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Fun Time Open Thread: Colorful Language

Hi all! How was your Tuesday? Mine was busy, but productive – my favorite kind of day. I  took some pictures of my new rainbow glass and it’s got me in a colorful mood. The following phrases are all missing their colors, can you fill them in?

  1. I’m so happy, I’m tickled _____.
  2. Now I’m sad, I’m feeling  _____.
  3. I’m _____ with envy.
  4. Deep in thought, I’m in a ______ study.
  5. The color that goes with letter, pimpernel and Clue’s Miss ______.
  6. It’s cool, man, lay it out in _________.
  7. It’s a ______ flag surrender.
  8. It’s rare, it only happens once in a ____ moon.
  9. You look a little _____ around the gills.
  10. This ______ prose is so romantic.

Have you ever heard of the color sky-blue pink? I always wondered what it was, and it turns out it is a magical mystery color. People have conjectured that it comes from an old ad typo, where instead of “The dress comes in sky-blue, pink, and green,” it read “The dress comes in sky-blue pink and green.” The people who use the phrase use it as a way of saying “mind your own business.”

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Folks- I am really frustrated by something. A gal in my program and I started hanging out last year because we were the only two non- partnered women (I am in a LDR and she’s single) in my cohort in the PhD program. Unfortunately, we started hanging out ALL THE TIME before I realized that she is easily the most self-aggrandizing and condescending person I have ever met and a giant gossip (I am generally a pretty tolerant person- so I think that she is annoying more than me). I have been exercising avoidance all term but I do have to go to campus some time to see my adviser and get stuff from the library, and I ran into her yesterday and ended up agreeing (because I am a lily livered wimp) to have supper after going to the library. Enroute to the library she corrected me numerous times (even though she was wrong every time) and attempted to tell me how to do my research in a way that was not helpful and was actually, again, extremely condescending. I wanted to say “f—- this, we can have supper when you stop being so damn condescending” but I don’t want to ruin a professional relationship. I don’t know if she’s aware of her behaviour or what… or if it is my job to make her aware. I also stink at confrontation.

Have you talked about her behavior with your department head or adviser? I usually feel like they are better people to deal with what amounts to unprofessional behavior in colleagues without getting you in to trouble. And you’re right, you probably aren’t the only person who has these feelings about her, and those feelings do need addressing.

Also, I hope you can find (or found) and excuse to get out of dinner with her. That kind of behavior always sucks. :/

Thanks  for the ideas! I think I will talk to my adviser about it (and probably no one else) – I think he could possibly address things in a way that’s helpful and subtle. The problem with going to the admin is that there is sort of a culture of sexism in my department and women are not taken as seriously as men. So I don’t want this to be interpreted by the chair etc as just another woman bringing relationship drama to a place it doesn’t belong.

I love this so much there are no words.

My teacher at one point went “if, at this point, you’re becoming concerned that the entire history of German noun formation is just lots of compounding random words – well, your concerns are quite valid.”

Hey- overshare from Kells two nights in a row! This is your only warning.

Left the kid’s room after he fell asleep, went to my own bed, with my own super-hot husband and did what most folks get to do 3-4 times per Week if i remember my Kinsey correctly. i just know that the munchkin is going to wake up crying and that i will regret staying up late to gloat about this, but as the saying goes: doesn’t matter. Had sex. This has been your nightly overshare. Kells out.

Oh, I thought when you said colorful language we were all going to prove our swearing skills!  It was going to be the best contest EVAR.  Good day today.  But Tuesdays are always so long.  Leave the house at 8, get home at 8:30.  I’ve officially been dating The Boy for three years today though.  And I will have a law degree in a month.  And those things make me feel fuzzy inside.

  1. I’m so happy, I’m tickled _____.  Pink!
  2. Now I’m sad, I’m feeling  _____.  Blue!
  3. I’m _____ with envy.  Green!
  4. Deep in thought, I’m in a ______ study.  Brown!
  5. The color that goes with letter, pimpernel and Clue’s Miss ______.  Scarlet!
  6. It’s cool, man, lay it out in _________.  Um…no idea.  This is clearly a phrase I have never heard.
  7. It’s a ______ flag surrender.  White!
  8. It’s rare, it only happens once in a ____ moon.  Blue!
  9. You look a little _____ around the gills.  Green?  I’m not really sure, but that seems to fit.
  10. This ______ prose is so romantic.  Purple!

In other news, hockey officiating has officially gone to hell, and I am absolutely convinced that the refs are trying to throw the Blackhawks/Coyotes series for Phoenix.  And Raffi Torres is a colossal, colossal asshole, and I would not find it in any way unfortunate if he had a career-ending injury and couldn’t play hockey anymore.

Weber is a team captain. A Team Captain. Team captains should not be goons goddamit. And yea, if you hit a guy hard enough to have him carried out on stretchers, chances are, you fucked up and are to blame. This shit ain’t cool.

I think that I am a little extra sensitive about this because my favorite team is such a skill and speed team, that occasionally they seem a little like a glass cannon. But I have a hard time viewing favoring being able to maneuver and handle over being able to take a hit as bad hockey. I just don’t like to see roughing the other players up as a means to victory.

To give him a little credit, I don’t think Weber is generally a goon.  I watch the Preds a lot (I like them a lot, and I think Pekka Rinne is a goddamn hero) and I’ve never seen him do anything as nasty as that hit.  Not saying he shouldn’t have received a heftier punishment, but in his case, I don’t think it’s a regular thing.

And I’m with you – possibly also because my team is not usually on top as far as the rough stuff goes.  I know some violence is part of hockey – is part of why I love hockey – but I don’t like to see it winning games like it has been.

Hm…I think  just commented on this somewhere else?  Haven’t really figured it out yet.  But YES, yes I am, and I am incredibly upset.  See my post above about corrupt officiating.

Also Smith is a jerk.  Not nearly as much as Torres, but he’s a jerk.  He keeps trying to start stuff, and play things up to get calls, and I don’t like it.

For some reason, when you’re on the activity feed, commenting on posts (whether posts on articles or on group forums) doesn’t put the comment in the thread. It will only show up in the feed.

Now, if it’s an update (status update or group update post), the comment WILL show up in its original location.

My allergies are killing me today. The pollen count was 11.1/12 here in my neck of the woods. Normally this is a hide out in my room all day, but I had to go out for a walk and I haven’t been able to recover even after a shower and some more meds. How are you guys coping?

Today I presented my research findings for what is essentially our version of the thesis. After a whole 10 minutes of deliberation, my committee gave me a resounding pass with an hours’ worth of revisions and I am for sure graduating with my masters in mid-May! The poor person who presented before me did not get signed off to graduate and has to fix almost half of their paper. I should get my real ring setting tomorrow, as well. Time for some serious knitting!

I had a realization today that since I signed another years lease on my apartment I want to treat myself to a bedroom retreat make-over. If I’m going to stick around for another year I need to step this shit up like a motherfuckin’ adult.

SO! I casually looked to see if the duvet I’ve been coveting since last fall was on sale and it WAS so I snagged it (squee!). It’s all lovely deep oranges, saffron and gold so I’m really tempted to go with a rich blue/green tealish tone on the wall behind it. I’ve always wanted to paint an apartment wall and if I’m sticking around I am DOING IT. Just one wall though. Worried the color might take some painting over later on but that’s a worry for the future, right ladies??

Then I want to get some floating wall shelves (hi Ikea!) to act as bedside tables (replace the outdoor table and, um, cat perch I currently use) and matching wall lights for each side. Shouldn’t be TOO expensive. I have a bunch of blank square canvases that I think I’ll make a wide mural out of for up above the bed. Annnnnd if I can swing it I am going to get a real bedframe with a headboard. SO. EXCITED. I haven’t been this stoked about a project in a long time and I’ve NEVER really done any home redecorating (or decorating for that matter). I feel very adult and HGTV.

*Homer Simpson drool sound*

We have a German student staying with us at the moment who hates mushrooms so I’ve gone without for so long…she left for a week like half a month ago and I made bacon and mushroom tagliatelle every night for a week…

  1. I’m so happy, I’m tickled pink.
  2. Now I’m sad, I’m feeling blue.
  3. I’m green with envy.
  4. Deep in thought, I’m in a yellow polka-dot study.
  5. The color that goes with letter, pimpernel and Clue’s Miss Scarlet.
  6. It’s cool, man, lay it out in turquoise.
  7. It’s a white flag surrender.
  8. It’s rare, it only happens once in a blue moon.
  9. You look a little green around the gills.
  10. This purple prose is so romantic.

Those I didn’t know, I just gave random colours.

  1. I’m so happy, I’m tickled pink.
  2. Now I’m sad, I’m feeling  blue.
  3. I’m green with envy.
  4. Deep in thought, I’m in a ______ study.
  5. The color that goes with letter, pimpernel and Clue’s Miss Scarlet.
  6. It’s cool, man, lay it out in black and white.
  7. It’s a white flag surrender.
  8. It’s rare, it only happens once in a blue moon.
  9. You look a little green around the gills.
  10. This purple prose is so romantic.

Finally sat down and watched the episode of The Legend of Korra that I taped last Saturday. Holy craps, a female action lead with a body that looks muscular. Yay. Also, Avatar in a vaguely 1920s world is kinda fun to watch.

I graduated with my focus on 2-D Animation. It’s more or less a given that I want to watch this one. Although I do have to keep myself from simply watching the movements and designs, and actually paying attention to the plot. Because for the most part people don’t wanna hear about how there is one scene where the movement of the polar bear dog looks really strange (and even less does my family want to back up the recording and go through it frame by frame to see what happened). Or about how immensely fascinating I find the way they have built up the designs of the available technology to reflect a strong Asian design influence with technology we normally see with a very western design. But apparently the southern water tribe still wears the same clothes, because nothing changes at the south pole.

But yes, this and New Thudercats are my two kid show addictions. I’ll probably cave soon and start watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic too.

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