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Wake up, Wake Up, It’s T-Shirt Open Thread

Yesterday it was 32 degrees and today and tomorrow it’s supposed to be 65. Weather, you so crazy! I’m not even mad at it, though. I love the first warm days of the year, almost nothing else has the power to make me feel as optimistic and hopeful as those days. Today’s OT song is one of my favorite for expressing this very mood. Enjoy!

I hope that wherever you are, it’s T-Shirt Weather, at least in your head!

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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I am so excited. This is one of my favorite Jewish holidays. Most for the cookies. Mmmmmmm I only have one hamantaschen left but that’s okay because I’m going to a place to hear the Megillah reading and they will have plenty!

The downside of today is that I maybe got 3-4 hours sleep. MAYBE. It was almost impossible falling asleep last night and the night before I kept waking up. I haven’t had a good nights sleep in week; I was told by a friend to take melatonin but I think it made it worse – I took it last night and the night before and it helped NADA.


I’m not a lovey-dovey person, nor am I very sentimental, but damn if the articles about the lesbian and gay marriages from aren’t making me all verklempt. Especially the two women in this particular article:

They look SO FREAKING HAPPY! They are brimming over with joy that they are marrying each other! They are about to burst right off the page with glee! How anyone could want to deny people the chance to be this happy is just beyond me.

Darn it all, QoB, for introducing me to this website. My eyes are all leaky now.

You know what irritates me?  I’m trying to drool over some hot celebrity and someone has to say. Omg, didn’t you know he’s gay?!1!!one!?. Excuse me.  That would be relevant had I said..”I am getting married to (Anderson Cooper, Zachary Quinto, Ricky Martin) tomorrow”.  I didn’t. I said he’s fucking hot and he is so please let me drool in peace.  Can’t a chick drool in peace? Damn.

Getting chilly here! I have my heat pump on, and the flannelette sheets on the bed.

Mr Cesy is away now making strangled cat noises in a far away city (aka he’s at the Pipe Band National Champs). Three days to myself to eat cold noodles and listen to weird podcasts loudly!

Damnit, I really want to watch that video, but my computer is trolling me! That sounds so very very amazing. I love the Dropkick Murphys. I’m not the biggest fan of the bagpipes as such, but Mr Cesy is a talented piper and it gives him such pleasure, so that’s always good. His sister asked him “When you get married, are you wearing your kilt and having bagpipes?”. The answer to both was yes much to her disgust haha. So if I married Mr Cesy, I imagine we’d be walking out to bagpipes too!

I should have checked the weather for this week before planning my meals! I made pizza dough and sauce and so, pizza (and salad!) for dinner this week …. except that involves heading my oven to 525 for an hour in preparation, and it gets SO HOT in my apartment when my oven’s going, so tonight was uncomfortably warm, and tomorrow’s going to be ridiculous.

Ha. I’m sure it will chill back off by next week.  Spring in the Midwest is nuts.

I’m stuck down in the humid heat.  Speaking of which, I am DREADING this summer.  It never got cold enough here to kill off the mosquitoes this winter.  *Sigh.  And it looks like it is going to be thunderstorming everyday for the next week…the week that I’m scheduled off.  So much for getting some sun.

Beautiful, but windy, here in the Chicagoland area as well. The wind provided some nice resistance training during my run tonight, so I guess not all bad.

In other news, I think I’m in a toxic friendship and I need to cut ties, but I’m not sure how to. She’s very negative, constantly complaining, and gets upset when I spend time with other people. As some of you might know, boy is in Asia on a business trip right now. I haven’t seen him since I dropped him off at the airport Saturday, and I won’t see him again for another two weeks. Obviously, I miss him, but I’m trying not to dwell on it or constantly complain about it. So anyways, today she asked me how I’m doing, and I replied by saying, “okay, just kind of missing Joe,” to which she replied, “Well at least you have a boyfriend” in a really snide tone. I don’t know if I’m over-reacting or just being extra-sensitive, but it really bothered me. Why ask me how I’m doing if your just going to be snide in response?It’s kind of like the straw that broke the camel’s back. Anyone been in a similar situation?

I’ve had lots of toxic friendships that I’ve had to cut ties with. Unfortunately they usually ended in a blow out but I think if you gradually decrease the amount of time you spend with her, things will kind of fizzle on their own. Do you hang out often? Who initiates get togethers?

I’ve been pulling back a bit more lately. Honestly, I don’t have a lot of time for socializing between work, school, training, and Joe. I do try to make an effort, but she rejects a lot of my ideas. I’ve also tried to get her to hang out with my other friends and I, but she doesn’t like being around new people and won’t talk much, and then she’ll just complain about it later. I think further reducing contact is probably the way to go.

My first instinct is to be snide.  My second instinct is much kinder and to say “Yes I know, I am so fortunate to have Joe.”


I would just let it go easily, and quietly. She seems miserable and keen on making everyone else miserable.  Those people you leave to be miserable by themselves if they insist on making you miserable too.

That’s rather rude, and not particularly helpful. The phrase itself isn’t what’s awful, I’d guess that if she said it differently/a little more positively than snarkily it would have been a less bitchy thing to do. Negative people add negative energy to your life, and your aura doesn’t need muddling. Or something less new-agey, if you prefer.

So, let’s all be besties with you instead. Personally, I require only matching outfits and that you eat my cupcakes.

It’s really hard to be friends with someone who feels so bad in themselves they are jealous of other people’s lives, which is generally the case when you have friends like this. I have one who I’m pretty sure is jealous of my relationship, so she likes to rub in my face how much money she makes, knowing I make jack all. It’s becoming harder and harder to keep talking to her when everything is negative or snide.

So no advice, only sympathy for the situation. I’m lucky that my friend is in Melbourne, so a bit easier to cut ties.

Guys, I cleaned my apartment this past weekend and tonight I cleaned my bathroom (aka the Litterbox Room aka the Room Where Lola Cat Pees on the floor). It was disgusting but now that it’s done, my apartment is the cleanest it’s been in months. Wooooo! Now if I could just take that productivity and turn it into working out and/or catching up on writing, that would be great.

Can we have an estimated time of departure for the pig advert? Honestly, it’s really jarring. I understand that it is meant to be, but yeesh. I volunteered with HSI and now I think I need to contact them about their choices with advertisements. Shock value only works the first time. Before long, you get annoyed with the person throwing the poor pig’s picture in your face. Worse, you grow desensitized.

I agree completely. The pig ad is making me want to completely unplug entirely. I followed a link in the “happy place” article and the pig was there too! I use Firefox & noscript but allow ads. For. Persephone. But since I now have editorial permission I will be blocking till April. Too bad it doesn’t block on my phone.

That’s about the exact opposite of the weather we’ve been having here in ye olde western Kansas.  75 and gorgeous yesterday, cold and horrible today.  Windy both days, because it can’t not be windy in western Kansas.  Ugh.

Did I get to go out and enjoy the 75 degree weather yesterday?  No.  I had to sit inside at my job all day and then four extra hours for parent-teacher conferences.  Bleh.

Hooray for it being warm out! NGL, I am super excited for summer. We are supposed to have two more cold days, and then a week of 50’s.

Speaking of 50’s, I also feel a need to point out that I have a new favorite Rom Com: “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” I had never seen it before, but needed something to watch while I did my nails. ZOMG so fun. So many ridiculous one-liners.

T-shirt weather! It was windy enough today that I still wore a hoody over my t-shirt, but no coat! And when I got in the car, instead of freezing my butt off and having to turn on the seat heater, it was toasty warm. I rolled down the window and sang 90s songs really loudly (and obnoxiously off key, probably). And I got to take a nice long walk with Lexie this morning to visit the geese that hang out in the pond a few blocks away, went pretend fishing with her, and saw the first flowers of spring. She picked one and brought it home for grandma.


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