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This Weekend OT is Going to be Super!

It is the weekend before Super Tuesday, and you know what that means! Lots of news articles about how women can’t be trusted to make decisions about their own bodies, candidates proclaiming that we should all be living according to the Christian God’s Planâ„¢, and really, really, really rich people explaining that they really, really, really get what it means to be struggling to make ends meet. Just in case you want a preview of the bullshit to come, here’s something:

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This weekend OT is open for all threads, so get cracking in the comments. If you have trouble thinking of something to say, how about this: Super Tuesday? Maybe for some. Tell me about a time when something really awesome was supposed to happen, only to have it turn around and be supremely disappointed. My example: Orgasmic birth. Riiiiiiiight.

By Susan

I am old and wise. Perhaps more old than wise, but once you're old, you don't give a shit about details anymore.

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Yesterday I donated all my points to Helen Van Patterson-Patton ( @bender ) on her request. I did so hesitantly. My experience is, and has always been, that my every trespass – no matter how minor – somehow causes an epic shitstorm. Ta-da!

Helen Van Patterson-Patton, Super Scientist, had discovered some glitchy multiplying magic – and so, she received five times the points I’d given her, and she gave me back five times that. To the best of my knowledge, this is what happened. I do not remember the exact amounts. I recall briefly being a Zombie Vonnegut beforehand, which was awesome, but I can not say how much of that rank was based on the ill-gotten charity of others.

It seems some people believe I was doing something weird with status updates. I was not. When I notice I have posted a typo, or that my emotinomicon Cthulhu is misaligned, I’ll fix it with another update. Occasionally this leaves me with two or three status updates in quick succession. If being a perfectionist is wrong, it’s physically impossible for me to be right.

I donated some of my massive fortune to a few of the people who say things I appreciate and/or who have good looking avatars. I stopped doing this as soon as I noticed other people were mad.

I apologize for offending and/or upsetting anyone.

I defer to the judgment of @selena in dealing with my excessive point problem.

I don’t think this is a shitstorm.  I personally felt uncomfortable with it because all of the back-and-forth pointage explosions made me feel like my points for writing articles, and trying to keep up a dialogue, and making connections, were therefore worthless.  I know, they are worthless, but I guess it made them feel like they were worth less.

But it sounds like you weren’t trying for that, and so it’s no big deal.  It’ll get worked out.

So while I spent the prior weekend huddled in a ball on the couch adjusting to new meds; I got SO MUCH STUFF DONE this weekend. And yes, I am going to tell you all about it.

We are tackling a bunch of house projects, starting with the hall bathroom so on Saturday we got all of our supplies squared away along with light fixture and medicine cabinet. I scraped and sanded while the huz put down a new layer of caulk and patched gouges in the drywall on Saturday night. I also had fun with painter’s tape. My boogers may have turned aqua, but it felt so good. Yesterday I got up at 6:30am on a Sunday, had coffee, sexytimes with huz, breakfast, then got the first layer of new paint down. After that was done, I made granola and we planned paint colors for the downstairs. Acting like grownups is kind of awesome sometimes.


My sixth form college is doing a talk on gender violence this Thursday. I’m theoretically not a student again until June, but I’m totally going to show up (I still have my school e-mail account). The talk is entitled; “Why does Cambridge still need a Women’s Shelter”, which is all kinds of win – the whole talk is “Don’t be complacent just because this is one of the most liberal places in the country”, basically.

Have I mentioned that I love my school? I love them love them love them. This talk is going to be the beginning of a series of talks on rape culture and feminist consciousness as it affects domestic violence. One of the talks is exclusive to boys and will be covering the role of traditionally male groups in preventing sexual violence (in other words, sports teams can stop rape).

I love my schooooool

And I suffered my first facepalm of the day: In the Netherlands the government wants (prepared) food producers to lower the salt use drastically (Dutch people have a salt intake of three to four times what they need per day).

Girl made it about healthy versus not healthy. “People will still eat chips if they’re less salty”. Yes, but at least they won’t risk some of their organs giving out because of too much salt. I’m not putting it down here well, but ugh, people can’t think further away than they can throw themselves sometimes.

I know it’s not the weekend anymore, but I just wanted to say that I really like it here. I’m not commenting as much I do on other sites, but that’s mostly because I’m reading and digesting. Thanks editing, writing, and commenting Persephoneers. Sometimes when you are in a toxic (online) environment you can’t see just how toxic it has become until you see place like this.


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