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So the winter anime is coming to an end. Last Exile only has one episode left and I think Chihayafuru has two remaining. Although, this week saw the first episode of Ozma.

Ozma, Episode 1

Available on Crunchyroll.

Sand speeder
I want one!

Some random comments:
The opening song is in Engrish and I didn’t expect that one.
There’s a lot of sand and Ozma stands for BIG sand whale. Kind of similar to Dune’s sandworm, I guess.
The show is like Dune meets Last Exile, so”¦ Although, that might be because Last Exile is the last series that had this type of setup.
I already love the Captain of the “good” guys: a woman who reads tarot cards!
The plot is easy to read though, but it’s just six episodes so that’s not surprising. Oh, and having the Captain of the “bad” guy wearing a mask is a dead giveaway (somebody is channeling Char, yet this is not a Sunrise production).

This was an introduction episode, all the characters seems to fit into molds. ’80s molds actually, which brings back some memories, especially with the design. A weird mix of vintage anime and more recent stuff, but I like the painted stuff.

Chihayafuru, Episode 23

Well, Chihaya didn’t take losing really well this time and Sudo really wants her to shave her head. Taichi, Nishima and Deskomy propose to shave their heads in exchange, but Chihaya’s sensei makes a new proposal: if he beats Sudo, Chihaya doesn’t have to shave her head… guess who wins? Chihaya’s hair is saved.

This episode has a lot of head-Taichi too, I especially liked the “Hopelessly in love” bit and Oe-chan realizing that he has feeling for Chihaya. Although, the use of “nincompoops” was totally hilarious. Somebody also asks Chihaya out. Taichi is not happy, but hides it well. We also get head-Arata, he lost in the 4th round because he lacked stamina. So he wants to train more, but there’s nobody at his club at his level.

The episode ends with everybody at a Christmas party and only Chihaya enjoying herself. This was a relatively funny episode, too bad that there won’t be a second season. I might have to pick up the manga now.

Last Exile, Episode 20

So Luscinia lays out his “Peace” plant to all: Surrender or Die. He’s using the doomsday weapon, Grand Exile,  to achieve his plan and Sara’s name too, but she’s crying and doesn’t want it to end this way. I guess he’s not going to keep his job for very long now. Al has lots of conversation with Sara through their minds or something. It’s not really explained, but it shows that she doesn’t agree.

Tatiana's red vanship
I love the resigned look of Alis and Tatiana...

We get lots of big ships shooting at each other too, and Anatoray’s fleet shows up with that Silvana! I knew that Tatiana was going to say that Sophia was late. Speaking of Tatiana, she let Millia take the captaincy of the Silvius while she and Alis take care of the vanship’s squadrons. Dio is her XO too and he suggests that Alis and Tatiana pretty much decided to go in a vanship just because they wanted to have fun. We seem had season one reminder when Alis said they haven’t flown like that since forever and Tatiana told her to stay focused. Sadri is not to happy to see the Anatoray’s fleet though…

So a bunch of Sky Pirates and all the Silvius vanships enter the Grand Exile, while the Silvius crash inside of it. Fam/Gisey and Dian/Al are meant to search for and rescue Sara. Although, I’m not sure why exactly they needed Al here if Gisey recognized the design as being the same as Luscinia’s flag-ship. I guess it might just be to make Dian nicer or something. Speaking of Dian, she doesn’t love herself right now and Millia hasn’t forgiven her for killing her sister yet. Dian was teamed up with Al by Millia. Strangely, Dian and her friend were keep in a cell aboard the Silvius. Not sure when that happened”¦ just like I don’t understand why Sorush is back, why didn’t he stay dead?

The Grand Exile is falling apart too, which mean I’m not how Luscinia expected to keep the “peace.” The Silvana also succeed in entering it by using armor-piercing shells and the Urbanus follow it. Which mean there are three battleships inside of it with enough firepower to tear it apart. Speaking of the Silvana, Sophia is probably the only ruler here who doesn’t mind taking the front line and doesn’t hide behind others. Oh and I love the new look, she looks her age for once.

The episode ends with Fam finding Luscinia and Sara. Not sure what the last episode is going to be about, but they need time to both wrap up the story and show the Grand Race.

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