s a larger pool of potential partners there.

[not bitter, really, just… waugh. Maybe need a waaaaahmbulance?]

If you want it to be healthy, get frozen cauliflower, thaw it, and cut it into pieces the same size-ish as your macaronis. Legit, after it’s cooked, they have the same exact texture, and since it’s the frozen cauliflower, it has no taste, so you can’t even tell.

I used to do about 50/50 macaroni:caulicower ratio.

I went to a wedding in my boyfriend’s family this weekend and met loads of his cousins for the first time. Whew. They are lovely and apparently they approve of me as well:)

Also, got schooled in Indian Catholic wedding ceremonies – and I thought the Irish ones were long!

It was a hybrid Irish Catholic-Indian Catholic one, so not the whole hog, but the main difference I noticed was (a) the readings used books from the Apocrypha, and (b) they don’t just bless the rings, they bless the rings and rosaries and jewellery and the wedding sari, which the bride then had on her arm for hours. Bicep of steel!

A grand wizard used to live in a town the next county over from where I am. Now when he died most of the active KKK crap left with him (good riddance) but even now, many years later that area is still known as an active area for the KKK, despite there being little to no activity. The area can still be really racist though, which probably keeps the idea of there being Klansmen from seeming unlikely. It’s kind of a shame really, because the town is actually nice, with neat little shops and a pleasing, Norman Rockwell like aesthetic. But it has this cloud over it because of it’s past with the Klan, and some really crappy racists living there.

Yeah who knows what really goes on.  The parish over from me is pretty racist as well… actually, it’s pretty terrible there.  It’s a draw for families though because the public schools are a lot better than everywhere else around here.  Go figure.

When I first moved down here a few years ago, a woman was murdered during a KKK initiation ceremony gone wrong.  I think she wanted out after they initiated her and killed her…but I can’t remember the specific details.  All I can remember was thinking, ‘Wait? This shit is still going on?’

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