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We’re a Community Again!

This time next week, y’all will be reading my Community recap. That’s right, Community’s back! After leaving us off with that awesomesauce Christmas episode, the NBC overlords had been keeping Community’s small but devoted fanbase waiting for news as to when the “indefinite hiatus” would end.  But the wait is over! In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the trailer for the second part of the season:

I’m happy to see that everyone’s favorite human, John Goodman, will be back to do justice to his delightfully evil Air Conditioning Repair School Dean character, and it seems like there’s going to be an epic pillow fight of some kind. And the gang is once again promising to be more normal, which we all know is a promise they can’t keep.

Anyway I can’t wait to go back to seeing Joel McHale on my television two nights a week instead of just one, and I very much look forward to picking apart each episode for callbacks and pop-culture references. My inner nerd has been starving for such things since last year.

So, until next week, here are a few fun links to tide you over:

Check out the adorable animated show “Abed’s Master Key“

Look, NBC did an actual promo of Community. About friggin’ time!

Here’s the Community credits done in the style of 30 Rock!

“¦and in the style of Arrested Development. (RIP, my friend.)

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“Maybe it’s the universe’s way of molding us into some kind of super group!”
Jeff’s Epic Speech alone makes me really excited about Community coming back next Thursday (still haven’t figured out embedding, so I just listed that link above this post).


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