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Lunchtime Poll: Do You Love Friday?

Happy Friday, y’all!

Aren’t Fridays the best? You know, some people actually like Fridays better than Saturdays. It’s a metaphor for life, really; part of what makes Fridays so good is the relief of walking out of your office/turning off your computer/finishing your classes that’s just so satisfying. So while Saturdays are All Weekend All Day, Fridays have that novelty of “freedom!”

Anyway. I would say that Fridays are my favorite day of the week. Anyone else? Maybe you like other days of the week because of a routine or ritual associated with them (like in my younger days I loved Thursdays because my friends and I would do bar trivia), so let’s hear it!

(And happy Best Day of the Week to my Friday friends out there!)

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I do love Fridays.  You get that sense of relief and can breathe easier through the day.  Anything goes wrong you can just say “it’s Friday” and let it roll off you back.  I get a good sigh and can relax my shoulders.  Saturdays are great because the entire family can be poky in the morning and I actually get to fix breakfast for everyone.

Somehow over the years Mondays became the day in the week where I take “personal time” and do no chores after coming home, make a meal that is pure creativity (mainly because I have a full fridge of options – Sunday is Grocery Shopping Day), and catch up on all TV or movie watching that makes me happy.

I used to do yoga on Monday nights or give myself a break from studying but now that those things are off the list (sad to see the yoga go…), it is just a day for mental health.

Well, I should say Monday Nights because for 9 hours each day I am at work and who knows what will come. My schedule in the office has no ritual.

So, I may be the odd one that says Mondays are my fav.

Saturday is my favorite day because it’s all weekend all day long. I love not having to set an alarm and being able to just read in bed or play outside without feeling guilty that I haven’t accomplished something. Plus, there’s always Sunday to make up anything I don’t get done that I should have.

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