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 Another week, another review, We are coming really close to the end of Chihayafuru and Last Exile. Looks like Chihaya will go with the slow ending with nothing specia,l while Last Exile is entering the “totally crazy” area.

Chihayafuru ep 22

Yamamoto Yumi-san. Repeat this about ten times and you’ll get how this episode starts.

Yamamoto Yumi-san
I'm facing Yamamoto Yumi-san next!

She’s the former Queen and Chihaya picked her as her opponent for round two of the qualifier. Poor Chihaya. So the episode gets us into the mind of Yumi-san. It find it interesting that this show doesn’t spend all its time in the main characters’ heads, but shows us other perspectives as well. Of course the episode isn’t all spent on Chihaya’s match. We also get to see Nishida’s mental breakdown after losing to Sudo last episode. Not pretty. Nishida, Deskomy and Oe-chan also have a small problem. Yumi-san is part of their karuta club and their sensei wants them to cheer for her over Chihaya. The guy doesn’t like Chihaya’s club much. We also get a bit of Oe-Chan here and seems like she found her calling: becoming a karuta reader! Apparently, they have ranking and exams. Karuta is a crazy sport.

Now to the match. Chihaya is on a roll, until her mind breaks down, because her opponent is a freaking cheater, contesting all the cards she can. What a pathetic player. She only won by four cards as well, no wonder she go face-rolled by the new Queen. Now, this show has three episodes left, not sure what they will be about now that Chihaya lost her last match.

Last Exile ep 19

Luscinia is so full of himself and a total bigot. He thinks that he can make peace in the world, but in reality he just wants to kill all the returnees. I guess he makes a good villain. Fam actually calls him on his BS at some point. Go Fam!

Poor Millia, she’s all sad that her sister is dead. She also now knows that humans are idiots who will prefer to kill each other over peace. Dian had some remorse about killing the Witch, she feels no happiness. She’s not dead yet, not sure why Luscinia didn’t kill her. Finally, Giselle once again proves that she’s among the most intelligent characters in this show! Indeed, Luscinia knew that the truce wasn’t going to last… he doesn’t give a damn about annihilating his entire army, as this episode shows.

First, Luscinia tells his 1st and 2nd fleet to leave, while Alauda sends an army of “fake guild guys” to kill the Silvius’s crew. Oh and I don’t think Sara likes him anymore, killing Vasant under her eyes probably broke any trust she had in the guy. Dio also takes down Alauda (yeah!).

Although, poor Sara, she’s just a McGuffin for Luscinia’s plan. He probably never cared about her, besides her being the Ades’  Exile Key. That ship has major firepower too. Firepower that Luscinia decided to use to destroy all the other fleets, including his own allied ones. Only a couple of ships from the 1st fleet remain and I wonder how long Sadri will follow him around now. He’s the only General left beside Orang. Yep, Kaivan died this episode as well. That means three important characters were killed in a single episode, but the real “miracle” of this episode is Fam realizing that her dream of peace are just that. Took her 19 episodes, about time!

Next episode: Millia become the “Captain” of the Silvius along with the uniform. Tatiana and Alister fly their vanships in combat (oh yeah!) and Luscinia just waits for somebody to kill him (might be wishful thinking on my part). The Anatoray-Disith army might show up as well, but I think they will only appear in the last episode when everything is over.

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