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Lunchtime Poll: Truth or Dare with Asparagus

Thursday rolls around and I start to feel the need to loosen up my office wear and look for a little truth or dare.

Truth: What is a socially inappropriate behavior you have a hard time avoiding? I sometimes smack my gum in public. I know I shouldn’t, but sometimes chomping down on gum feels soooo good.

Dare: Do you have a boring meeting or class coming up? Try to work in the word “asparagus” so that it makes sense in context.

Either way you go, tell us what happens in the comments.

By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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QUICK – need advice:  My boss just railed me for not sending something through her.  This is the kind of something she had asked me in the past to always run through her.  I found the email where I sent her the something.  Do I let her know, or leave it alone and be thankful I have a job?

I would re-forward the email, saying something like “I searched and found this in my Sent Folder – it probably got lost in the server and never got to you”. You’ve cleared your record but you haven’t tried to make her seem like an idiot, and email doesn’t provoke a confrontation or make her feel defensive (hopefully).

So, somewhat off-topic, but I can tell how urgently I want to escape my current housing situation because of how a dream I had a couple nights ago made me feel.

For some reason, it put me back as an undergraduate checking out various grad schools, and I ended up looking around in this imaginary school. I was looking at the housing there, and in the dream, I went, “You mean I can live on campus and be next to everything and have my own space??”

Of course the dream got surreal soon after that, but when I woke up, the feeling didn’t go away. I long to find an apartment within walking distance of my campus. Fuck this stupid round-trip hour-long commute bullshit. Fuck this having to depend on Mr. Silverwane for all my transporation. Fuck this dumb putting up with the BIL and (as much as I love them) tolerating those children for far longer than I can stand.

I want my own place now.

I need it so badly I’m starting to wonder if it would really be so bad if we got an apartment and the BF still couldn’t find a job for a few months and I had to take out some more in loans to make sure we could afford it.

I still don’t know if it’s a good idea. Why must being poor make me weigh my mental stability against my long-term financial stability?

(I am genuinely sorry if any of this sounds whiny/privileged. A lot of people have to make decisions like that all the time)

Just think those loans through very well. I know how sucky it is to feel the urgent need to leave and be unable to go, but think every frikkin’ step along the way through so that a) your new place won’t be weighed down by the feeling of Shit You Cost Me So Much And I Will Never Enjoy You and b) you won’t be able to do anything else but work because the loan restricts you.

Truth: Picking wedgies or fidgeting with my bra. Those are important areas! Those areas should always be comfortable, social norms be damned.

By the by, can someone tell me — application deadlines for jobs. Do they usually mean the deadline is the day they must have your application in hand, or could it stretch to include the postdate on an envelope which contains your application package? There’s a job posting that I discovered today that I want to apply for, but the deadline is tomorrow and the job is in the south, while I am currently in the Midwest. If they want, I will fax it, but I’d rather mail the sucker. I emailed the HR person about it, but what do you guys think?

The asparagus challenge sounds fun. Alas my day consists of completing my Master’s comprehensive exams in a few hours leading to me freaking out! arghh! crossing my fingers and hoping no one else tells me “ahh, you’ll be fine”, isn’t a simple good luck better?

Knuckle popping. Specifically my thumbs. I have a tendency to ball my fists with the thumb tucked in and squeeze until the knuckle pops whenever I stretch my arms. This will be shortly followed by stretching my fingers out and wiggling them around which normally leads to more knuckles popping.

I pop my knuckes too. I do it when I’m talking to people without realizing it. I wasn’t even really aware of it until a few weeks ago when I was talking to someone at work; I popped one of my fingers really loudly and my coworker stopped talking and gave me some serious side-eye. Oops.

I think I have a lot of socially unacceptable habits. I bite my nails. I touch my face. I’m super fidgety in general. I know that when I’m truly and incredibly exhausted, I’m worse! Like I just know that I’m too twitchy and my face is probably weird and I’m blinking too much, but I guess it could also be sleep-deprivation-induced paranoia.

Truth: Chewing my nails and cuticles and pulling out my hair. My hair is mostly really thin and fine but I also get these wiry red hairs and I have a compulsion to pull them out, especially when I’m stressed. I’m sure it doesn’t look very professional when I’m sitting at my desk rooting around my scalp for the perfect hair to yank out. I’ve gotten better at the nail biting by painting my nails fun colors, but I have yet to get a handle on the hair pulling.

Truth: scratching. A long time ago, I forced myself to stop chewing my nails. But, through a combination of being genetically prone to dander and the laws of Conservation of Socially Inappropriate Unconscious Habits, I developed the habit of scratching my head. A lot.

The problem is, (and apologies if TMI ahead) since I end up scratching up giant flakes of dander, I either have to pull them out of my hair or let them stay there for all to see.

Either way, it ends up way too conspicuous.

I tend to do this a lot when I’m either listening to a lecture I’m only half-way engaged or I’m so thoroughly engaged that, as I’m thinking things through, I scratch to help myself work through the ideas. When I catch myself doing it, I try to stop…but unfortunately that’s harder than it sounds.

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