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This season is almost over, only a few Chihayafuru and Last Exile episodes left. Although, I finally was able to find what was coming for spring and I found a few interesting shows. I might not watch all of them, but who knows, some might be good enough to last until the summer or even the fall season.

Chihayafuru, Episode 21

The first few seconds made wonder whether or not Chihaya did well in her exams, and her teacher fulfilled my dream when she actually screamed the result to everybody at some point: Chihaya didn’t fail any”¦ this time. Anyhow, that’s not the subject of this episode.

The gang discovering Taichi's secret
The gang discovering Taichi's secret

Let’s talk karuta, but first let me say that Taichi is scary, really scary. The guy can “read” randomly the one hundred poems without reading the cards. All from memory! Never saying the same card twice”¦

Second, Sudo is as sadistic as ever and Chihaya made a bet with him: first one to lose a match in the qualifier shaves his/her head. This deserves a well-placed facepalm. Although, apparently good karuta players get scholarships, and Sudo just got one for a really good University. Nishida gets selected to play against him in the tournament, too, and loses. I guess we will see Chihaya with a shaved head before the end of the show. Could be funny.

As for her, Chihaya is facing a little girl, who most think will replace the present Queen. She’s super cute, so you already know Chihaya is going to like her. Like the last time Chihaya fought an opponent, she learns something and makes a new friend. This time, she finally understands what it means not to use her speed. Also, at some point, I had the impression she was going to lose just to not make the little girl cry. Anyhow, after the match they become good friends.

The episode ended with Taichi sending a texto to Arata about Chihaya making it through the first round full of rivalry. He’s so using Karuta as a way to fight over Chihaya’s heart.

Last Exile, Episode 18

Dialogue-heavy episode where we see that making peace isn’t as simple as saying: Stop fighting.

At the beginning we have Sara having a fit, because Vasant and Luscinia don’t see eye to eye. She’s not a good Empress, still too much a child and living in a rose-colored world. That meeting is followed by a ball where we can see Giselle, Fam and Tatiana wearing make-up and dresses. Tatiana doesn’t seem to have that much fun though and we actually don’t see her or Dio in the ending scene, either. I suspect she decided the place was going to turn to hell soon enough and there was no reason to stay around for long. We also have Sadri dancing with Fam, who’s not a good dancer. He keeps asking her questions about her parents. I think we can be sure he’s her grandfather now.

Later, we see Turanians who want Millia to kill her sister to become the new ruler of Turan, but that kind of blows up in their face when Alauda shows up. We then learn a lot about Luscinia’s plan and why he’s doing things. From what I have seen in the show, the guy is totally doing a self-made prophecy. Basically, he’s saying that humans will always want revenge, that they are greedy and that here isn’t enough space for everyone on Earth, so it will die again. Except that the only lands that aren’t fertile like they used to be all belong to Ades, all the hate in the world is currently directed against him, because the Ades Federation is killing repatriates left and right. In other words, he’s making sure the planet isn’t going to be able to sustain life by sucking it dry for his preemptive war against destroying the planet”¦ Hopefully somebody will explain that part to him, before ending his miserable existence. Although, after this episode I have the feeling he’s not going to die.

The last scene was a rehash of the Grand Race, except this time it’s Liliana who takes the bullet. Shot by Dian, too. Go, go Dian! There is one thing a bit strange in that scene though, there’s was no sign of Dio, but we saw everybody else: Sky Pirates, all the remaining Generals, Silvius Crew, etc. My bet, because there was no preview, is that Fam/Giselle escape to the Silvius with Millia. And with Liliana’s death, Millia becomes the new Turan’s key and she get a funky vision. Hopefully, Alvis gives her a course on Exile key 101 soon. There are only three episodes left, not much for another twist in the story”¦

Spring Anime

These are the anime I singled out for spring:

Ozuma : From the “Grand daddy” of space opera anime himself: Leiji Matsumoto (Is there people who doesn’t know Captain Harlock?). It’s apparently only six episodes and the script was written in the ’80s. I’m not missing this one.

Eureka Seven AO: Sequel to Eureka Seven. A show that I enjoyed, but not necessary loved that much. It’s a mecha and will probably have a weird plot though. There’s big giant robots that use surf board to fly too. Not sure what the story is about, but apparently the manga has “plot.” I like show with a plot, so I’m going to give this one a try.

Jormungand: I love Vikings, unfortunately this show have nothing to do with them despite the name. It’s a manga adaptation and most people expect it to be toned down for the TV. Main characters are a woman who runs a weapon dealing business and a young teenager who doesn’t like weapons but ends up working for her.

Tsuritama: The description talks of fishing, aliens and saving the world. It’s labeled as sci-fi as well, so I guess the alien part don’t mean “I’m from another country.” Could be interesting. Although, the main character is apparently an introvert who can’t make friends. I think Japanese anime makers need to randomize their tropes for anime, some have been a bit overused lately.

Accel World: Light novel adaptation by Sunrise. I expect a solid start followed by a crash and burn or major epicness. It’s really hard to say with Sunrise, especially when they are adapting something. The main characters are a fat boy and the prettiest girl in the school. I’m not sure what to think of this, but the light novel seems to have a lot of fans. It might be worth watching.

Fate/Zero: Part two. Nothing to say more here, except that I can’t wait for more Velvet and Saber.

Now I just need more time to watch all of those.

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