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Honey, We’ve Got A Leak: Anal Sex And Its Friendly Fluids

Hello chickadees! I’m self-welcoming myself as one of the newest contributors to Persephone’s ever loving (in all the right ways) sex advice column. Like a moth to the flame, I’ve really enjoyed reading the best and brightest advice that the Frisky Feminist has offered and now I say with great pleasure (potentially the self-loving kind, later this evening) to be a part of this sexy little team. So hand over the worst, the best, and the ones that have got your head scratching, and we will get these boots knocking. Now, without further ado, lets hop into this week’s query.

Q. What does it feel like to have cum inside your butthole? Can you feel it squirt out inside? What happens to the cum if it doesnt come out of your butt? Does it feel good to have cum in the butthole?

Before we take this question to town, we have to go over a few rules and regulations for admission to the cave of wonder, namely, were you and your partner/potential partner using protection? If you and your backdoor-creeping friend are having or decide to have unprotected anal sex, have you both been tested? Are you only seeing each other or if you are seeing other people, is there an agreement to wear protection with other people? I ask because of the “check yourself before you wreck yourself” rule; be a good party guest. Know what you are bringing to the party, do no harm to others, and leave the place in better condition than you found it.

The anal cavity and its surrounding tissue is muy delicate, and tears often happen during anal sex, even with seasoned lubed-up pros. This has the serious potential to transmit STIs, HPV, and HIV at rapid-lightning speed, and if there is nothing that will bring a sexy party down, it’s sexually transmitted infections, especially those of the long-term variety. So if you or your partner have been recently tested and feel confident in trusting each other, we can move onto the actual question at large here.

Ain’t no party like an anal sex party.

Now, cum in the butthole – notice how it just rolls off the tongue? It’s a phrase that might send most into a teetering panic of “feelings” but it’s an excellent question if one plans on having anal sex with a person who will potentially be ejaculating into your rectum. As far as feeling goes, it feels different for every individual, though like most sexual activities, it’s a combination of fluids and flavor. Some folks may like it, some folks may not, some folks use condoms every time and won’t have cum in their rectum.

However, as all things must abide by the laws of physics, what goes up, most come down, and that includes fluids in the rectum. Semen does and will leak from your butt, which can be aided easily by a towel and a shower. It can either happen all at once, like the great cum deluge or happen as minor leakage over a few days. Some semen will be absorbed by your colon if ejaculation happens far enough inside of you, but this would be a paltry amount that would come out with your next bowel movement anyway. Some folks say that semen in their rectum can often act like a minor enema, which is usually the combination of the stimulation of the anal cavity and semen, but, again, like most things of the sexy kind, it’s all on an individual basis.

Frankly speaking, I’m not a fan of anal leakage (not that I would know as I thumb through my Bible), but I certainly know enough not to stop anyone out there who does enjoy such a feeling (speak up, those who do). Give it a whirl on your next sex adventure – use lots of lube, take your time, and enjoy yourself. If it doesn’t feel good, then it’s probably not worth it. Towels, towels, towels, and for good measure, throw a panty liner into your undies for a day or so, just in case you have a gassy moment and end up shooting out a poot that’s a little moister than you thought it would be. Seriously. I think about these things so you don’t have to.

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