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What I Watched Last Night: Friday Night Lights

What I watched last night is what I’ve been watching nearly every night for the past month, Friday Night Lights on Netflix.I don’t know what I was doing on Friday nights in 2006, but somehow I didn’t get sucked into the show then. It’s just as well, really. I’ve discovered I much prefer television when I can burn through several episodes in one sitting, with no commercials or interruptions.

So, Friday Night Lights. What sucked me in? I’m a sucker for all things high school. I don’t know what that says about my nearly 39 year old self, but it’s true. I’m also a sucker for dramas with large cast ensembles (see my two seasons’ worth of well-documented Parenthood recaps). I’m also a sucker for relationships like Coach Taylor and his wife, and for young love like Matt and Julie’s. It’s sappy. It’s not real life, but I love it.

So now that I’ve watched the season finale (there’s a big win! and a big move! and an engagement! It’s very 2011, I know) and that Texas sun has set, what should I watch next on Netflix? I need a good drama that’s got a few seasons to its name, lots of characters, and some romance. I’ve already exhausted all Downton Abbey episodes, as well as Madmen. What else is out there?

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I just started Season 2 of Friday Night Lights! I had never seen it before but I had heard good things about it so when I saw it on Netflix I said “What the hell, why not?” I can’t say that it sucked me in so much that I was oblivious to everything else around me (Grey’s Anatomy did that when I came upon all 7 seasons on Hulu) but it has still been entertaining.

Although I’m really freaked out by what just happened with Tyra and Landry in the first episode of this season…. so I guess I need to stop blathering on here and just CONTINUE WATCHING ALREADY! As for other suggestions, I’ll second Breaking Bad. Oh, and Shameless (the British version) just came out on Netflix and it is hysterical! I’ve only seen the first season but a friend of mine told me the rest of the seasons were really, really great. I’d suggest watching it with subtitles if you’re American (I am) because their accents were pretty difficult for me to discern. But that in no way detracts from the show!

I keep meaning to watch this — it’s been sitting on my Netflix cue for forever. I heard nothing but fantastic things about it (and, like you, I’m a sucker for high school shows).

Breaking Bad, Dollhouse, Psych, and Torchwood are often on our instant cue. I’d like to get into Luther, Survivors, and Sherlock, all of which I’ve heard good things about and have sitting on my list to start watching. And I’ve been considering doing a Twin Peaks or X-Files rewatch.

I LOVE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! I finished my marathon about a month or so ago and I feel like a bunch of my good friends moved away. I can’t wait until I’ve forgotten enough to justify rewatching it.

I don’t think that any of my favorite dramas are on Netflix, but for dramas set in high school, I recommend Gilmore Girls, the first two seasons of The OC, and Gossip Girl. The latter two are good soap-y fun, but Gilmore Girls is the only one that compares to FNL in quality. For less light-hearted fare, I recommend The Sopranos and The Wire. If you like sci-fi, Battlestar Galactica was really good too.

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