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This Weekend OT Could Use a Drink

I don’t know what kind of week you all have been having, but this week has been a seemingly endless series of challenges here at Persephone (virtual) headquarters. I, for one, could use a strong drink and some strong beats, so here’s one of my favorite go-to songs when I need a boost of energy. I hope you all have a rockin’ weekend! Let’s party it up in the comments!

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I didn’t read it, but I saw her on the Daily Show talking about it the other day. It sounds fascinating, and I might have to pick it up!

It’s funny, because I can’t stand watching political pundit shows, Rachel Maddow’s show included…but I think she is, as a person, completely and totally bamf.

I’ve actually never seen her show as I am too cheap to pay for fancy channels like MSNBC. After hearing some clips from it, however, it seems like she is fair and respectful so I may have to look and see if I can watch episodes online.

I totally agree, as a person she seems so bad-ass. She’s passionate, intelligent and funny.

So, I never had a migraine until a few months ago, and it was related to some neck muscle seizing up. I had another such one last night, and I still feel like crap this morning since the muscles haven’t yet relaxed.

I’m wondering if this is a sign of maybe me needing some sort of change?

Yeah, I used to get migraines. They are one of the worst things evar. However, I found out mine were a by-product of my birth control pill (even though they started many, many, many months after I first started taking them- they stopped when I stopped taking it…)

Best thing I found was to keep a frozen tshirt in the freezer to wrap over my head when migraines started. Made it cool and dark, which was what my brain apparently wanted.

This has been a really intense week. I have had clinical depression since I was about 16, but last year made the decision to try a medication-free life with my doctor. I had a whole bunch of stuff go down with school around a month and a half ago and have found myself on the edge of another depressive episode. So, in the interest of being proactive, I did an intake interview for the psychotherapy my school offers. Hopefully I will be seeing someone this coming week. At the same time, just admitting that I wasn’t doing ok was a hugely helpful thing.


Hugs if you want them. I know how that can be, most definitely. I tried  medication for a few months and I couldn’t get it working right for me, but I ended up having a revelation that I really could feel better without medication, and that I was capable of doing it…so I’ve been medicine and (mostly) depression free since!

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard, though. I have to constantly keep an eye on my mental health, and some days I have to fight to keep the depression away. Sometimes I feel like I’m too self-centered for it, but I know it’s what I have to do in order to keep mentally healthy.

But sometimes things happen like that…and it is absolutely okay to need to go back to some sort of treatment, whether it be therapy or medicine or whatnot. Whatever you need to do to feel good about yourself.

So many kudos to you for taking proactive steps! It isn’t always easy. I hope it helps!

Thanks so much for the kind words. And I am glad to hear that you are doing well without meds. That’s kind of my concern, I feel like life sans medication is rather great in a lot of ways and I really don’t want to go back to taking them.  For now, I’ve just done intake for psychotherapy and hopefully that works well. Also- I feel like grad school can do a fucking NUMBER on one’s mental health.

Guys! I have to share this because it’s pretty much the most exciting thing that’s happened in a while for me. The other day my novel writing professor took me aside to tell me that my manuscript was amazing and was light years ahead of everyone else in the class. (I suspected as much but holy shit does external validation feel good!) I’ve been noodling with this project for years (an idea that just won’t quit) and in the last four months or so it’s actually really starting to come together and for once I’m like, hey, maybe I can do this! This novelist thing! Eee exclamation points!


@all Thanks guys! I’m pretty excited and it’s even better because it’s genre writing that I’m doing and most profs hate genre writing (mostly I think because it’s often done very poorly) so it’s an extra boost of confidence to be getting that attention.

Uuuugh I need to do some work, but I spent the morning helping someone pack for a move. After 45 minutes, my back declared that it was Done. Capital D intended. I do plan on doing some… 5/20’s today. And after this hectic week, my apartment is a mess (from doing routine maintenance, though, probably a grand total of 1 hour of work to get it back to presentable). So that is the ultimate goal.

Hmm. I need to do some of this, what you call Unfucking. Laundry is my main issue but it’s not as simple as tossing in a load. I wish. Our washing machine has to be stopped periodically when it’s draining or else what it drains into backs up and overflows. So all of the draining has to be supervised. It is my most hated task in all of the world. And the machines are in a space that is full of stuff I irrationally hate because it all belongs to a roommate I’m not particularly fond of and tend to avoid. So just thinking of that room makes me a little bit irritated. Motivation suggestions? I have probably like 8 (!) loads to do. Blech. I’d probably rather wash walls that’s how much I loathe it.

yesterday kicked ass.  i didn’t miss my bus because the bus driver saw me running for it and STOPPED TO LET ME ON.  that never happens.

i also submitted an application for this SICK apartment — i am pretty sure i do not have bad credit so, hello new apartment in june!

now i am sitting here..slightly hungover….it’s going to be a lazy day, and i am so looking forward to it.

Yesterday one of my bus drivers saw that a bus some of us may have needed to transfer to was getting to the stop just soon enough that we’d all miss it- so she let us off on the wrong side of the intersection, so we could run for it, and then honked her horn like mad to get the other driver’s attention. The other driver pulled away just as about half a dozen of us got to it. DICK MOVE, OTHER DRIVER.

It is holidays!  I just finished first term at my new job teaching and now have a two week break to relax, unwind and prep for next term!  I love my department head, I love most of my students, and while they drive me up the wall I look forward to teaching!  YAY!  After such a shit first job that I thought I would never teach again, I am so incredibly happy that I have found something that works!

Also, I got a care package I sent myself from Canada in January (to Australia) and so now I’m eating proper shrimp sauce and just had some spicy Doritos!  I’m not very good at rationing.

I hope everyone’s weekend is rocking along!

I just want to say that every time I see your avatar, it makes me smile.

Also, yay to packages from Canada.  My brother sent me a whatapp yesterday letting me know a package will arrive by April 10th.  I’m so excited for ‘stuff’ to arrive.

I’ve finally got a place to live!!!!!

This is a huge deal. I’ve been basically homeless for the last six months, bouncing around between my boyfriend’s and various friends’ couches – but Mr. Brum and I are getting a flat together! Best news in MONTHS, seriously! Just had to share cause we can’t tell anyone we know yet.

Went out with law school friends for the first time in FOREVER tonight.  However, law school BFF brought her newest boyfriend, and I don’t think he likes me.  Probably my fault.  I kept non discreetly rolling my eyes at the infantile-ness.  But seriously.  When two 25 year olds go around sway-hugging, baby-talking, and saying things like “We Hung-ee” instead of just asking to grab food like normal people, I just feel a little pukey.  Unfortunately, this is what ALL of her relationships are like, so it’s really hard to hang out with her and a boyfriend, which I feel badly about.  One probably shouldn’t avoid ones friends.

Time for beauty advice! (Maybe? Please? I am bad at this.) I just dropped some money on Lush products because I’m bored with drugstore shampoo and facewash. So, I’m excited for that. Things I need: A new razor (I hate the slimy girly Venus one I’ve been using, so I could use a change) and deodorant (as it gets warmer, I sweat buckets regardless of how much Clinical Protection I wear). And I should probably do something with my nails, since they’re a little brittle and dry. Woo, and now it’s like you all have been witnesses to my bathroom at 7 a.m. Anyone have recommendations?

re: anti-stink – I used to use the crazy anti-persperants and always sweated up a storm. Switched to hippie deoderant (Tom’s in my case) and no probs since then.

re: razor – check out the menz razors. I love my Mach 3. Will never bother with a ladyrazor again.

I use men’s razors (Mach 3 or 4 or something). The replacement blades are always way cheaper.

And for deodorant, I’m a Certain Dri devotee. It’s seriously hardcore shit. You put it on at night (the first few times, it may itch or sting a little), and then the next day, YOU DON’T SWEAT AT ALL. Like, the driest pits you can imagine. After a week or so, you can do it every other day. The idea of it tends to give the hippie crystal devotees (I’m not judging; we’re just in two different camps re: pit sweat) the vapors, but I have never had any ill effects, aluminum doesn’t scare me (when there’s a credible scientific link, maybe I’ll reconsider), and quite frankly, I like not having pit stains. The end.

I am having a low self-esteem day. I always hate when I get het up about things on the internet, but I joined a few writing sites (RP, mostly because I’ve been running out of inspiration and these are really original, great communities) and I think I came on a little strong or something (I’m hoping I’m just paranoid). Oh well. I shall take the foot off the pedal and lay low a bit.

Tomorrow I am going to a party. I’m not sure it’s the best idea in the world (you may remember me whining a *lot* about my migraines this week) but dear lord, I need some socialisation and it’s a great group of LGBT friends who I know I can relax around and who won’t mind if I go to bed early. No alcohol (because of the migraines) but I’m looking forward to getting out of the house.

I refuse to be an invalid! Raaaar into the social breach etc.

Hopefully you have fun at the party, and your head doesn’t decide to make going difficult. Being with my friends always helps get my self esteem back up. I always enjoy reading your posts on here, so anyone with good taste ought to enjoy reading them on other sites as well.

Oooo socializing. Good for you! I hope you have fun tonite.

Also, as for the low self esteem, for what it’s worth, you are one of my fav internet people. Your article on feminism was stellar, not only do I think you are a brilliant, insightful thinker, but you are an excellent writer as well. So haters can stuff it.

So, tomorrow is the last day of the comic drawing class for 8-9 year olds that I have been teaching. A little sad, cause they were great kids, but also kind of looking forward to having my Saturday mornings back. For the last day we are just having free draw and I’m putting in My Neighbor Totoro for them to watch.

I had such a hectic week! I was supposed to go out of town this weekend, but ended up canceling. Money-wise, it would be a poor choice (just spend $600 on car repairs, and about $200 on a sudden interview-related trip. To New Jersey. Where I didn’t even have enough time to actually go into the city. SAD. Everyone seems really enthusiastic about my application, so… hopefully will be in NYC full-time soon! Fingers crossed SO HARD! I think it’s a good sign that, at the end of each interview, they tell me that they’re moving me on as opposed to being like “We’ll get back to you.”)

Also have my MegaMillions ticket ready. If I win, PMag will never have to worry about server costs again.

I’m pretty sure that, had I won the jackpot, it would literally be the least I could do. I mean, I don’t know what the server costs are, but I can’t imagine them being more than a house or a car. Or even a $1000/month shoe budget.

Yay for the weekend! I start my new job Monday and I’m so excited! I spent today getting a haircut and shopping, and now I’m too tired to go out.

I also just received this text from my boyfriend. Just go ahead and (sic) everything. “Hey baby I had about 15 beers before this flight to dubai and in fucked up but I just went to say I luv u. Bear <3 red bear"

We have this whole “bear” thing, and I love it. He’s bear, I’m red bear (because of my red hair), his house is the bear cave, when we hang out it’s bear time, our future kids are cubs, and when we rub our noses together, it’s bear kisses. It’s a little over the top, but I get fuzzy just thinking about it. Plus we keep it in check in public :)

I actually had a great Friday! A bunch of great things happened all day and then when I was walking home from the subway I passed this health food store where there is almost always a gold-colored long-haired dachshund hanging out. And today he was just chilling by the door as I walked by looking at me like, “Hey, Hattie, want to cap off this awesome Friday afternoon by petting my velvety fur while I look up at you adoringly? And then right before you get up to leave I’ll give you a sweet little kiss on your wrist and then your heart will explode into a million joyful pieces?” And I was like “YES, HEALTH STORE DOG. THAT IS A GREAT IDEA. YOU HAVE SO MANY GOOD IDEAS, DOG.”

I love dogs.

My dog had to go to the dogsitter one night this week. It’s great because when I drop her off, she’s all “ZOMG SO EXCITED! GET TO HANG OUT WITH JEN AND JEN’S DOGS!” (my dogsitter’s name is Jen). And then, when I come to pick her up, it’s all “ZOMG MOOOOOOOM MOM I HAD SO MUCH FUN AND NOW I’M SO HAPPY BECAUSE YOU’RE HEEEEEERE!!!!!!!!111one!” And then we go home and she passes out because she’s spent the past few hours being absolutely ridiculous with Jen’s dogs.

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