Etsy Betsy: Pretty Purses Edition

I’m not big on bags. But every so often, the practicality of having everything near at hand wins out and I start looking around for a purse. However, I am frequently disappointed with much of the mainstream style and practices surrounding purses, so lately, I’ve been looking to Etsy to fill this need. Without further ado, here are a few of my favorites, hand-plucked for you from among the dizzying number of stalls.

Sparrows in Bark ““ $35

100% cotton with full lining, this purse has a 10″ zippered closure and plenty of style. I love the brown strap, I love the size – you could fit everything except the kitchen sink in there – and I love the store selling it. Do yourselves a favor and don’t just look at this purse, but the entire stall, too.

Lireca’s Shop

Cream-colored purse with cherry branches and black birds
Seller: Lireca

Gray and Ecru Stripes Pleated French Messenger Bag ““ $79

The seller notes that this bag would work as a diaper bag, too, but personally, I can see carting this bag to the library on the weekend to pick up some books. I love the simplicity of the fabric, which screams Spring and Summer. But the best part of this bag might just be that it’s machine washable, which for a clumsy person like me, who is liable to drop her bag into a puddle of soda on the bus, is pretty amazing.

ikabags’s Shop

Large bag with white and gray stripes
Seller: ikabags

Black and Off-White Evening Clutch ““ $58

This seller is another one whose stall has some really excellent options. Black lace and pearl closure or not, this clutch is not so fancy that it would look out of place in a bowling alley with the right outfit. At 7-inches tall and 4.5-inches wide, it is large enough for a cellphone, a tube of chapstick, and a few plastic cards, which is really all you want to have on you when it’s time for a night on the town, in this woman’s humble opinion.

LynnieBBridal’s Shop

Cream-colored clutch with pearl enclosure and black lace
Seller: LynnieBBridal

Black-White Denim Handbag ““ $45

I can’t resist a bag with stripes and a fun shape. This large handbag is available in a number of fabrics through the stall, but this one is my personal favorite. It’s casual, but not too casual for work. It has a brown cotton liner and checks in at 16-inches wide and 14-inches deep with an 18-inch strap. I want to throw everything I own in this bag and tour Italy.

CrazyBoy’s Shop

Large bag with black and white straps
Seller: CrazyBoy

Afloat Clutch ““ $28

I’m thinking stripes are in this season, not that I pay much attention to what’s in or out. Everywhere I go, however, I’ve seen variations on this theme. And you know what? I love it. This particular clutch is 13.5-inches wide and 10.5 inches tall. It is made of faux leather and cotton, without a mint cotton lining. I would take this with me on a quick jaunt to the boardwalk, if we had boardwalks in this rained out city in which I live (don’t mind me – at this time of year, it’s hard for Seattlites to imagining anything but rain exists).

Atlas Past’s Shop

Clutch with brown stripes against cream cotton with a faux brown leather opening
Seller: Atlas Past

Ruffled Red Shoulder Bag ““ $55

Hm, yeah. I might just love everything about this bag. The ruffles are a little something different while the color adds an unmistakable bit of class. I know, I know; some might think it’s a little too red to be classy, but I don’t buy in to such notions. There isn’t any such thing as too red. What I love almost as much as the outside of this bag is its inside. It has the most deliciously practical cream-canvas lining in the world, which means I can let my gum roam free in this thing with abandon.

olivetreetextiles’s Shop

Red shoulder bag with ruffles
Seller: olivetreetextiles

Blue Lotus Collection with Apron Silk ““ $35

It’s hard even to know where to begin with this clutch. It has a Dupioni-silk lining, an antiqued brass frame, and a color palette that just makes my heart happy. It’s about 8-inches wide and 5-inches high, which means it is perfect for, well, clutching. And you know what, I would clutch this thing. Right to my bosom. Where I would never let it go.

FiazCo’s Shop

Small clutch with the image of a lotus in green, light blue, and yellow
Seller: FiazCo


Well, and what do you think of these treasures? If you have a few of your own to share, feel free to do so in the comments!

***Michelle Miller has received no compensation whatsoever to post or publicize these Etsy items***

By Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller is a twenty-something blogger, cook, freelance writer and editor living in Seattle, Washington. She’s a feminist trying ever-so-hard to embrace her spaces, conventional or not. She looks forward to numerous bad hair days, burnt cremes, a soapbox or two, and maybe (just maybe) a yellow polka-dot bikini in the years ahead.

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Boo-urns!  I try to limit myself to one new purse each year, and I just bought this year’s!  (I do love it though).

I should have read this post first, maybe I’ll break my rule and buy the French messenger bag anyway.  I’m in love.

Also, I really need to get back into sewing and get myself on Etsy.

Regretsy is one of my favorite sites of all time, but you’re right; sometimes it can obscure the actual artists out there who do great work and sell on it.

That said, you would not believe what I wade through to make these articles! I should start my own version of regretsy.

Hmm I never considered looking on Etsy either, which is sorta ridiculous because apparently Etsy has everything. Well, when my bag finally falls apart, I know where to look because these are all really nice.

My bag is supposed to be heavy duty canvas made for outdoorsy types and I’ve already worn holes in the outer layer of material. I’ve had it 2 years.

Hey, safety pins are really in right now. :)

I think that’s what I love about Etsy purses, though (I own one or two). If you go to the good sellers, they have stitched those things up for true. I find they’re a great deal better made than their counterparts in the same price point at department stores.


I am in dire need of a new handbag (there’s only so much sharpies and duct tape can resolve) but hate shopping with a passion.  You are my savior of time, money, and sanity.  The black sackcloth version of the denim handbag WILL BE MINE.  Thank you!!

You would be amazed how far and wide these sellers are located, so I’m afraid you would probably have little difficulty finding someone who could ship to you. I recently bough a scarf from the UK and a scarf from Greece, a necklace from Turkey (at least, I think it was Turkey), and a hairpin from Canada.

So what this really reveals to you is that I shop too much on Etsy. And you would be right.

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