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What I Watched Last Night: Commercials

If my house is a mess, IKEA will not rest.

My television and computer must work together, Xfinity makes them act like brothers.

I need to search new ways with Bing. The fluidity makes my heart sing.

To access prescriptions from the mountain top, Walgreens is the best stop.

The forests are depleted, I must plant a tree, while eating pancakes at IHOP with the Lorax and me.

If lonely and depressed, get a Suburu for love that lasts.

Bored at work and want to play games, PSVita is its name. Caution, productivity goes down. Quite a shame.

Tummy upset? Take a TUMS for relief, freshen your breath if you let.

Planning a vacation? Don’t call the negotiator. He died in Priceline’s fiery creation.

They should charge more, but the economy sucks. But with Domino’s you’re in luck.

Only Maine lobster is the best. Red Lobster forgets about the Northwest.

Curious about your ancestor? helps you discover your mother’s mother.

Everyone needs insurance that cares and does what it states. Which is why we all should choose Allstate.

Retirement with TDAmeritrade, helps keep your common sense paid.

Fiberchoice, my body’s defender, keeps me healthy after that weekend bender.

Canada Dry yells down with the fakes. Real ginger, real taste is all it takes.

There can only be one when the game is done. The Prius owners are the ones who won.

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10 replies on “What I Watched Last Night: Commercials”

There was not enough Death of Rats for my tastes and too much time spent on the wizards. LOVED Susan though. Pokers for life. “Don’t get scared. Get angry.”

Going Postal was pretty good, they left out some bits that I thought were really great in the book, so I was slightly disappointed. Adora Bell was well done though. Properly dom-y.

I really want them to do Thief of Time. More Susan badassery.

I like Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg a BUNCH, but for some reason I can’t stand Magrat, so things involving her (or other characters like her) make me go “meh.”

The wizards, though, are not my favorites. Rincewind is actually my least favorite.

I think most of this is because, for me, in comparison to the Watch, the other character groups pale in comparison!

Although I do have an undying (heh) love for Death.

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