EuroVision Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Welcome back to the next installment of Eurovision contestants! This week we’re seeing just how unbreakable Switzerland can be.

7. Switzerland: Sinplus “Unbreakable”

The entire time I was listening to this song, all I could think of is how much U2 has influenced music. The intro in particular felt like post-“Joshua Tree” U2, and watching the video only added to the effect. And while I do enjoy them, I have been getting tired of that genre of music, so I was a little disappointed in Switzerland’s choice. Plus, the theme of the song is just way too cheesy. Really? The unbreakable dream? I get that this is a song contest, but come on. It’s way over done and not nearly as satisfying.

8. Belgium: Iris “Would You?”

I think this song is pretty in that “why am I not curled up in a coffee shop with a good book and nice cup of tea” way. I’m not sure if that will make sense to anyone else, so let me try to rephrase. It has good musicality and her voice is pretty, but I would never pay to listen to it. I would enjoy it only as background music while reading a good book in a comfy chair. I do enjoy the more melodic lyrics, but I really don’t like how brash her voice becomes when she holds notes.

9. Finland: Parnilla Karlsson “När Jag Blundar”

Without looking up the lyrics, this song really vibes well for me. I love her voice and the cello is just beautiful. When I listen to this song, I find myself wanting to just close my eyes and ride the melody as far as it will take me. And yes, I realize that sounds way overdramatic, but this song is more ethereal than most, and I find it rather soothing. After reading the translation of the lyrics, I still enjoy the song which is nice. But I have a hard time really appreciating the translated version. I wish I knew more languages, so I could understand it as she sings it.

10. Israel: Izabo “Time”

Ah Izabo, you crack me up. I really enjoy this song. It’s a nice blend of ridiculousness. I don’t even know what was going on when this video was made. But I’m really glad I no longer fear clowns, or I might have been a little more freaked out than amused. As it is, I enjoyed the instrumentation offset by his lyrics.

11. San Marino : Valentina Monetta “The Social Network Song”

This song makes me cringe. I really wish autotuning wasn’t as fashionable in the music industry. It’s the same as airbrushing all of the imperfections out of models’ photos. It takes out the true character and imposes a cold, false persona. But besides my distaste for autotune, I also really dislike the subject matter: social networking. I can’t tell if she made an earnest song about social media or an ironic commentary on how people spend more time online than with each other these days. If it’s the former, I dislike it, but if it were the latter, I’d enjoy it more. However, I don’t have enough evidence either way in the lyrics themselves to decide.

12. Cyprus: Ivi Adamou “La La Love”

I really want to like this song. I enjoy the club beat, the lyrics, the video, and her voice, so you would think I’d be able to like it. Sadly, it just doesn’t fully mesh for me. It’s like she’s trying too hard to make a club song. The ah-ah-ah stutter in the song is more grating in this song than in most, like she appreciates Lady Gaga but hasn’t quite figured out how to really employ the same techniques. I do really enjoy the video though. It’s beautifully and artfully arranged; it really suits the feel of the song.

I don’t know who I would pick to win from this set, probably Finland. What do you guys think?

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San Marino’s, if it gets past the semi-finals, will be so bad. You know autotune isn’t allowed once you get to the actual competition?….yeah. Usually they just get some lady who can actually sing to stand at the back while the pretty one dances.

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