Etsy Betsy: Vintage Toy Edition

My husband turned 30 last week, and all of this mile-stoning has gotten me thinking about the toys we played with as children, and all of that reminiscing got me thinking about toys from another time entirely. eBay aside, one of the best places to find vintage toys online is Etsy. So, if you’ll forgive this nostalgic young woman, I’ve compiled a list of a few favorites for our mutual gawking.

Vintage My Little Pony ““ $4

Because bishes love My Little Pony.

Tarpan Beadworks’s Shop

Pic of Posey, a yellow vintage My Little Pony
Seller: Tarpan Beadworks


Uncle Sam’s Child’s Register Bank ““ $38

Oh man, oh man, oh man, I would have loved one of these as a kid. I had me a ton of pennies, dimes, and nickels, too. Now in all fairness, they still make versions of this, but from what I’ve seen, they are plastic. And besides, who wants a digital display to count up deposited money when a person can have this old-timey one, instead?

vintageharbor’s Shop

Black vintage coin bank toy
Seller: vintageharbor


Vintage Paper Doll Clothes ““ $12.95

My only sad feeling regarding these precious paper doll outfits is that I don’t see any menswear, which is just a shame, because I feel like children of all sexes, genders, and stylistic inclinations could get into paper dolls. I may not be all that old, but even I remember long afternoons putting together outfits and constructing outrageous scenarios in which my stylish paper dolls tok trips to magical candy stores (yes, and I still fantasize about magical candy stores).

Teresa Tudor’s Shop

Several vintage paper dolls outfits including paper doll dresses and trousers
Seller: Teresa Tudor


Vintage Donald Duck ““ $32.50

To be honest, I don’t really know what the hell this is, but it fascinates me in an I-will-probably-have-nightmares-about-this-for-weeks sort of way. I recommend giving this as a gift to someone you loathe whom you are socially obligated to give gifts for special occasions; bonus points if they normally have an appreciation for beautiful vintage items. This will piss them the hell off, but they’ll have to smile and accept it. Just like you do at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

becaruns’s Shop

Pic of beat-up vintage Donald Duck
Seller: becaruns

Lucky Metal Elephant ““ $30

Y’all, I just love this metal elephant, even if the seller warns that it may have lead in it. I don’t care: I would risk lead poisoning just to put this thing high up on a shelf where everyone can see it and the children can’t touch (or chew) on it. After that mystery Donald Duck up there, I thought I’d share this treasure with you. I can see it on bookshelves or on an end table.

happykristen’s Shop

A large metal vintage elephant toy
Seller: happykristen


Vintage Lime Green VW Bug ““ $27

Now I ask you, why don’t they make toy cars as bright and funky as this anymore? All this new-fashioned stuff has bells and whistles and slick detailing, but I say, bring back the day of the metal-chassis toy car with simple structures and flashy colors.

tessiemay’s Shop

Lime green vintage VW bug toy car
Seller: tessiemay


1930/1940 French Red Plush Dog ““ $35

Maybe it’s just because I love most things French, but this little dog speaks to my soul. First of all, it’s red; second of all, it has that whackadoodle forehead and little upturned nose. I don’t know that I could justify spending $35 on a plush toy for a future child or chibling, but gosh darn’t, I sure wish I could.

petitbrocante’s Shop

French red dog vintage plush toy
Seller: petitbrocante


Antique Children’s Toy Tea Set ““ $200

Oh yes, I realize that is way out of the price for most of us, but it is stunning, truly. I would use this for grown-up tea time, too. Maybe it’s not a toy you’d give to two-year-old Johnny or Janie, but it may be one you pass along when Johnny or Janie have kids of their own. You know, a completely impractical grandparent/friend-of-the-grandparents gift.

A Very Sweet Shop’s Shop

a vintage children's tea set with artistic detailing of birds
Seller: A Very Sweet Shop


So what do you think of these selections? Any pangs of desire or nostalgic chords struck?


***Michelle Miller has received no compensation whatsoever to post or publicize these Etsy items***


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22 replies on “Etsy Betsy: Vintage Toy Edition”

There’s this shop in Spokane called Time Bomb that seems to have basically every toy from the 70s and 80s, plus records, plus a whole bunch of other stuff, PLUS original Nintendo games. It’s awesome. My kids were hard to drag out of there, but what’s funny is that they’ve been playing with some of the same toys because they were stashed away in my mom’s basement from when my brother and I were kids.

I think my My Little Ponies were too beat to hell for anyone to want though!

I partially financed my move to NYC after college by selling all my old My Little Pony stuff on eBay. I made several hundred dollars; it was ridiculous. And that was back in 2000; I hate to imagine what they’d be worth today since they seem to have become really popular again.

Omg, why did I not even think of Care Bears.

I have regrets now.

I really haven’t seen much in the way of paper dolls in the toy stores. I went to buy some for my niece and nephew once and could not find the darned things at Toys ‘R’ Us. Might be that the vintage way is the only way. o_o

In fourth grade, my teacher inherited an old dollhouse from her grandmother and brought it into the classroom… there was a tiny 1920 Sears & Roebuck catalog in it, and that old style phone on the wall with the hand crank. We used to love playing with it at lunch and recess and looking through that tiny catalog at the mail-order cars (only $480!). It was so much fun!

They are all so cool. I remember I had an old Winnie the Pooh when I was a little kid. He looked nothing like any Winnie the Pooh I have ever seen, but you still instinctively knew it was him. I’ve always wondered about that.


Mr. Michelle Miller and I were fortunate enough to receive a bunch of his toys as a child, many of which actually came from his parents and their parents, too, which I have loved seeing my chiblings use. We have this mysterious metal duck (probably lead, tbh), wooden blocks, and some sort of proto-action figure with wild hair.

Old toys: they’re just more awesome.


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