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Lunchtime Poll: Truth or Dare Wants to Kiss

Start your day with a truth or a dare. Find out what the challenge is below.

Truth: Where did you have your first kiss and how lame was it? Mine was at church camp and it was thrilling because it was a first kiss, but I can’t help but remember that I thought it would be much more exciting than it was at the time.

Dare: Change your outgoing message to George’s from Seinfeld. Need a refresher? Also, if you did this, tell me what your friends said.

By [E] Sally Lawton

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I went to a high school football game because the guy who has expressed interest was in marching band. I sat next to him on the bleachers, just on the fan side of the rope marking it out. He kissed me. Two weeks tops later, I lost my PiV virginity.

Um, We aren’t counting like. . . early early stuff right?

{trigger warning for um. . . ambiguous sexual activity between little kids?]

Because I did kiss a girl (and yes liked it though it also freaked me out) when playing house as a 2nd grader. but that was. . . She was a lot less naive than I was though we were the same age and I later learned she had witnessed her mother being sexually assaulted by an ex. And there was waaaaay more than kissing that happened- the kissing was incidental. So I guess from a legal PoV, it was sexual assault or even abuse? but I never thought of it that way. I do think of it as my first sexual experience, not not as my first kiss.

[/trigger warning]


Wow so mine is a little different.

It must have been 9th or maybe 10th grade so 15 or 16 year old? I had been complaining to my friends that I had never kissed someone while at our all girl sleepover that consisted of stealing southern comfort from the parents cabinet, playing drums, strip 21 and truth or dare. They got me on a dare and dared me to kiss the adorable bisexual with blue hair. We knocked teeth, and so we (of course) had to start over. It was ok.

Next was a fun guy friend of mine (only straight guy friend from back then, irl?) at a movie. I spent so munch time swapping spit and prying horny boys hands out of my pants that my other gay guy friend had to fill me in on the movie after. It wasn’t until a year later that I watched PS I love You again and realized it’s a tragic love story that makes this normally stoic girl cry like a baby! My current favorite romance movie.

Third was a step-sisters boyfriend who kissed me in front of said step sister when we were leaving the grocery store we worked at. I refused him for like 10 minutes until he surprise attacked me and then kissed her goodbye and then we left. Still not sure wtf happened there.

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