Three Tables Your Children Need

Once you move past the cribs, high chairs and bouncy seats, it’s time for child-sized furniture to invade your home.

After a lot of play dates, and living with children of my own for nearly seven years, I’ve come up with three tables every kid “needs.” I put needs in quotation marks since that’s somewhat subjective. I mean really, kids need food and shelter, they don’t actually need specific furniture. Except that children sit more nicely in chairs that fit their body, it’s nice not to have the table where you eat coated in glitter glue, and booster seats don’t always attach well onto patio furniture. So there you go.

A Basic Table and Chairs Set

Here's a basic table from Pottery Barn

The table can be any shape, and can fit two or four chairs, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that the table fits your young child, and it is “her” space. It comes in handy for meals with siblings or friends, it comes in handy for craft projects, it comes in handy for a lot of things.

An Activity Table

This is a fancy train table from Costco. An old coffee table will work too.

“Train” tables are not just for trains. Sure train tracks will fit on these low tables, and they usually have handy drawers for storing pieces, but don’t limit it to trains. An activity table comes in handy for regular blocks, Little People pieces like the doll house and barn, and so many other things. Kids like to move around while they play, and they will wear a track in the carpet around the activity table.

A Picnic Table

The best thing about outdoor tables is that you can just hose them down!

Eating lunch outside with kids is fantastic for many reasons. There’s no floor to sweep, the hose is handy for clean up, and who doesn’t like to eat outside? A child-sized picnic table is easier than sitting on the ground (things tend to spill on an unflat surface), and pretty much anything you can do inside on a table, you can do outside on a table.

So there you have it. Once your child is walking, tables her size are good investments. She’ll play, she’ll eat, and she’ll learn, all on her level. At my house, we have a kid-sized table for activities, and a picnic table for outside. We don’t really have room for an activity table, but our coffee table works just fine.

What kind of furniture do your kids use? What did you have as a kid?

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I bought my son a small train/Lego table off of, and it was the best purchase I’ve made to date. My aunt and uncle bought my son a plastic bbq set with an attached picnic table. He now eats all of his meals there. If I try to make him eat at the table with the rest of the family he throws a fit. I don’t mind giving into these tantrums because it means he actually finishes an entire meal! Now if I could just get something flat to act as an art table I think we’d be set!


Great list!

I have a table that I dubbed the “art table.”  My husband’s grandma had it made using counter top- she wanted something easy to clean.  It has two great little drawers (for the twin boys) and strong sturdy legs.  I love this table.  It is important to have a table that chidlren can write, play play dough or do puzzles.

Good timing! We’re actually looking for a train table for Lexie’s 3rd birthday in a couple weeks. I’ve been looking online, but will have to check Sam’s Club to see if they have any sets. Lexie’s grandma got her a tiny table and chairs for her second Christmas. It’s the best; she can color on it, do puzzles, play Play-Doh. The chairs are a little low for me, but I can just kneel on the floor next to her. 

Check out the still-mostly-bald at 21 months old cuteness!

Lovely stuff. We had a little plastic table and chairs we ate dinner at and a sweet little picnic table that sadly rotted and broke.

When I went and visited my 2.5 year old cousin the other day, he was dying to have a hot drink like his Mum and Mr Cesy and I were. So Mum made him a little hot Milo and sat him down on his couch. “Coffee table!” he cried, so his mother got him his car ramp (which has a flat bit on top) and put his Milo on that. “Mmmmyy coffee table” he crowed after that and happily drank his drink and mimicked me dunking my cookie in my drink. It was so funny to watch, he was so happy to be like the adults.

Little kids are hilarious when they’re trying to be grown-ups. When I’m babysitting I usually bring my nail polish, so there was a herd of 5-8 year olds roaming the tri-state area with fluorescent pink nail polish for a bit.

Also…Milo = the best.

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