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You Need to Go on a DU

I got the idea for a DU (destination unknown) from my husband and thus my mother-in-law. She has tons of amazing crazy ideas that I steal and utilize with my own family. A DU can be for anyone and can go anywhere. The first time I heard of it my husband said, “Let’s go.” Where? “A DU.” We ended up driving to a favorite spot and going for a quiet walk. The first one we pulled on our unsuspecting son was a trip to the wildlife refuge near our home.

On the most recent DU, one of my favorites even though I didn’t get to go, my husband took our son to a Sounders FC soccer game on Saint Patrick’s Day. Our son figured it out as he was walking out the door. “Hey you have Sounder’s stuff on and I have Sounder’s stuff on.” The kid is observant, I can’t pull one over on him very easily. I had convinced him to wear the shirt by telling him he needed to wear a clean shirt but still have green on. Hubby should have kept up the story.

The nice thing about a DU–it doesn’t need a lot of planning. You could just load up in the car and go somewhere. OR even walk somewhere. If you want to go on an outing that requires gear (beach, driving range, picnic), load the stuff up before getting the rest of the traveling crew. I suggest covering said gear with a blanket. One DU to the driving range was discovered because previously mentioned observant child looked in the back of the car. It would have worked if we had a closed off trunk.

You can also change the destination without unsuspecting members being made aware of it. Only the driver needs to know where the DU will end. One time we were going to a local State park and found out that a parking fee had been implemented. Since we were cashless, our DU ended up somewhere else. I think we did ice cream that time. The family still had an enjoyable outing.

A DU can serve a purpose or none at all. How many of you have taken someone out for a surprise and said, “You’ll know when we get there,” or, “it’s a secret.” Now you just say, “It’s a DU.” Fewer syllables makes the phrase easier to say. One DU happened because the family was in the car and I got a brilliant idea. Before heading home I announced we were going for a DU. I took the kids to a favorite park by our old house.

By using the designation DU, passengers cannot ask questions. They are left to use their skills of observation and conversation to figure out where the DU is. If your mom calls while you are out on a DU, just tell her, “We are on a DU. Call you when we get there.” My mom tries to get more information from me, but you have to play dumb. Don’t give any hints that may be overheard by observant members of the outing. You don’t want to ruin the fun.

Several ideas for a DU:

  1. BeachSunrise On Flip-Flops At The Beach
  2. Zoo
  3. Movies
  4. Museum
  5. Park
  6. Hike
  7. Sledding
  8. Golfing
  9. Friend’s house
  10. Swimming

The destinations for a DU are endless. There is no age limit for a DU. It can be anything that you, your friends, or family enjoy.

Go ahead, go on a DU and have some fun. Be sure to let me know where you end up!

By Trulybst

Pursuing life to its fullest. A woman, a mom, wife, and struggling teacher who knows the importance of treating myself right.

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I LOVE DU’s.  They are so fun.  The family added   #11. Cemetery to my list.    I had to go north for a dr appointment for my daughter and took my son.  So we went on a DU to the Rainforest Cafe.  We had such a blast.  I loved watching him carry his sister around to show her all the cool things.

I love doing something like this around Ann Arbor. I might start with a place to eat a meal and then just wander and as I have my known ways of wandering, I’ll make myself walk a different route. Its a great way to end up finding new things. The last time I did it I found this funky New Age store where i bought this beautiful candle, now I just need to find someplace to buy matches so I can light it.

I’ve also ended up on DUs when I get lost as its easy in Michigan to take one wrong turn and be somewhere else entirely. I don’t always stop but I love driving around and knowing, right, once I figure out where to turn around, home is in that general direction.

My parents pulled something like this once, except they told my sister and I that we were going to shopping for toilets for our in-progress bathroom remodel. We were in elementary school at the time, and naturally were less than enthusiastic. But by the time we were on the road for more than an hour, we figured out that something else was up and quit our bitchin. Next thing we knew, we were pulling up to a waterpark in the Wisconsin Dells, and our friend’s family was waiting for us!

Ever since then, our family code word for a DU has been “toilet shopping.” When I have kids I’m totally gonna do this to them all the time.

Ah! I had a great plan to take my guy on a DU that didn’t work out! I bid on two round trip first class tickets to anywhere on the state rail line at an auction and I was out bidded! But I’ll put together another one! I really want to take him on something like this! (Read: I REALLY WANT TO BE TAKEN ON SOMETHING LIKE THIS!)

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