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Fun Time Open Thread: Would You Rather 2

I had fun with the last round of Would You Rather, especially after you guys came in with your suggestions, so I thought we’d do it again.

Like last time, I’ll start you off with a few and I encourage you to add your own after you answer.

Would you rather get up in front of a roomful of people and sing a song you know by heart, or give an impromptu talk on a subject you are only semi-familiar with?

Would you rather babysit two ten-year-olds for a week while their parents are out of town, or dog-sit two chihuahuas for a week while their owners are out of town?


Would you rather appear on national television bare-ass naked, or eat a live spider?


If you don’t like Would You Rather, tell me once and for all: What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

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I would rather sing a song I know by heart in front of a group of people. I always feel shitty after I have to present on something I’m not comfortable with, because I feel like I just BSed my way through it. And I like singing. Once I get over my initial stage-fright when it comes to singing in front of people, I have a blast!

Also, I would rather dogsit. Even if they’re not very well-behaved dogs, and the children are angels! I can deal with dogs over a longer period of time more easily than children. (It’s not like you can crate children when you leave, or if they misbehave!)

I would also rather eat a live spider. I don’t even like showing CLEAVAGE to people who aren’t the BF, so no bareass nakedness for me!

I need punsters! I’m trying to make my own roller derby name and failing miserably to find anything clever.

Themes: either having to do with being from Maine, some reference to seventies rock, or a pun on the name of some famous feminist, except not Camille Paglia.

On your mark get set GOOOOOO

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