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Lunchtime Poll: Reality TV

A recent discussion of drama in the workplace got me thinking about the prevalence of workplace reality shows. I observed that one of my fellow editors’ day job sounded like the perfect setting for an all-drama, all-the time show of its own. So it got me thinking about how you could make a reality show out of just about anyone’s life.

So my question for today is: If someone made a reality show of your life, what would it be called? (It doesn’t have to be workplace-related, by the way. Oh, and bonus points if you come up with a tagline!

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“Crazy Cat Lady in Training”

Tag: She’s a lady, she’s crazy and she likes cats but she’s just not there yet.

A few years ago I was in a ridiculous amount of weddings and I wanted to make a ‘how to be a bridesmaid’ show called ‘Competent Bitches’. Because you don’t just want the girls who look pretty in a dress on your big day. You want ladies who can get shit done.

“The Closet”

My day job is being a day porter (daytime janitor, essentially). There are three of us on our team, and we each trends to stay in one of the three buildings on campus more than the others. When we have down time, we stay in our janitor closets. On break? In the janitor closet. Need to make or take a call? In the janitor closet.

Whenever we end up in someone else’s closet, we usually take the time to chat with each other, and the closet is where we vent our frustrations about work or about church or about how the froyo machine had a really gross flavor that day.

A better show would have been at the hotel I was at before this job because the gm was a narcissist and an elitist, somewhat racist jerk.

“For Science!”

Alternatively, “It Seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time” or “Any Modicum of Sense Was Hastily Disposed Of And Replaced With a Heady Mixture of Snark and Delusion.”  Clearly I am not a television executive in the making.

I have just always assumed it would be about life as a law student, and would be named after the blog I kept up for the first two years:  Running With Fireworks.  Tagline:  Who says law school isn’t fun?  Season 2 Tagline:  I’ll show you the back of my Learned Hand.  (These are GREAT JOKES.  REALLY.)

Elli (Because that’s my awesome nickname)

Tagline: ‘Trying to save her world one step at a time.’

A show that exposes the difficulties of try to make the world a better place in a real way. Trying to understand ideas like community, family, love, dependance, and maybe a little about sustainable live styles. Also big themes: academia, studying abroad, persistent struggles with depression and severe anxiety. Important focus: Trying not to hate the world too much (critically analyzing capitalism, consumerism, media sensationalism, advertizing, first world supremacy).

Is that too deep for daytime television? I’ll add some kittens and ponies.

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