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April Come She Will in this Weekend OT

It’s Friday night! Everybody get in your comfy pants and join me in this OT. 

The song this OT is named for isn’t really what I’d call a chipper song, so I’m including a fun song right after it.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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i feel like such a bitch for this rant, but I really need to vent.

I am not a morning person, but I get up early to get to work early so I can have time to myself to adjust to the day.  Basically, don’t talk to me during that time before the kids come in the monring.  My teaching assistant does not get this concept.  The kids come at 8:30.  She gets here at 8.  At 8 I am still in my cranky pants stage.  I feel horrible because she comes in all cheery and happy and wants to ask about my weekend and about the baby etc. and I am always really curt with her.

But really, you’d think that after 2 years of working with me she’d get the picture THAT I DON’T WANT TO CHAT IN THE MORNING.

/end rant

Oh man, I hate chipper morning people. Have you told her to leave you be in the morning? My parents actually had a huge fight because my mom’s a morning person and my father isn’t that could have been avoided by a simple “hey, please don’t talk to me until after 8:30 am unless there’s an emergency.” Instead I get to hear a hilarious tale about their first fight. Anyway, the point of that was to say that stinks and maybe talking to her might help.

Yeah… that would be the obvious choice, but tbh, now even her “Good Morning!” is grating to me, so I’m sure that the problem is on my end.  She doesn’t say much to me in the mornings, but it seems like every little thing she does say gets on my nerves.

Basically, I know I’m a horrible person in the mornings.

As he should be. I mean really, someone as awesome as I am rarely ever stoops so low as to just sit a drool over silly little boys. :P (It’s a lie, I drool all the time. It’s fun).

Ma’a Nonu has come from the sea to take care of Sonny Bill.

SBW is widely considered a bit of a wanker in my household and Kiwi Scientist took my computer away from me and started Googling pictures of Dan Carter in his jockeys to try to find a better picture to beat Sonny Bill in this thread.  He was very emphatic about it all. Thoroughly enjoyable. He is still going on about how SBW “isn’t even good looking, I don’t understand it”.

I would beg to differ.  He is clearly good looking.

I work with SBW’s aunt so I hear a lot about him. I think he’s just a young dude who is really good at sport and has a bit of a dick for a manager to be honest. Just let him play the stupid game. Some of his press conferences are gold, the one with Ali Williams during the RWC I loooved.

Ooohh… I do like that picture…

Otherwise, yes, I have much homework that I should be doing at the moment. But I’m watching Discovery Channel survival shows on Netflix instead. I mean really, what’s more important: knowing all the ways in which projects/studies/governments have screwed up the adaptive management process for various natural resources, or knowing all the things that will keep me alive (or conversely, not kill me) should I ever get stuck in the Venezuelan jungle??

If I have to deal with my BIL anymore in the next couple days, with his sanctimonious better-than-thou attitude, I am going to throw a Fit.

Fuck you, dude. It’s not my fault you had to move in here, too. And it’s not our fault we don’t do as much work as you, because, newsflash, WE’RE NOT THE ONES WITH FIVE KIDS.

I didn’t know this was a “Make us Feel Like Freeloaders” contest. You don’t want to do that, either, because we’ll will win, Mr. 42-year-old with a gambling problem who has needed huge sums of money from your parents because you’re Too Good for a fast food job and you can’t keep your spending down. You know, despite the fact that you have a job-lacking wife and five kids to take care of between the two of you.

I love how you’re simultaneously wanting us to butt out of parenting your kids and wanting us to pitch in more to help keep everything running smoothly. Because it’s not like, you know, we’ll help whenever asked or anything. Oh, no, you have to be the hardest working motherfucker in this household, and we just have to not be helping out. Clearly. I’m so sorry. It’s not like I’m not a grad student with a crazy work ethic who refuses to accept a grade lower than an A. I must not be working hard. Oh, and Mr. Silverwane must just be lazy. That’s clearly why he hasn’t found a job in the last three months even though he’s applied all over town.

Fuuuuuck YOU.

…Sorry about this rant, I’ve been holding all this shit in for social harmony, and I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to keep it in without flipping out. Something needs to change FAST with how this fucker is acting, but the really shitty part is we can’t even just sit and talk about it.

It’s like he’s trying to drive us out of his parents’ house, even though it had been planned for the two of us to be here until Mr. Silverwane found a job, long before his dumb ass had to move in here because his parents were going into too much debt making sure they stayed afloat.

It just sucks because my living situation sucks balls, and I don’t feel like it’s my fault. I really don’t want to have to take out thousands of more dollars in loans just so I can keep my sanity, but I feel like this asshole is driving us to that. It might even be purposeful, on some level. Fucked if I know.

Heavens, the man sounds like a winner. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this, and that there are children involved, and sorry for the Mr.’s parents too. Also, I’m sure it’s purposeful of him on a certain level. He sounds like the type of complete and utter fuckup who loves nothing quite as much as seeing other people fail as well.

Here’s hoping that the Mr. will find a fantastic job, pronto!

I don’t know, there must be SOME redeeming qualities in him…he’s just making it veeeery hard to look on him charitably.

The BF and I were talking about it; over the past few years, he’s defended his brother constantly on all these things that other people are harsh on…and he’s decided he’s done defending.

Thanks for the support, I need it right now. :)

So to change moods from my last crabby post, I saw Mirror, Mirror yesterday. I enjoyed it thoughly. It is a princess story, but the plot hinges, not on her relationship to the prince and how speeshul their love for each other is, but on her finding the confidence to stand up for herself and go after the things she wants in life. Also the writing is quite clever and the visuals are charming. The only two complaints I have are that the cast is all white except for one Asian man, and the two prominent at female characters outside of Snow White apparently were named The Queen and The Baker Woman. Still I recommend the film to fans of quirky fantasy films.

Now I just want to go watch all the Big Block of Cheese Day episodes!  I was chatting with a friend the other day and turns out we both learned about the inequities of the current mapping systems from that episode with Cartographers for Social Justice! Bless.

I’m about to start a political lobby demanding that we throw all of our resources behind the eradication of UTIs. Who’s with me?

Got all excited about the prospect of sexytimes, and forgot how often it ends in TERRIBLE PAIN. Blast.

As someone who used to be a chronic sufferer, I always feel it is my duty to respond to UTI posts.  If you have recurrent or chronic UTIs, see your doctor and make sure you don’t have interstitial Cystitis.  I spent so long guzzling cranberry juice and popping cranberry pills all for naught and ended up doing more damage to my bladder and needed surgery.  Surgery, while painful briefly after the fact, has left me mostly pain free for about four years  now.  Seriously, changed my life.

I think chronic UTIs is considered more than about 3 per year.  It turns out, I wasn’t having recurring UTIs, I had interstitial cystitis and my symptoms would just go away for awhile (leading me to believe, incorrectly, that I had cured a UTI).

The urologist told me I was going to have to give up spicy food, caffeine and alcohol.  I nearly fell on the floor laughing and explained that if he added nicotine and bread to that list he was pretty much rounding out my entire diet.  Luckily, I have discovered the hard way that I’m lucky, but it’s lemon or insanely spicy food that does me in.  No Greek food for me, but I’m ok with that since nothing else seems to aggravate it.

Macrobid is the antibiotic mostly given out for UTIs and it seems to work.  Also, there is the best pain reliever on this planet that you will treat like it is priceless artwork.  It’s called Phenazo.  It is no longer available in Canada, but it is a miracle drug.  It stops the bladder from spasming or something, anyway, one pill and a large glass of water and your eyes will roll back in your head from relief of the pain.  It also turns your urine this horrific, not found in nature, neon orange.  You will not care.  I have had my last bottle for a few years and it has made every move with me, in my purse bc I know I can’t get any more of it.

Good luck!

Uristat or AZO is a similar pain reliever that’s found in the U.S., and it is a goddamned miracle (complete with neon orange/red pee). Maybe they have that in Canada, too? I ALWAYS have some in my purse, because the relief of it will bring tears to your eyes. Macrobid is pretty common, and I’m going to risk offending people here, but cranberry anything, whether juice or pills or whatever, is useless against UTIs. And absolutely have your doctor rule out anything more serious. If you’re unlucky enough to get chronic UTIs, at least knowing that’s all it is can help you an your doctor come up with a treatment plan.

AFAIK the scientific jury is still out on cranberry and UTIs – whether they’re effective at prevention+/treatment of UTIs, in which populations, what dosages, etc. I recommended it because it’s worked for me at treatment and prevention but I’m not saying it’s backed up by a lot of evidence at the moment: unless/until there is better evidence, I file it under “can’t hurt, might help”.

Thanks for the info! I’ve definitely talked to the doctor about it, but it’s definitely the sex that does it. Food doesn’t seem to make a difference! I’ll bring it up with my doctor though, since I guess I’d better find one in my current city.

The best solution was when a gyno at my university’s clinic just gave me a bottle of low-dose antibiotics and told me to pop one whenever I got busy. It was a miracle. But I get that taking antibiotics frequently is Bad, and I’ve never been able to get it from another doctor. I compensate by drinking obscene amounts of water on days when I have a date planned later, unless I’ve been an idiot and forgotten that this always happens.

Always pee after sex.  always.  always.  even if it is at the least romantic moment and will all but nullify any sense of desire for post-coital cuddling – pee.  find a spot and squat.

This was literally the only trick that worked for me as a post-sex UTI sufferer.

God Speed!

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