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LadyGhosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica: 3.04: “Collaborators”

Previously on Battlestar Galactica, Kara is held hostage by Leoben until she tells him she loves him, no matter how many times she kills him; Jammer is a member of the Cylon Police Force, and he’s in over his head – Tyrol tells him police force members are going to have to pay; the resistance is getting information from Gaeta, but they don’t know it’s him; Ellen had to die because she betrayed the resistance; New Caprica has been emptied and the remaining humans have taken to space again, and Baltar will be chilling with the Cylons.

The Circle finds Jammer guilty. Oddly, this circle contains no Oods.

We open with Jammer, bound and tied, undergoing sentencing for treason by a group of people formerly of the Resistance – Tigh, Tyrol, Celix, Sam, another dude and another chick. They’re calling themselves The Circle. Jammer says he was just trying to help people. He says he saved Callie, but Another Dude says that his son was killed in the raids carried out by the police force, and saving Callie doesn’t make up for that. Jammer takes responsibility for the raid, but also says that he thought that his group was under gunfire and attack. Jammer is found guilty, on this “the third day of the second exodus.” Oh. They’re in a launch tunnel for the Vipers – the circle leaves, and Jammer is shot out into open space.


Tyrol goes to see Callie, and asks her if anyone helped her escape from the planned execution. She says yes, someone did tell her to run.


Adama, Tigh, and Roslin are meeting with Baltar. All say it wasn’t his fault. Head Six shows up and tells them that they’re being too lenient on him, but Baltar points out that they can’t hear her – except then Adama responds to Head Six?! The hell!? And then Roslin comes forward and tells Baltar that she’s always wanted him. Oh. Baltar’s dreaming. And then Roslin kisses him!? Baltar wakes up, and HE IS ON A CYLON BASESHIP.

Kara can’t sleep. Sam tries to kiss her, and she pushes him away. She’s not doing well.

Zarek and Roslin are meeting, and it seems Tom Zarek is willing to hand the presidency over to Roslin, but he wants a say in the new government. Roslin, impressed by his actions on New Caprica, agrees to make him Vice President.

Gaeta shows up on the bridge, and Tigh is NOT pleased. He pretty much holds him responsible for his missing eye. Helo defends Gaeta’s presence, and Adama tries to calm Tigh down. Adama winds up kicking Tigh off duty, telling him to go and sleep. The division between those who were on New Caprica and those who stayed on Galactica is becoming clear.


The Circle is meeting again, discussing cases of collaborators and trying them for treason. After finding a woman guilty, someone mentions there are almost 60 more cases to discuss; Another Dude says they should just find them all guilty. Tigh pushes his head into the table and explains that this is about justice. Also, Another Dude’s name is Connor.

Oooh, now we’re discussing Gaeta! Drums! He’s being tried with crimes against humanity. Tigh thinks being Chief of Staff for Baltar is enough to condemn him to death. Sam and Tyrol want something specific to try him for, but Tigh says that isn’t necessary – Gaeta saw Callie’s name on a death list (along with a lot of other people’s names) and didn’t do anything. Connor calls the question, and when they get to Sam, Sam quits and works out. Tyrol says six votes are required to find anyone guilty – he says “That’s how this was set up” and he’s not voting til they get a sixth person.

Excellent, Baltar. Take the pills the Cylon lady in the pretty dress has given you!

Back to Baltar! D’Anna shows up in a sexy white dress with some pills, which Baltar immediately takes. Apparently, the Cylons are voting as to what is to be done with Baltar. It’s a deadlock, all up to the Sixes.

On Galactica, Lee reports that people are going missing – Jammer, for example! Thirteen people have gone missing so far, all confirmed aboard one ship or another, and then gone. Awkward chitchat about Lee being fat, and the father-son scene is done.

In the mess hall/rec room, Kara sits down next to Gaeta, who was eating alone. At first, it seems Kara’s going to be friendly, but then she lays into him. Gaeta says he helped with the resistance as much as he could, from the inside – he tells her he set up a dropbox with a dog bowl. Kara, who was imprisoned the entire time, dismisses his claims.

Caprica Six goes to see Baltar, and it seems she’s over him. She says her feelings for him have clouded her judgement and she’s made mistakes. Baltar says that she needs her and that it only hurts because she loves him. She leaves.

Oh, Kara.

Kara is the new member of the jury! Apparently The Circle is legal – the President (who is Zarek, let us remember!) gave them a week to try as many traitors as possible. Kara looks at the death list, and pronounces Gaeta guilty. The Chief is the last vote. Sam comes in, wanting to talk to Kara, so they go outside. Sam doesn’t want her involved in the tribunals. Kara tells him to accept that she’s involved or get lost. Tigh is now badgering Tyrol over Gaeta and brings up the fact that Ellen “had to pay” for collaborating, and Tigh liked Ellen a lot more than he likes Gaeta. Kara explains to Sam that she’s in a different place and isn’t so into Sam anymore. Or, really, she’s incredibly angry and doesn’t want to subject Sam to her anger. She tells him she should go.

Tyrol finally votes guilty on Gaeta. Sam gives Kara back her dogtags and then walks away, and Kara grabs him, kisses him, and leaves. It’s clear Kara really needs some time and help to process everything she’s been through in prison, and it’s also clear that that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Gaeta, shortly before he begs for his life.

Gaeta is taken to the Viper launch tube, where Jammer was executed. Tyrol tells him to talk, they’ll listen. Gaeta says he’s not going to beg, that he already explained. Kara screams at him to beg, tells him to repeat what he said to her – to tell everyone about how he was feeding information to the resistance, the dogbowl as the symbol. Tyrol realizes that Gaeta was the source of the information that pretty much saved all of them and cuts his bonds. Gaeta says he did what he could and walks away. Everyone’s a little shocked.

Zarek tells Roslin and Adama about the treason panels. They’re not pleased. Roslin says everyone is entitled to trial by jury. Zarek says if the trials were public, they would take over the fleet – be constant and all-consuming.

Hey, Laura Roslin is being sworn in as President Roslin! While we hear her acceptance speech, we get a montage of Kara hanging up the dogtags she gave to Sam, Tigh unpacking his things – including a suit of Ellen’s and some photographs – and Six coming in and laying a suit of clothes out for Baltar. Roslin announces that she’s issuing a pardon for all humans for anything that happened on New Caprica. Gaeta goes back to his locker and takes out his tags. Adama leads the applause for Roslin’s speech.

And in the mess hall, Tyrol takes a seat next to Gaeta, who, again, was eating alone. The end!

Thanks to Monchichi for the screencaps!

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I thought I should let you know that this is my first time watching the series and your recaps have helped me keep up with the episodes when I get lost with military terms and tactics. It’s also nicer because it’s like getting a real-time reaction without actually needing someone watching with me. Thanks for doing these, Cherri!

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